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A Gay Muslim Halo?

The only time President Obama moves quickly is when he is entering or leaving an aircraft with a set of stairs. He also puts on the Obama shuffle when he is going up or down stairs on his way to and from a podium equipped with his favorite piece of equipment, the teleprompter. The little jog is with the deliberate positioning of his hands and arms moving up and down in moves designed to look the coolest he can be. That’s it. The only time he doesn’t move like this is when he is sleeping. The rest of the time, he is in slow motion with a finger in the water of polls and his eyes keenly focused on any and every option that will get him the most votes for his party. A side note? Don’t salute a military person while running. Big NO-NO.

The speeches leading up to tomorrow’s not so final speech concerning what he is going to do with, not ISIS or ISIL, but the Islamic State, were obviously an attempt to avoid any conflict with this brand new reincarnation of the original caliphate which happened in the 600’s AD. He clearly has been all over the spectrum of rhetoric determined to pull off the best rendition of an Ostrich with its head in a hole, hiding from reality with a most perfect intentions. The American people are well ahead of the President with 71% in favor of bombing in Iraq and almost 60% are OK with bombing the Islamic State in Syria. Our President might want to check his rear end while his head is in a hole. Members of the Islamic State are implanting a stick of dynamite with a lighted fuse.

How can a President of the United States be so standoffish when dealing with a clear threat to our country? He could only be described as a Muslim in shepard’s clothing. He calls himself a Christian but continues to push away from dealing with a terrorist threat that has never gone away and has clearly intensified. It was President Obama and Hillary Clinton who blamed, for an entire month, the attack on Benghazi. When they finished speaking at the ceremony to acknowledge the arrival of our 4 dead Americans coming home in coffins draped in American flags, they spoke with the survivors and stated they would get the guy who made the film they blamed on the Benghazi attack. They also created a video of their own, apologizing for the making of this Mohammed bashing video by an American Citizen. This upcoming speech is going to push the 50 gallon drum down the road. That is how big the can has become.

And then Hillary states at a congressional hearing, “What difference does it make.” She was trying to make the issue go away so she can get back to planning her run for the presidency. But it is not going away. She is just as guilty as our President in trying to sell a lousy video no one had seen. It was all about getting the President re-elected a few months later and to support the lie that Al Qaeda was decimated. It would not be too out of line to say maybe the President knew where Osama bin Laden was at and timed the attack to kill him so as to support his 2nd run for president and to continue the narrative that Al Qaeda was on the run. Everything this President does has no regard for Americans or their country; he is concerned about maintaining his power by controlling votes.

There is no American who really wants all these illegals coming across our southern border. But the President is doing everything he can to allow it and to give amnesty to millions of illegals. Why on earth would a true American allow such a catastrophe to continue? It is simple. Democrats cannot win elections without the Hispanic vote. They cannot get enough votes unless they can convince American women that the Republican Party is in a war with them. Sadly, too many American women actually believe this rhetoric even though a majority of Americans feel legalized abortion is wrong. The blacks continue to vote for Obama because they consider him a black when in fact he is half white. And all major cities where most black on black homicides occur are run by Democrat mayors who have done nothing to fix that most serious problem. They need the black vote so they do not want to rock the boat.

Our President has the power to act on his own when dealing with the Islamic State but he claims he will go to a Congress to ask them to buy in to his plan. Why would a president do that when he has routinely stated this Congress is a do nothing Congress always not supporting what he wants to do. It is a set up to involve Congress so he can then blame the war on the Republicans. And then there are rumors that he will approach this Islamic State problem very slowly. So slowly that he will push the escalation of the war just before he leaves office so as to load the new president, who the Democrats feel could very well be a Republican, with the war monger label. They will then blame the new president for the escalation and begin body count on Americans like they did with President Bush. The moment President Obama took office, the body count of Americans stopped. Shortly after Obama took office, he approved the videotaping of coffins coming home from the war. Image is everything; his actions are nothing.

Obama bowed to the leader of Saudi Arabia but did not bow to the Pope. Christians bow to the pope, Muslims bow to Muslim leaders. President Obama said he was going to unite the world but just the opposite has happened. All western countries are under the greatest threat ever.  Nazis were social political fanatics; the Islamic State is a group of religious fanatics who want to bring Sharia law to the entire globe. Citizens of every western nation were not flocking to Germany to become a Nazi, but thousands of western nation citizens are rushing to join the Islamic state. It is simple. Convert to Islam or die. Everyone who fails to comply is looking at a beheading, or a ditch where they will be summarily executed by AK-47 round to the head. Some will be crucified and women will become sex slaves until they are eventually executed, replaced my new, younger sex slaves.

We are sheep being led to slaughter by our own president’s inaction. We have no choice. We must fight for our very survival because we are clearly in war with the most determined religious fanatics; not even as gruesome as the original caliphate who permitted those they conquered to exercise their own religious practices and maintain their churches. This Islamic State is bombing their own Mosques because those Muslims won’t adopt their degree of hatred for anyone not Sunni, insisting that even Shiite Muslim sects must convert or die.

We all need to get a clue. And this president has given us a ton of clues to choose from. What are we waiting for? Do we wait until the knife is at our throat or we are laying naked in a ditch with a gun at our head? We need to nip this inhuman behavior before it gets a chance to bud.

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