Who Really Is Farthest Left or Right?

Republicans-vs-DemocratsUPDATE SAME DAY: I wrote the following one morning and posted it. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a case in the news the same day where a black professor specializing in Pornography is looking at an assault charge for attacking a pro-life demonstrator who was in a free speech zone at one of our many liberal college campuses. She took the sign from the demonstrator and tried to run off with it. When the demonstrator followed her to an elevator trying to get her sign back, the professor physically attacked her. The story is Here!

It appears to me that since I am Republican, I am automatically considered to be absolutely far right. And I am severely hated for that by many calling themselves regular democrats. I often spent numerous hours discussing politics with a friend who was a libertarian. We got along. And he sent me an online survey that tried to identify how close to center a person is. I was pretty close to center but still right of center. I was definitely a long way from being far “Left or Right.” In fact, most of the nation is somewhere near center. It is just the extreme ones who yell loud enough to insist they are absolutely right. And anything they do is justified like trying to stifle free speech by taking someone’s sign while they are following the campus rules of protesting in a free speech zone.

But when I was in the service and living in a German apartment complex, we had a pretty good relationship with our German neighbor just across the hall from us. I was the only American in the stairwell and our relationship with all the German tenants was quite positive and actually a lot of fun. We attended parties, birthdays and often just got together for any reason. We even shared meals we prepared with each other. It was really a positive experience. And I had a fair ability with the German language which made it even more rewarding. Experiencing another culture in that way is the way to go.

But then the owners of the building decided to offer a lady, our neighbor across the hall, the job of being the stairwell coordinator. The moment she took over, her personality dramatically changed. It bordered on being extremely aggressive and almost monster-like. You could not enter the stairwell without her darting from her door screaming about something we did or something the children did. She was also quite rough with all the other tenants as well. We often discussed her demeanor.

It was quite obvious that what happened was that she was given power over the tenants in the stairwell and took it to the extreme. It was the power. She became possessed with it and a tyrant. It happens a lot when a person becomes a leader or supervisor for the first time. They need to demonstrate that they are in control and do not yet understand the need to bring a good mix of firmness and fairness to the job. You have the power so don’t flaunt it. You need to bring balance to the needs of the employer and the employee. Often you may need to take a strong position in support of either side. Lead by standing in front of your employees and looking up at management; don’t stand next to management looking down on your employees. You and your employees need to be a team working together toward accomplishing a common goal. The team’s accomplishments are a direct reflection of management’s managers. The managers are responsible for the outcome and should take the brunt of failures. Blaming a subordinate for your failure to lead properly is a serious mistake. Teach, take responsibility and move on. Those who need to see the door are going to pop up and give you no choice; just be patience.

Wow, that was a mouthful. And I have been there and done that. There was a study done several years back at, I believe Syracuse University or the University of Pittsburgh (don’t remember), concerning shyness. The idea was to ask for student volunteers to be guards or prisoners at random. They set up a makeshift group of cells in a basement, went out and arrested a few prisoners, put them in cells, and assigned other students to act as guards. The study was supposed to last 4 weeks. But it had to be ended after one week. The problem was that the guards became overly aggressive and emotional problems began to develop within the prisoner group of students. They didn’t finish their study but they learned how damaging it can be when you give someone power over another with them having no experience in acting out that role. That was an eyeopener to me about what a manager should be strongly aware of. How are they going to act when given the power. Just think about what happened when certain Gestapo officers where given the power of life or death over the Jews who arrived on the train at Auschwitz.

The Tea Party comes up quite often. And the word on the liberal street is they are a bunch of really serious lawbreakers. But are they really? The proof is in taking a close look at the police reports surrounding a gathering of Tea Party followers. It is almost impossible to find anything they did in disturbing the peace. But then I went looking for anything associated with the Occupy Wallstreet which would give me a comparison of their civility. I found several hundred police reports of civil disobedience that merited arrest. There were rapes, drug abuse, destruction of private property, urinating and pooping on police cars, many cases of violence, sit ins in numerous places of business causing them to have to close their doors, and the list goes on. Some of these folks quit their jobs to go out and protest the lack of jobs caused by the abuses of big business. Businesses clearly donate to the campaigns of both Democrats and Republicans so they can continue to operate the way they do. Washington is awash with money coming to every politician from any and every entity, business, individual or otherwise, who will vote to keep that money flowing.

But that brings me to say something that is going to make many liberals bristle with disgust. I was watching a program called Watter’s World. It is a short bit that appears on the “O’Reilly Factor on, oh, here it comes; Fox News! (I wonder how many folks are going to stop reading this the moment they hear this?) Mr Watters is a reporter who runs around asking questions, with a camera running, of any and everyone he can find who would be willing to talk to him.  He asks lots of question that are sometimes serious and sometimes funny. And the banter back and forth can be very entertaining and much of the time funny. He shows up on a street corner or a college campus and does his thing. And he always holds a microphone that clearly displays the Fox News Logo.  But many enjoy the attention and the challenge and join in the fun. The purpose is both for fun and to see how many people are really paying attention to what is going on in Washington. I recall one question, “are you OK with President Obama picking Dick Cheney as his running mate? And many answered, “Absolutely. He would make a great Vice President.” They didn’t know who Dick Cheney was or that he was a Republican who was not running and was Vice President for George W. Bush the past 8 years.

Then Watters showed up at what was considered to be the most liberal college in the country; Columbia. And while he was interviewing one of their student’s, another student walked past. But when that student saw the logo, he went ballistic, began yelling at Watters and flailing his arms in a rage. The logo set him off. So my question would be, “What do you think would happen if a guy like that graduates and becomes a manager in an HR department in some company, or one of their team managers, because of his degree in business management?” I would suspect that if he finds out a potential candidate, highly qualified for employment with that company, watches Fox News or somehow the candidate lets out that they vote Republican, they will have little chance of getting the job. The qualifying factor would be their political bent regardless of their qualifications to do the job.  The person could very well be really close to center politically, but that wouldn’t matter. They should be getting their news only from a program that that manager approves of. There are many managers who are just that way.

These people would love to take a survey to find that out about their employees when they take on a new management position. But that is actually illegal. But that is what they will be driven to try to find out. They will not tolerate a person being on their team, regardless of their talent for the position, if they watch Fox News. They will be predisposed to find something wrong with them so they can show them the door. When someone calls any or all Republicans idiots and extremists; could it be that they are actually describing themselves? The approach I take when I hear that type of language is that I simply cringe and move on. A discussion about politics is useless. They are so blinded by the hatred that I cannot give much credence to their argument. How could I? I am an idiot and suffering from a terminal disease called Republicanitis! If these liberals had the chance, they would make sure that disease is fatal. Blindly voting for a person for president regardless of his qualifications just because he is a member of your party affiliation is dangerous. The Germans found that at when they blindly voted for Adolf Hitler.

I don’t see many Republican’s going into a blind rage when they see a logo from MSNBC. They just shrug their shoulders and go watch something more balanced. I watch CNN and I watch Fox News and both can get away from center sometimes. But that is the nature of the beast. I need news and it is up to me to look at it with some common sense and logic. I am right of center and it is where I am comfortable being. I can’t be far right or far left. It is not in my fiber. But rest assured, I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor to get a serious of shots that are supposed to cure me of Republicanitis! I wonder if Obamacare is going to cover that?

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