Why Liberalism is Just Another Form of Terrorism!


The left continues to come up with the most hypocritical positions when things don’t go their way. They are now trying to attack Hobby Lobby by saying the company doesn’t support 4 certain contraceptives. Hobby Lobby, based on their religious conviction, has the right to choose not pay for those drugs and devises that will cause an abortion; so ruled the Supreme Court. But now the liberals say there is a contradiction, a hypocrisy, when the company has a 401K program that permits its employees to invest in the same companies that make these contraceptives. The only problem with this is when the company pays its employees their retirement plan funds, the money is leaving the company and going to the ownership of the employee. Once the company gives the assets to its employees, the employees have the right to purchase whatever investment they please. After all, it IS their money, not the company’s. Half of them are probably democrats.

If the company were to try to block what its employees were purchasing in their 401K accounts, the liberals would be up in arms crying foul. They would be enraged that a company was interfering with the employees own funds. And then we have certain moments in time when liberals do not like what a company is doing regarding a number of issues and they try to get the company boycotted. They continue to want it both ways depending on their side of an issue. When it goes the other way, like with Hobby Lobby, they want to use what would normally be an objection on behalf of employees to attack the company.

Don’t they get it? There is no war on women, either. It is a war on religion all over again being given another name to make it look like their opponent is at fault. It just doesn’t fly. After all, the liberals are always campaigning about their dislike for wars using military action yet they are the ones that label any action on the part of their opponents as a war on something. Well, when someone uses that word to describe their opponents in order to try to win an argument, that in itself is a hostile act that leads to the lack of communication in solving problems. They are creating a state where negotiations are not possible since the other side is considered guilty of waging war. That in turn, must be met with war until one side surrenders. Surrender is another form of depriving a side of free speech. The war is being waged by the left with the goal of getting a surrender which basically permits the right no longer to be able to exercise free speech. After all, they will be prisoners of that war.

I am wondering when the left will be shipping us off to concentration camps or GITMO. If I am restricted to my home and not permitted to speak out against things with which I disagree, then couldn’t I consider my home a form of GITMO? Liberals call the Tea Party terrorists and racists. But Liberal groups like Occupy Wall Street committed hundreds of violations of laws against innocent civilians. They deliberately fought with police while taking over public parks depriving others of a place to enjoy a day. Liberals are the ones who blow up a person’s home because they happen to work at a University, most of which are liberal institutions, in a lab that uses mice or other animals for research to improve the welfare of humans. They believe the manner in which they protest, blowing up a person’s home, is justifiable if it will save the life of one animal undergoing experiments to improve the life of millions of humans. That is denying a person’s freedom and free speech to an extreme level. Liberals claim that the welfare of humans is a key goal. Except, when they disagree with humans who try to accomplish something to improve human life. By the way, using a bomb to solve a dispute is an act of war. This is a liberals’ favorite choice to resolve an issue when all other attempts fail to control the argument to the point where the denial of free speech is not accomplished. Ask Bill Ayers; he will explain it to you.

Liberals are also quick to kill a premature infant but will fight to the death to save the life of a serial killer on death row. They continuously argue about the sanctity of a woman’s body, but the body of the infant in a woman’s abdomen is relegated to the status of being an abscess or a cancer that needs to be removed by vaginal surgery. The only problem is the baby is not threatening the life of the mother, the mother is the threat to a brand new human life. The hypocrisy is beyond comprehension. It is ironic that their position is predicated on their desire for convenience. Without a child, you are not required to care for a human being yet the strongest position a liberal takes is to protect the most defenseless of us all.

The first to say this country is worthless are the ones who fight the most to fix a country that they claim is not worth fixing. Yet, they are never going to leave to go live in a country in which they say is so much better. If that really is true then vote with your feet. Just go. Why continue to fight for something you think is beyond repair. The real purpose is to completely control the speech of those who oppose the liberal view. The history of this planet is full of people who finally get their way. They are dictatorships and fascists, revolutionaries, terrorists and fanatics and a whole host of groups who acted just like our liberals in their infancy. Maybe it is the liberal who needs to be aborted. They are the ones without a clue blaming their opponents for being clueless. Well, we do have a clear clue and we use it to judge the liberal mindset. They are clueless as to the destruction they reap in the need to impose their so called righteousness on others. It is a righteousness that is so God like. Hence, what we have is the fanatical religion of liberalism.

What is the difference between chopping off a person’s head because they won’t convert to Islam and a liberal who blows up a person’s home because they disagree with the way they derive their livelihood. Liberals are clearly saying, “convert to liberalism or suffer the consequences.”

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