ISIS is the Problem and So is Islam

I just heard on a mainstream media sight that they have determined that all these attacks in Canada and the US, even the hatchet man attacking police today and the beheading of a HR woman in an Oklahoma business following his firing, are not related, and they are not connected to any terrorist group. They are lone-wolves. Yeah but they all have one thing in common, they all converted to Islam. So what is the connection again? Islam! It doesn’t matter whether they had contacts who directly controlled them. Or they were indirectly influenced by members of their new faith. Houston, and any other city or town in our country, “We have a Problem.”

It needs to be repeated! When the two towers fell, a majority of those peaceful Muslims throughout the world, hit the streets screaming with joy. They were very happy the USA experienced a terrorist attack. So, what does that tell you? The majority of Muslims wants us to believe they are peaceful, and maybe they are. But when members of their faith commit these killings and attacks under the name of Allah, they can’t complain because it was done in the name of Allah, their God. And they would not complain if Sharia Law became the law of the land; and the globe. After all, their faith teaches them that Sharia Law is far superior to any other law on the globe.

They still stone people to death, mostly women, under the guidance of Sharia Law. Converting to another religion other than Islam is punishable by death. Remember the woman, raised as a Christian, and her child and another on the way,  were sentenced to death because she would not convert to Islam when she married a Muslim. She gave birth to her second child while in prison without medical help. Our government and the rest of the world managed to get her released. But if we hadn’t, both her and her children would have been put to death under Sharia LAw. ISIS is killing members of entire communities who are not members of their Sunni Sect but Muslims belonging to the Shiite Sect. They offer Christians an option to convert AND pay a tithe, or be put to death. They are operating under Sharia Law.

I have news for us all. We are in a holy war with an enemy who is fanatical about spreading their religious faith throughout the world. And they are spreading like a slow cancer. When they ask members of Muslim faith in every country in the world to come join them, they are getting many takers. When they ask lone-wolves to strike our military or police by any means available and these wannabe followers are beginning to carry out ISIS wishes, we have a serious problem. When they ask those on Facebook to look for military folks who have Facebook accounts, to go seek them out and kill them and/or their families, we have a problem. We also have a problem when they do the same with police officers. There are a million ways to lure, trap or just openly attack police officers. They are required to be visible by nature of their duty. They are sitting ducks. When ISIS takes innocent men who are just trying to help the underprivileged in the Arab world to get ahead, and sever their heads on film and post it online, we have a serious problem. England is fighting a serious problem where Islamic males forming gangs that lure very young girls into situations where they are held captive and raped repeatedly and passed around as sex slaves. Some of these girls are as young as 13 or 14 years of age. Respect for women is non-existent. The only respect they have is in the fact that they respect their right to satisfy themselves sexually by taking infidel women for their personal enjoyment. According to Sharia Law, the male member of a family has the right to kill his female children who he feels have embarrassed the family. They call that “honor” killings. It is his decision but he is often advised by an Imam who explains he has to do it because it is Sharia Law.

We have a problem in this country because court judges in some instances have taken Sharia Law into consideration when dealing with these honor killings that have actually happened here. As though that is an excuse for his behavior; he was just following the laws of his faith. If the Christians had such a law, the non-religious types would be all over them imposing civil law as the law of the land, not Christian law.

We have a problem. And it is not just radical Islamic Terrorists. It is the basic law that Muslims have to follow: Sharia Law. Normal Muslims commit these crimes. Some Muslims are hell bent on converting everyone who is not a member of their faith. Others don’t really care about the conversion part but they still follow Sharia Law and consider it superior to ours. I have an idea. For every Muslim who lives in this country, sign an oath to place US civil law above Sharia Law or leave the country. Military people sign and give oath to the United States of America, to its citizens and to its laws. Every religion except Islam in this country considers our civil law to be superior. Submit or close the church. Our constitution protects those of faith but those who break our civil laws are not protected just because of the laws of their faith.

We have a problem and there is just one way to explain it. We are in a holy war. And unfortunately, we are going to have to fight back with a vengeance. We are going to have commit our troops to stop it and we are going to need the entire free world to jump in hook, line and sinker to get the job done. Let’s be fishers of Muslim Extremist men by hooking them like a fish and hitting them on the head with a hammer. People would not want to go join ISIS if everyone who goes to join them and every member of ISIS proper is annihilated. When I hear someone say we need to degrade them, and eventually defeat them, I see such a statement as being merely political to appease a voting bloc. The only word that we should be using is annihilate. The ultimatum should be “peace or die.” And no trial because we could not have a fair trial where they are judged by their peers. Their peers are not American. If we stacked the jury with Muslims, what do you think we would get? Duh…….. Another OJ case.

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