Real Reason Obama Covered Up Benghazi: The UPDATE


Obama is arming Al-Qaida to Fight in Syria

Update on Benghazi:

Recent video presented by Bret Baier entitled 13 hours in Benghazi clearly shows those on the ground in the CIA Annex were held back from going to the Diplomatic Mission facility  in Benghazi to help fend off the attack. And the State Department immediately tries to downplay what these men saw and heard. These men survived but took a lot of hits from the terrorists, first attacking the mission and then the CIA Annex. They were told to wait even though those in the Mission facility were begging for help. It took 25 minutes for these brave men to go on a rescue mission from the Annex to the Mission. They actually defied orders and went on their own anyway. They managed to rescue Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods from the mission but those two died in the subsequent multiple attacks on the CIA Annex. So when these guys say they had a good chance to save the Ambassador, that seems to be a valid argument because they did manage to save two who later died. If they had left 20 minutes earlier, they could very well have save the Ambassador. That delay is critical. The description of the attack at the Annex was very telling. The attacks were significant with several mortar attacks and there was a rescue mission at the Annex during the 13th hour. That is over half a day of fighting. It should not take 13 hours for a rescue mission to go down. Drones and C-13o gunships could have made it in that time. A drone apparently showed during the last hour. But drones are much slower than gunships and F-16s. The reasons for the cover-up are quite clear. News of this attack would seriously threaten our president’s chance at reelection. The story of the Mohammed video lasted over a month and once the electorate heard the President’s version, a total lie, the liars had accomplished their mission of saving the President by hiding the facts about the terrorist attack on a Mission and CIA Annex.

Now, two years later, a select committee is going to supposedly get to the bottom of this but it will take until the middle of next year to get the answers we need, if we ever do. Already, Cummings, the Democrat leader on the committee stated in his opening that this committee needs to focus only on insuring the recommendations of ARB are fully implemented. And that includes ignoring that someone in the State Department has leaked the news that he personally witnessed the destruction of documents prior to those documents that finally were presented to the ARB. That clearly makes the ARB report and recommendations tainted. And Hillary was was questioned by this board. The politics in Washington, DC, are so broken, I am not sure there is really any hope. When getting elected is more important than saving lives at an Embassy or Mission under attack, we are doomed.  Hillary Clinton is going full hilt to try to distance herself from her involvement. Why does she have to do that? To continue to seek power and avoid her failures in the Benghazi affair. When the coffins came home, she was still telling the survivors the she was going to do everything she could to get the producer of the video and bring him to justice. The President and Hillary also put out a video they sent to several Islam countries apologizing for the video. That was part of their plan to continue the lie. Essentially, the President and Hillary Clinton got away with murder by their inaction.
1. Obama was using Ambassador Stevens to recruit & “Arm Jihadists, including Al Qaida” to fight in Syria. They were giving rocket launchers to Al-Qaida! They decided not to respond to requests for help so they could cover it up. That would be a serious blow to Obama in the election. Benghazi Detail.  Ambassador Stevens, one month before attack, reported they could not defend from a coordinated attack since Al Qaeda was strengthening in the area and Libyan forces would be of little help.

2. For Video detail Part 1 & Video detail Part 2, see the report by Bret Baier. It gives us a walk through of what happened.

3. News programs associated with the Main Stream Media are intentionally avoiding the story to help Obama. If you would like to send an email to any of these news outlets, click on the following for a complete list. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, EMAIL LIST.

4. Sites with articles that clearly show the reason Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi. Read the notes; they are very informative.

      Pat Dollard Report: Explains what the ex-Seals were doing, what Ambassador was doing, and that Benghazi was not a consulate but a Diplomatic Mission.  Gunrunning that is much worse than IRAN-CANTRA and Fast and Furious. Obama is arming our enemy! He lied about what he was doing in Syria to get rid of Assad!

      PJ Digest Article Rubin writes a very clear and damning piece on how America is burying itself in the sensitivity cesspool. We are letting Jihads take us down, one by one. You cannot appease someone who wants to chop our heads off for not converting to Islam. GET A CLUE!

A Vote for Obama was a vote for Al Qaida!

I think the most embarrassing thing happened. We were double crossed by the terrorists. We gave weapons to terrorists expecting them to go fight in Syria and they didn’t. They attacked the Mission in Benghazi, Libya, instead. The President could not have been elected if that got out; hence the cover up.




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