The Mrs. Ray Rice Story

JanayNow everyone on the planet loses.

Punching any woman like that is horrendous. Women in our society find themselves in numerous situations where they are abused, disrespected, considered second class and subject to all kinds of torture from men, including rape and gang rape. If it were not for women, no man would be here. Almost all the procreative process is bore by women. Man gets to have a moment of orgasmic ecstasy and then from conception the woman takes over for 9 months of a lot of discomfort and often serious pain to bring a child into this world. During this 9 months, the woman is extremely vulnerable during this time of incapacity. And then she holds down a full time job bringing in half the family income. Then she usually is the primary caregiver for about 18 to 20 years of a child’s life. The man picks out all the toys and only those he wants to play with. He doesn’t have much time for anything else because he is constantly checking out all the breasts and butts of all the other women who come within his sight. Men need to change their prospective and finally learn to respect the amazing value these women play in the history of mankind.

Mrs. Ray Rice is a victim of tremendous abuse but because of the financial status she will give up, she chooses to hang in there through thick and thin, and knockout punches. What would happen if she walks away? She could find herself in a pretty hard spot. I don’t blame her for sacrificing herself in the hope of a better life then what she is afraid of having if your marriage falls apart. She is also thinking about the future of their child they had together. But now things have gotten much worse. Her husband has lost his job and it is going to get pretty tough trying to adjust to this life-changing event. She must also fear retaliation by being blamed for Ray losing his job. Someone who is forced out of such a lucrative career has the potential to become more violent then just a spat in an elevator. This relationship has the potential to become extremely ugly. God, don’t let it be so.

Mrs Ray Rice actually is the one who is going to lose the most. She and her child would lose the income stream her husband has lost as a result of his actions; not hers. She must fear reprisal. The NFL is taking a tremendous hit for their lackluster response. The Ravens lose a very key player that will seriously damage their chance at a Super Bowl bid. The players lose, the reputation of all football players is damaged. The reputation of the entire league is damaged. And the fans who really enjoy watching their favorite team, are feeling the pain as well.

And everybody from the NFL, the league, the players and the coaches get all the attention; newscasters get to make a lot of money talking endlessly about this issue. And just about every other celebrity gets to get some air time. But Mrs. Ray Rice is left to fend for herself all alone living with a potential monster who can explode at any minute. I am not so sure she really loves someone who just knocked her out and may do it again. Of all the thousands involved in this mess, Mrs. Ray Rice is going to have to suck up the most among all these people who are extremely powerful in strength, money and fame. She has to be the strongest. With one child, it is going to be challenging worrying about her safety and what if a second child comes? The fear magnifies 3 fold. God give her the strength to get through this terrible time and the time that we all hope never comes. Ray Rice has a temper that could explode again; absolutely no one knows for sure. With more pressure coming from all directions, Mrs. Ray Rice has to stay vigilant.

I have one last request. If everything goes south for her, I think the entire league of players and the players’ union, coaches and staff; all the others associated with this sport on and off the field, including the fans, should step up and create a foundation for this woman who made a choice to stay with her man. The foundation needs to care for her and her child for life. Football players are getting a fund to care for their concussions; this lady needs a fund to care for her concussion. Players on the field get a brace on their neck and a cart ride to an ambulance that takes them to a hospital to care for them at all cost. Most of time the players get this service and they are totally conscious holding up a thumb to let everyone know they are OK. This lady was knocked out and dragged from an elevator, dumped on the floor and her legs were kicked to get them to move away from the door. Her private area was exposed my some video clips on television without being grayed out. The actual knockout punch was aired for the entire national and world see hundreds of times to improve ratings. But she was not able to hold her thumb up and I would be willing to bet that once she finally recovered consciousness, she did not get a chance to go to the hospital for a checkup to insure she did not have any bleeding in the brain.

Yes, we all lose. All women lose because they, too, are victims having to see what could happen to them, over and over. Women are at the mercy of men. Men need to make damn sure their women clearly understand that they will be completely safe within their care. Men need to assure them that their safety is his primary concern.

My wife knows that for sure. How about your wife, fiance’ or girlfriend? Make a point to tell them!

The news reports Ray Rice is in good spirits and being strong for his wife. I think she already knows how strong he is. They also report also saying there is no hero. But they so rudely forget. Mrs. Ray Rice is the real hero. And one more story starts with “who is Janay Palmer?” But they only show a picture of Ray Rice. There is no picture of the person the story most talks about. Wow, abuse can come from so many levels.

I called her Mrs. Ray Rice because that is what she is to everyone on the planet.  Best of luck to you, Janay! I am very proud of you for taking such a huge chance to give your child a good life. Women who sacrifice that much for their children are to be honored.


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