Why Citizens Are the Problem – Not Aliens NDR

Illegals do not have to verify anything and can use foreign documents, false or otherwise, to get a driver’s license in Colorado. (see also update below)

I just visited the motor vehicle and license office locally here in Colorado. I registered my vehicle ( a renewal) a simple process. I gave the clerk my driver’s license, verified my address to match what they had on line and she issued me stickers to put on my car right away. On the back of the new registration, I have to swear I will get auto insurance or face charges. But then I looked at my driver’s license when she handed it back and it was then I noticed that it had been expired for the past 6 days. It had lasted 10 years. I had used a credit card to pay the fee to get my stickers. But when I told the lady I am going to have to go over the the license window to get a license because I just noticed it had expired, she said they do not take credit cards. That I would need to have a check or cash. I had to drive to my wife’s work to get a checkbook with an expired license. I returned. I gave the clerk my drivers license, the checkbook was acceptable for verification of address and I showed him my military id to get special markings on my license. Then he went to check the National Drivers License database. He found an entry from the state of Maine that only showed a name “first and last” (no middle name) that had my birth date and a nickname. He would not tell me the nickname. I was issued a denial of a license leaving me with the only option of driving home and calling the Maine driver’s license bureau which was closed. I would have to call back in the morning. I have to get a statement from them stating I am not that guy. Seriously, a name without a middle name, and a birthday match and that was it. That means every single person in the whole country with my same name, one of the very simplest, and a matching birthday is going to have to call Maine to do the same thing. All those people are going to have to get the same letter and take it to their DMV until they catch this guy. There was no date as to when the entry made it on the database and there is no date for when something happened like when a driver’s license was suspended or maybe a guy skipped without paying a ticket. Who the hell, knows.
I asked the clerk if I could legally drive. He said he didn’t know, he just had to give me the denial letter. When I got home, I called the police department and asked them. They said no, I cannot drive a motor vehicle. I showed all my documents and could not get my license because my first and last name came up in a national database with the same birth date. BUT illegal aliens can get a state issued driver’s license and no background check will be made is what the clerk told me.
They broke the law coming here, but that doesn’t count. My name shows up without a middle name but it had a matching birth date. I am then shut down and not permitted to drive until I get this resolved. I am really excited about what the state of Maine is going to ask me for. And I might have to fax or send them documents for them to verify that I am not the one they are looking for. Can I get multiple licenses in each state; how about all of the states? No, because I have to surrender any license I have. But how could then tell if I am licensed in another state unless I tell them. The moment I came into this state I had to get one if I was staying. If my name and date of birth showed up in this system, why didn’t some police officer come out to check me out? Why, because they did not have enough information to do a proper verification. Why didn’t the state of Colorado suspend my license until I resolved this issue? They let me drive for all these years but when my license expires and I show up like I am supposed to, they come after me and take me off the roads of Colorado. What if I was leaving soon to go on a long drive? Well, That is exactly what I was actually going to do. I was going to help my Daughter-in-law’s father drive from Portland, OR to Boston, MA. She is changing jobs while my son goes to law school in Washington, DC. They could not send their dog my air because it is an English Bulldog and the airlines refused to ship her for her safety. Her father and I were going to drive the car and dog across the country leaving tomorrow. The problem now is an American citizen has been confronted by the local and national government,  and the government of Maine, with a complete shot in the dark on the very remote possibility I might have lived in Maine and had a drivers license there; or just passed through. Someone’s drivers license got suspended or he failed to pay a ticket and I am stuck with the blame until I can prove I am not that guy. Guilty until proven innocent.
The illegal aliens can have a drivers license if they want one and they will not be subjected to any database check; except the NDR. NICE! Even if they get a license they still will not be able to get insurance because insurance companies will do a database check and they will not be able to because they use a Social Security number or Alien “LEGAL” registration card to do the check. Without the check, will they give them the same rate? If an alien from central America comes into this country illegally and is a drug smuggler, a member of MS-13 or other gangs, or is smuggling illegals over the border, they can get a driver’s license, but not me. I must be in the wrong country, because I am being treated like I am a foreigner in another country just not from this country. If I was a foreigner coming into this country, I could get one but only if I was illegal. A legal alien, properly registered with be obeying the laws but will be subjected to the database check.
I have a middle name on record. I have a DD Form 214 that says I am retired military having been on active duty for 23 years. I have an id card issued by DOD at the Air Force Base near my home, I have a VA card issued by the VA in Denver, I have numerous cards that, with a phone call, can verify how long I have been here. It has been for 24 years, and I have the records of income taxes, state and federal, for all those years, I have records showing my children started in Kindergarten, did middle school and high school all this time, I have motor vehicle registrations that  show that I have registered cars here for the entire 24 years and had a drivers license the whole time, owned homes here for 24 years, refereed soccer games here with an id card issued that states I am a Colorado soccer referee, I have had personal bank accounts here in Colorado for the past 24 years and check stubs to prove it, AND I could come up with a whole host of other numerous records that show I am a Colorado resident.  I also have a passport issued by the federal government to me living in Colorado. But how can I prove I have never been to Maine!!
But If I was an illegal alien, I would not need any of this worthless stuff. But since I am a tax paying American Citizen, I cannot be trusted without a very thorough background check that puts me on a different state’s drivers license database with only a last, first name, and a date of birth that happens to match some person living in Maine or passing through Maine.
If I wanted to get a copy of that record from the National Driver’s license data base, I would need to file a written request and it can take up to 45 days to get the report back. But wait, they couldn’t give it to me because it lacks most information and therefore it would be a violation of privacy for who ever that person is because it certainly isn’t me, I couldn’t prove it anyway because their is nothing there to check. A first and last name and date of birth is not good enough. Just how is the state of Maine going to verify me? If they have more information, why do they not put it into that very secure database unless they do not trust the DMVs in other states.
When I called the police department, they referred me to a main driver vehicle office on the other side of town to find out what is going on. I can’t drive, so my wife will have to take off from work to drive me. If I call Maine, are they going to take my word over the phone without seeing documentation? I doubt it.
Are they going to run a NDR check on any illegal alien to see if they have outstanding problems with driver’s licenses in other states. Yes but what is the use, because the documents they are permitted to use are documents from another country and they may not be valid; they could be forgeries.
Does anyone see a problem here; or is it just me?
If I went to get a verification from a shrink that I was sane, they could not release that data unless I permitted them. If I am not sane would I ask for a statement to be sent to the DMV? If the aliens have phony ids to get a job, now they can use those ids to get a license. Now that is really insane.
Better yet, will the guy in Maine who belongs to this record, call them to see what is wrong. Of course, not. He would have to pay a fee. The only people who will call are those who have the same data as me; not guilty, and have to go through this mess because the US government came up with this database to protect us all from bad drivers. Bad drivers always drive without licenses, they drive drunk or under drugs and they do not buy insurance. Oh, wait, that is what all the illegal aliens have been doing to get around the laws of all the states. But now they can all come to Colorado and get a drivers license. The only thing different is the aliens buy the car for cash using drug money they have earned selling drugs to American’s with valid driver’s license. Do I sound a little bitter?
UPDATE #1: I called Maine and they told me the violation was from 1967 and someone from a Naval Base who happened to be traveling through Maine got a ticket. I read the types of items that should be in the NDR on the NDR national database website and a drive-through ticket is not one of them. So states are putting everything on NDR because it is easier that way and people from all over the country are calling states who have records of tickets back at least 47 years which is what happened in my case. The clerk in Maine worked in the court of records but would have to pull a record from upstairs, he said, in order to verify I am not the criminal they are looking for from 1967. He also stated it would take a couple of hours to get the records and then he could decide whether it was me. I was in military service stationed in Germany in 1967 and I owned a Volkswagen beetle I bought there. I was working in a personnel office in Munich Germany breaking all the German laws I could and never got caught – YET. I am sure German records are much better than ours. So I am probably on the Interpol file as an international criminal.
With Maine, I could deny any question they asked me and they would not be able to verify the information. I could tell them a story, give the wrong hair color, the wrong weight and height, the wrong last four to my SSN and state I was not in the Navy or stationed at the Navel base they asked me about. I could tell them I have always lived in Colorado so it is not me. They are going to take anything I say. Or they may ask that I send them a bunch of really old records so they can be sure. I would have a great deal of difficulty coming up with records from 1967. What a total waste of tax payer dollars. And they will be discussing the record of another person with me which is a violation of their own privacy rules. And ten years from now, when I apply for a renewal, that same record will be in the Maine system because they probably never will catch this guy. There is an extremely good chance that name and birth date will be in their system forever. I will have to keep the letter I get from Maine for each ten years I apply for a renewal. I bet the state of Colorado has no way to attach a note with my record or the NDR record to show it is not me on the NDR.
I don’t recall how long ago it was but while traveling by air to a wedding, TSA stopped me telling me I was on the No-Fly list. It took them only a few minutes to determine it was not me. I found out that the state of Colorado is going to run every illegal alien through this same data base. So every Jose Gonzales with the same birth date is going to have to call another state, get someone who can speak Spanish, to get them permitted to have a license. How about the really culprit. give them a bunch of phony info over the phone and bam, they will be off the hook and get a license to drive. Or, it won’t be them. After hearing this true story, are you beginning to see that this NDR registry is a little full of errors?
Update: #2 After talking with the DMV in Maine, I learned that they do not have enough information in their file to pursue the correct person so they are removing the entire record. But I learned the person they are after was someone holding an Arkansas license at that time, 47 years ago. If he was in the military, he could be anywhere now. The old record was on microfiche. So, someone had to convert that data to digital data to get it on the National Database. But they only put a name and DOB. I asked if they are going to remove others that are that old and they said they would not but act on each case as it comes up. The manager I spoke with said all the states probably have the same problem with old data. They say they put it on their because the license, even though it was issued in Arkansas, is considered suspended whether Arkansas suspended it or not. So it is clear to me, that the NDR is full of old data that is practically useless and will cause a lot of people to be denied a license for records that are no longer verifiable. The manager in Maine also stated there is no statute of limitation on speeding tickets of those who get caught driving through another state. So, who ever the guy is, he gets a break because I called Maine. He gets off because records are incomplete, but only because I was guilty until I could prove I was innocent.  The NDR did not have a date of citation or a date of entry. In other words, the NDR has really insufficient data for another state to exclude anyone in their state. They are forced to deny drivers license issuance until the individual calls the state in question. The state where a person lives is left without the ability to care for their own citizen, they have to defer to a national database full of errors.  US government at it again. The worry about mission creep overseas with military actions is no different in US Government creep into our lives here at home. And here is another example of how inefficient our US government is at taking over a state’s ability to care for their own.
I got my letter from Maine. I took it to the DMV to get my license renewed as directed the prior day. I handed the letter to the clerk which clearly stated it was not me in their system. The letter did not say Maine was deleting the record.  But when I told her that Maine indicated they are deleting the record because it was too old and impossible to verify anyone since “they did things differently a long time ago. Yeah, 47 years ago. The clerk then stated she would have to wait for the deletion to happen. Bureaucracy kicked in. She was responding to what I said telling me I would have to wait and it could be as much as 3 days. Maine clears me in a letter, which the DMV asked for, but now they are relying on what I said to impose a delay on me. She was no longer responding to the letter but what I said as the key to the course of action with my license. I complained. You told me I had to bring the letter, but she insisted we needed to wait for the deletion to show up. I pushed back and then she leaned over to a manager sitting right next to here. The manager said go ahead and process it. During the process, the clerk still ran the check on me and learned it had already been deleted. Maine realized they had a problem and fixed it quickly, deleting the record and faxing me a letter in about one hour. I didn’t arrive at the DMV for a few hours, but by that time the entry had been deleted.
I am pretty savvy about pointing out the abuses bureaucracy but what about others who do not have a clue. They just do what the DMV tells them. What about someone who is part of the elderly population who need service and no longer have the ability to fight for themselves. The bottom line, what is the NDR doing to fix all these errors. Nothing! Thank you very much. We are paying government employees to work with these systems but they don’t care to fix it; they just want their permanent paycheck and retire with a huge pension at the expense of the taxpayer. Of course, the illegal aliens can get a license much easier than I can. All they have to do is provide foreign documents in a foreign language and they get their license. What happens when they run their name on the national database and it comes up, someone has to explain what they need to do to so they are going to have to call another state. How are they going to prove they are not the one that other state is looking for 50 years ago? Nice.
I found one case where a woman went 2 years without drivers license when finally the state in question realized she was not the one. There was one case where the first and middle name match and the date of birth. But not the last name. His was Bowen and the person in question had a last name of Brown; and they call that a “probable match?”


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