Ebola and the Hidden Threat

The powers that be from the President to governors and mayors and medical leaders and others, including the main stream media, are trying to put a lid on the Ebola issue. That seems to be problematic when everyone sees the HazMat suits in isolated areas of specific hospitals or in residences of those who came down with the Ebola virus. Those are visuals that send a totally different message. The fear of an outbreak is a real concern for these people directly responsible for caring for these folks and clearing out and cleaning of their homes. Even the airlines who find out they had an Ebola victim who flew on their planes, quarantine each plane and put them through a multiple cleaning process. That would appear to be a reasonable response under the circumstances. However…………….

The medical folks tell us it spreads like aids. That opens up a can of worms. Certain groups of Americans are going to be highly susceptible to an outbreak. An extremely vulnerable group are those who are addicted to drugs and share needles. Those who have no care for others may enter into sexual relationships and spread the disease. We have many poor communities living in very poor conditions who cannot afford medical care will avoid going to get help. Aids is not easy to control and neither will Ebola be easy to control once it reaches any of these groups.  So far it has only been found in some folks who sought out medical care. Even nurses who cared for the one who died from the disease, caught it. All those who are in the system and patients who turn themselves in for care, can help get it under control. But once it creeps into a group that tends not to seek out medical care for a whole host of reasons, we will see a different outcome. That is where the outbreak is going to get started. It is only a matter of time.

Enough said. Aids got the best of us and it looks like Ebola has a chance of doing the same.

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