Perfect Fix to the Ray Rice Affair!


Give Janay a Deal.

The Janay and Ray Rice Case is turning into another press frenzy like a bunch of piranha who convicted Ray Rice the moment the video from inside the elevator starting taking up every news program in the nation. It must have been shown over and over for at least a thousand times. Every news TV station across the nation showed that video every hour of the day. And the all other station who had a period of news during the day didn’t miss showing it during their programming. They even had all kinds of individuals coming on one after the other to comment and then they ended their news with a whole panel to discuss it. And while each individual or group was discussing it, they ran an adjacent shot of the elevator over and over.

Now just about every one across the nation who has an ax to grind wants the NFL Commissioner to resign. I think every one of those people should do the right thing and quit their job any time they make a mistake for any reason whatsoever. The reason the NFL or any other organization treads so lightly around these cases is that at first, it is a legal issue to be resolved in the courts. Before taking any action against a player, the league has to be careful how to approach it. Taking action without any consideration for the welfare of the spouse is very dangerous. And in this case, the spouse made a financial decision and also considered the welfare of her young child, and she chose to hang in there with her husband who clearly has a temper he needs to get control of. If she expects him to get help and he admits wrong doing and a willingness to correct his behavior then the agreement between the two should carry most of the weight.

The courts can do their thing with the powers they have like a restraining order, fines, community service or jail time or even a divorce, which permits Mrs. Rice to control the situation in such a way that she feels is best for her and her child. The courts would not direct that he lose his job and there is good reason for that. Taking away a person’s livelihood has a whole range of consequences way beyond what Mrs. Rice is comfortable with. She should have a right and complete control over how the situation is dealt with. If she decides to continue on with the marriage and work out some agreed upon solution with Ray Rice than she should be permitted to do so.

But what we have here is a bunch of disinterested agenda seeking piranha taking all her choices away from her. She is now left with a husband she chose to stay with, losing his income and thus placing the family in a tremendous financial crisis. And the person it is going to hurt the worst is their child. Shame on the thoughtless fools who inject themselves directly into the middle of a married couples entire wellbeing and quite literally destroying it. It would not surprise me that a serial killer on death row gets more forgiveness from all these so called “do gooders”  than this family.
These monsters want every football player who commits such a crime to immediately be taken to the stake and burned alive. Sure, wife battering is absolutely a most disgusting crime when it is absolutely the responsibility of the husband to protect his spouse and children against all physical harm. But we need to let the wife be the controlling factor. If we take that away from her, we are just as guilty as the abuser. Get a clue.

If the NFL commission lied about seeing the video then he is flat wrong and should admit that he made a huge mistake but to absolutely insist he lose his job is just killing another family. An NFL Commissioner has to try to balance a response by navigating through a very complex legal situation, the financial considerations of a football team and its management, and the fans where a lot of their income comes from and they also must consider what to do by carefully reviewing what is going to happen to a football player AND his family. We can make a difference with an ongoing problem that is truly not going to be fixed with one player losing his job and flushing his entire family down the drain. Take action and punish the player but give them a chance to recover because that is what is fair and that is the way our society works. Physical assault can have some very severe consequences but lynching a person is not one the way to go; it is barbaric. That went out with slavery and the treachery of the South. We are not the KKK. We are a nation of laws and we insist on our system being fair and forgiving. If we want convicts to get a fair chance at reentry into our society after doing the time then we should have the same criteria for our athletes and others who are considered to be role models in our society. If they screw up, there needs to be a path to recovery that is not going to also destroy their family beyond repair.

How much of this outrage has actually caused the NFL Commissioner to over react or under react. They get the message. Now back off and let them work out a proper method for handling the problem. When so much hype is heaped on top of the problem like gasoline on a fire, we all lose. But more so for the very woman and her child we are trying to protect. A life time ban taking away a family’s ability to remain financially stable is too excessive. A one year set out and to lose a year’s income would not be too severe for the type of crime committed. The family would have a fair chance to recover from that.

Ray Rice is going to feel the pain for what he did, but he does not deserve what the entire nation is smashing him with. This issue being handled as a result of what the whole nation is feeling, is not treating the issue as it should be; it is a domestic violence case and the courts made a decision. Ask yourself. What if Mrs. Rice was given a choice and the courts did what she wanted? Maybe she is happy with what the court chose to do. Has anyone asked her?  She made a statement and she is begging us to back off.

A perfect solution? I think the NFL should disregard all the hype and go directly to Mrs. Rice and work out a deal. Reinstate the player and say you have made a decision based on her wishes and what is best for her and the league. Give him a suspension that meets the needs of both. Then get on with the game because I am very tired of the disgusting video embarrassing the victim beyond anyone’s reasonable imagination.

I sent a fax to the NFL Commissioner with this very recommendation.

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