Howard Stern Needs to Go!

I have just got to get off my beaten path for a post I am compelled to write. I have always enjoyed watching the great talent that finds it way to “America’s Got Talent” on NBC. But Howard Stern is the worst judge ever. The other 3 judges bring a lot of respect, quality and humor to the show. But not Stern. His arrogant arguing with other judges is really disgusting. He is really not funny, he is disrespectful to those who really should not be on the show and he tries to upstage the other judges all the time. He butts in trying to over talk the other judges and he is really disrespectful to Howie. His constant flirting with the two female judges is really sickening. Howard Stern really has to go; and very soon.

I really enjoy the entertainment from the performers, good or bad, and good input from the judges. Good clean judgments of talent by the judges along with a great deal of good humor is fantastic but Stern is not funny, he is deeply disrespectful to everyone, and his attempts to inject himself in an attempt to draw attention is not helping the show. When I watch, I am really pleased with all the interaction with the audience, the humor of the judges and honest, straightforward appraisals of talent. With No Distractions. Howard Stern is a lot worse than a sore thumb. He is a thumb attached to entire body covered in gangrene. He really needs to be amputated quickly. He is decaying the rest of the show.

There is a reason he doesn’t take his shirt off and he most always wears black. His disgusting attempts to act like he is cool flirting with Heidi and Mel B is being sorely disrespectful to them. It is so obvious in how they respond to various acts were men take their shirts off that, Howard Stern has not got a chance. The act that failed where a lady tried to teach Howard to sing was one of the most ridiculous moments ever on the show. For a producer to thing that that is going to be entertaining and humorous is a joke. If the producer continues to choose such moments thinking it is going to improve ratings then he or she needs to go with Stern. Send them both to the trash bin.

Just knowing I am going to have to put up with Howard Stern doing his thing makes me want to go watch something else. Numerous times during a show I will burst out with negative comments about how he injects himself into programming. If you can’t find anyone to replace him, just go with three judges. I want to see good entertainment on the stage and fun moments from the judges. A good mix makes the show very popular but Stern is a huge error on the part of the persons who decided to put him on the show. Get your head out of your apex and send the gangrene packing.

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