Darwin Had an Unbelievable Secret!

The epitome of a kissing cousin

Did you know that the great Darwin has a secret to insure procreation is properly executed? He wanted to make sure no genes from those foreigners got into his gene pool. Of course, you might know that Darwin felt primitive folks living in tribes and barrios throughout the world were inferior to him and his own kind. And there was no chance they could possibly live among Darwin’s own kind. Interesting. Why is it that those primitive people accomplish more than the majority of regular residences of both America and his totally advanced country of Great Britain? They have a real appreciation for what it means to be poor but if they are given a change by having them join a free society, they beat the performance of native Americans and Brits hands down. the Asians who show up in this country score the highest on K-12 education tests. The Black folks who come from other countries to live in American are much better educated that the majority of our African Americans. They don’t drop out of school, they excel at what ever a school throws at them. They learn English the way it should be spoken. And needless to say, by the time they graduate, they know more than 2 languages.

That brings me to the point. Darwin’s secret is he married his first cousin. There was probably no one else who would marry such a pervert. That marriage to his cousin will definitely protect his gene pool but will also degrade it. Darwin apparently was an incestual¬†being. Why not! He is so much smarter than the rest of us when it comes to protecting the gene pool of mankind. He sounds like he really is descending from apes to a point just below them on the evolution chart. He should have retired on the Galapagos Islands so he could be among his own kind. But I guess that would not be a good idea since the moment he arrives, the crime of rape of defenseless animals would have its disgusting beginning. May his wife Emma, his first cousin, rest in peace.

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