The Muslim Caliphate is Coming to a Theater Near You

The US didn’t deal with Qatar until April 2014 but they stopped drone strikes in December which was a prerequisite set by the Talaban. That is very interesting. Second, the Haqqani terrorism network were the ones holding Bergdahl so they would have had to agree to the transfer exchange which clearly means, regardless of the intermediaries, we were negotiating with terrorists. To try to cover that fact, Qatar was read in and asked to act as itermediary to cover the negotiation going on with Talaban and the Haqqani terrorism network. If any party in a negotiation is classified as a terrorist organization, then we are negotiating with terrorists. How certain am I? Well I will just end that statement with one word: “Period,” to quote the President.

There is another concern. The Haqqani terrorism network always wants money any time something like this occurs. So, what is not coming out is someone is transferring a financial incentive to this terrorist organization.

Hagel said the Afghanistani military is doing fine defending its country. But they used the same argument when discussing the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Hence, ISIS. When will the lies stop. Those exceptional Iraqi soldiers we trained laid down their arms and gave Mosul back to Al Qaida. The Al Qaida we are talking about is called ISIS. They have always been in Iraq eventhough democrat critics swore up and down that their was never any Al Qaida in Iraq. But our military, in taking Baghdad, found that all the battles they had were pretty decisive except for one. The military reported they unexpectedly ran into an Al Qaida training camp in Iraq where fighting was very intense and those fighters literally fought to the death. The regular Iraqi soldiers routinely gave up to capture.

Another issue was whether Iraq supported terrorists. We already knew beyond any doubt that Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq, was paying suicide bombers’ families $25,000 each for their sacrafice. Secondly, during the taking of Baghdad, our soldiers found what they thought to be a school but they find a room full of brand new suicide vests being manufacturered by Iraq. Not one of these vests was used during the taking of Baghdad because regular soldiers are not fanatical relegious zealots. They would not strap on a suicide bomb vest. That is a terrorist MO. The Iraqi government was shipping these vests to terrorist organizations to be used to kill jews.  Enough said.

Now Hagel is letting the cat out of the bag. They are trading terrorist prisoners claiming they are dealing with an enemy combatant. But these guys were Afghanistani Talaban, but Hagel was dealing with the Pakistan Talaban and the Haqqani terrorism network and using Qatar to disguise who they were negotiating with. But then Hagel says they did not read in the Afghanistan government. So with whom are we really at war with? The Pakistani Talaban is considered terrorists and they are also attacking Pakistani civilian centers with bombs. The Haqqani are clearly terrorists as well. So if we did not coordinate with Afghanistan, then we were negotiating with terrorists.

About those soldiers who may have died searching for Bergdahl. Hagel uses a precise choice of words each time the question is ask to try to deny that. He said he asked the question and got the answer he used. That is a clear indication is he is trying avoid stating thr truth because it would not be politically supportive of the reason for the taking back of Bergdahl. But those on the ground admitted they were out looking for Bergdahl and people lost their lives doing it. I know from personal contacts, for certain, that special operators outside Bergdahl’s unit were also looking for Bergdahl.  It is only a matter of convenience to speculate that those who died did so while under an attack unrelated to the Bergdahl search underway.

Listening to the hearing with Hagel, he admitted that the USA and the Haqqani terrorism network were the signers of the agreement to do the exchange of prisoners for Bergdahl. The question is answered with that statement. The USA was negotiating with terrorists. Yet they still keep stating they did not negotiate directly with terrorists. Horse pucky!

When the Twin Towers fell, the entire Islamic world hit the streets in celebration. I can still hear that shreeking sound from the Islamic women in the streets all over the Muslim world when they are exuberant about something that makes them really happy. The Twin Towers was our religious holy center for believers in  Capitalism. The Muslims throughout the world look the other way when a Christian Church is distroyed and the parrishioners are masacared. I do not see them caring at all if Christians are driven from their country. That leads me to an idea that would quite literally fight fire with fire. Put out the word that we will wait one year to see if the Muslims begin to effectively police themselves from within and stop the carnage. If we do not see a dramatic change in their distructive activity across the globe, we will level Mecca and Medina. We have always respected religious organizations and their churches during armed conflict. If our enemy considers the churches of their enemies as fair game, then we need to threaten the same action. Take it or leave. We are done playing games with a religion and its fanatics hell bent on the destruction of our entire way of life. One more item to establish. Jerusulem will be returned entirely to the Jewish State of Israel. No longer will the practice of Islam be permitted in that city.

If any missile leaves the land of Gaza or any other location adjacent to Israel and strikes on Jewish Territory then one square mile surrounding that spot of that launch will be totally leveled. We can have this policy in force for a set period of time and announce it in advance. The area of any future launches will see the square miles increase. If our enemy considers the killing of innocent men, women and children as fair game than the leveling of an entire area is justified. We currently see propoganda films showing the training of young children to hate everyone who does not follow Islam, jewish or otherwise, as deserving of death. To underestimate this threat is asking for trouble. There are those in this country who want to try to appease our enemy to try to get them to understand us and live with us side by side in a cumbyya world. They are living in a fantasy world. The reality is if they do not convert to Islam and accept Sharia Law as the law of the land, they are doomed. They are infidels worthy of extinction.

The Terrorists we face are hell bent on using the poppy fields of Afghanistan to drug our world and use the money to fund their efforts to kill us all. We are killing ourselves allowing this to happen. We destroy any drug operation we can find throughout the world except those being used by the Muslims to practice the war of Jihad. We are essentially being cowards to deal with a threat to our way of life. We fight every other threat but we are cowards to deal with this one. We are witnessing a reincarnation of a brand new inquisition; the Muslim Crusades to take back the Calaphate. That calaphate has it’s site on Southern France where it last existed hundreds of years ago. But they will not stop there. They will eventually impose Sharia Law on the entire globe. How could they not. It is against their Muslim Religion. I have one advisement. “Level or be level!”

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