The Black – White War is Sadly Coming

And that is exactly what Obama wants. War between the races so he can institute Martial Law.

President on Toilet

Race War is Coming

On Mother’s Day, A family of eight, were out to a restaurant in Savanna, Georgia, so the children could acknowledge their mother on her special day. After leaving the restaurant, a black man and his female friend, split between them and deliberately bumped into members of the family to get them to respond. When they said something, the whole family was then attacked by a black mob laying in wait. The mother was beaten while someone pulled her hair from behind and the father was held down while several black men kicked and beat him. Even the 6 year old daughter was punched in the stomach. See the news here.

The racial divisiveness that routinely comes out of the mouths of our US Government officials from the President,on down, has a purpose. They want to turn up the heat between the races so martial law can be imposed and the president can stay in power. They are systematically fomenting an environment that is growing in tension. It is only a matter of time before the powder keg explodes. Half the country is republican and the other party routinely calls them racist. Oddly, the ones calling half the country racist don’t really care who gets beaten. When it happens, the attackers do not ask if the party to be beaten, if they are republican. They beat them because they are white. They could very well be democrat.

Those who did not consider themselves racist before are now going to become racist because of these attacks. The argument has long been that a person does not have to fear another race; we can all live together peacefully. With all the hatred that is now being fomented, living together is not going to be possible. Like-races have always banded together primarily due to cultural background, matter of dress, languages as well as dialects, and norms associated with their particular race. That is why the lengthy history in our country has shown a diversity by neighborhood. We have China Towns, Italian, German, and Polish neighborhoods, Hispanic sections of town, Vietnamese areas, black areas and white areas. It is a characteristic of being human. It is not going to change no matter how much “Political Correctness” is crammed down a person’s throat.

There is another human condition. Survival of the fittest. When a group finds itself under physical attack and there is no other way to reasonably resolve the conflict. Violence will beget violence. It is inevitable that more concealed gun carry permits are going to happen. What else can one do to protect his family from such violent attacks then to meet the threat with a stronger force. The time is rapidly approaching. The downward spiral of the black community, socially and economically, is actually self-imposed. Every other minority community has a stronger work ethic, a much more determined focus on improving their lot through education, and a banding together through a strong family structure. All these characteristics in the black community are in serious decay. It is at a point where it may be irreversible. There is no way, beating up members of another race is going to improve anyone’s lot. It can only make it worse. The downward spiral will feed on itself.

A vicious cycle began decades ago. But current civil rights leaders are just making it worse. They have created false hope that somehow the federal government is going to jump in and save them. That is a pipe dream. There is no amount of money that can correct this problem. It is going to have to come from within the community. There is going to have to be a strong determination within the black communities to change their direction. The mobs, drugs and death rate is going to have to be challenged from within. If a community has over 80 percent of all gun related homicides in the country with illegal guns, the only way to fix that is to take it on from within the community. Outsiders who are constantly being called racist are not the ones doing all the killing. The children being born out of wedlock is over 70 percent. All those black children have black parents; they’re just not forming a family to give the children security and safety while they grow up. The adopt a family and it is called a “gang.” Black communities are the only ones who can change that. It is quite obvious that if a white policeman enters a black community, he or she is powerless to make a difference when all the problems of a black community are considered to have been caused by white policemen. The violence is still going to continue regardless of whether law enforcement shows up. The black policeman is called an “Uncle Tom,” or quite literally a traitor to the black race.

Many years ago, white families were willing to adopt black children to help them get a better start, but that became a serious problem because members of the black community complained that black children were not going to be able to experience their black culture. The culture that now exists in the black community is so destructive, raising a child with a reasonable chance to grow up under normal conditions is next to impossible. Detroit, MI, for most of its history, was a rich and vibrant place to live. The automobile industry provided a great place for blue collar workers to have decent employment. But when that began to disappear, the city went into a slow decline. The city management became mostly black and now Detroit is at the top of the list of cities with a majority of black residence. Currently, that population is at 84%. And the city went into bankruptcy. Now the US government wants to step in to help them out. Without a majority of a good cultural fiber, economic growth, strong education for the youth and companies wanting to move their operations there, no amount of help is going to fix that problem. Without a majority of families with a positive family structure, the city is doomed.

The national news outlets and TV programs are part of the problem. It doesn’t matter whether George Zimmerman is a racist or not but it was he who got all the news. Because of the negativity that exploded from the President on down, this case created a firestorm among the races. George Zimmerman was on the phone talking to police while he was following Trayvon Martin. A person stalking another with the intent of killing him, doesn’t call the police and hold them on the phone giving them status reports on where Trayvon was. George might have been overzealous in trying to protect his community, he might have been racist, and he might have profiled Trayvon. He had a concealed carry permit and he was being beat up by Trayvon when he fired the fatal shot. A little boy doesn’t beat up a grown man. Trayvon Martin was not a child, he had skittles because that was a part of a concoction he was going to create to get high. His parents were divorced, he had drug problems at school and his website showing him flipping off whatever he was in hatred of had something to do with the culture he was raised in and the hatred for those of a difference race might have been the cause of this sad event.

What happened doesn’t really matter. The event demonstrated what is seriously wrong with our society in general and the black community specifically. Following that event, there were numerous events where white innocent people were attacked and beaten. Two news reporters made a wrong turn driving home and stopped at a stop light where a crowd of black youth had gathered. Both those innocent reporters were seriously beaten and the police tried to play it down. Why? Because they were in fear of creating more problems coming from black crowds at intersections. Recently, we have seen the knockout game being played across the country. That is a clear indication that much more serious problems are coming.

The crime of beating up an  innocent family in Savannah, Georgia, is a perfect example. It was a hate crime perpetrated by blacks against whites. That is racism, too. The question is which race hates the other race more. It is a clash of culture, it is a clash if economics and it is a clash of family values. One culture has a strong family ethic, the other has a family structure in serious decay. We are constantly hearing the battle being ginned up between the haves and the have-nots. But the have-nots cannot just take down the haves to get even. Because your family in the black community is destroyed, does not mean you have to destroy the family of other races to improve your family structure. We live in a society that requires everyone to pull themselves up, but using crime to do it is futile. Education is the starting point, adopting the language and work skills that exist in the business world is the quickest way to success. Being able to communicate effectively in that world is absolutely necessary to gain a foothold. If you do not have the talent, businesses will not hire you. They are in the business to make money and if you do not have the requisite skills and demeanor, they will not hire. If you cannot understand a person on the phone because they speak the language of the business world and you speak the language of the community where you live, how can you expect a business to take you on.

Dressing the part is absolutely necessary. Demonstrating value to the system is the only way to become part of the system. Finding employment is     difficult for everyone. But everyone needs to bend to the demands of business. Forcing businesses to hire regardless of the demeanor and value of a potential candidate is ridiculous. It just doesn’t work. Minorities from other countries adopt the ways of the workforce and the education necessary to fit in here in the US. Just ask yourself what value you can bring to the mix. If you have very little value, it is not because of racism. It is because your culture within your community is holding you back. Fix it or get out. Beating someone up from a different race is not a very productive way to get ahead in your own personal and professional life.

If a full out race war begins, it will only intensify the destruction. The spiral downward will intensify. Extremely poor people from other countries get a chance to come to the United States and they use education and hard work to get themselves ahead. That is the beauty of America. We are a country of capitalists. You have to become one of them or expect to fail. That is the way it is and that is the way it has always been.

The city of Savannah is on the list of those cities that have a majority of black citizens. They are currently at 57% and they just elected their first black Mayor who all her life has been a strong civil rights advocate. The majority of their crime rate statistics are well above the national average. If the national population rate for black citizens is at 15% and the population in Savannah is 57%, that can only mean that the majority of other races are leaving Savannah. And the beating of this white family is an indication that racism against other races is intensifying. Savannah is a port town so it should do better than Detroit. But it is becoming a predominately black community with a serious crime problem. The gravitation of a town dominated by one race is an example of diversity going in a negative direction.

In the south many years ago, whites were the destructive force exerting the power based on race and beatings and lynchings were their norm to maintain control. Now we have entire communities being dominated by the black race, crime rates are increasing and what we have is the reincarnation of racism going in the opposite direction. There was a huge migration of black citizens who wanted to escape the savagery of the south but now we have huge migrations of other races trying to escape violence imposed on them as a result of the hatred from blacks.The preponderance of racism is rapidly turning full circle. Lynchings are now severe beating of innocent people; men, women and children. History is repeating itself.

Except for one peculiar difference. The south had strong family structure and the murder rate between themselves was relatively low. Today, the black community is destroying itself from within based on black on black homicides over 80%, lack of family structure, an out of wedlock 70% birth rate and an unemployment rate approaching 15%. But unemployment rates are misleading. Not included in those stats? As much as 20% of whites have stopped looking for work and if the stats for blacks are twice that of whites then we are looking at as much as 35 to 40% of blacks have stopped looking for work. Blaming one race for the failures of another is a waste of time. If that were the case then cities that turn predominating black in population should see an immediate improvement, not the reverse.

Asians are a small minority in our society but they routinely perform much higher in school than whites. Why is that? There is one statistic that stands out. The race with the most families with two parent households is Asian. Improve that particular rate and you will witness improvement. The only way to improve that in black communities is to improve the two parent household. Children need structure, security and a family that places education as priority number 1. Our society as a whole is moving away from the importance of family. That cannot be good. Especially for the black community.

Culture in a given community without a strong family structure at its base is doomed to failure. Religion played a strong role in keeping families together but the current attack on that institution is causing families to fall apart. It doesn’t matter who is right: atheists or Christians. What matters is how a person adopts a particular  philosophy of life and adheres to its emphasis on a basis moral structure. The morality factor associated with religion helps keep families together. The black community at one time had a strong religious fiber at its core. Where is it now? A culture of destruction has now become its religion.

No matter what a white community does, it is not going to be able to fix the problems of the community of another race. They do not have the power. The majority of families that are in tact, with fathers and mothers, have to fend for themselves because no one is going to come in and help them. They have to work out their existence on their own. The same is going to have to happen in communities that are predominantly black.

A race war is probably on the horizon; I hope not. I have always wanted to see the black community evolve from what was really a disgusting existence for blacks in the South. I was very happy to see the freedom riders and the federal government trying to get it right in the south. They succeeded in opening up opportunity for all our citizens. But unfortunately, too many black civil rights leaders began playing the race card for any reason whatsoever. When I was young, I really admired what Martin Luther King, Jr. was sacrificing for the freedom of blacks. It is a shame that a lot of his followers turned his efforts upside down. Sadly, the positive things happening in the South in the 60’s gave way to a culture of corruption which will lead to the continuing degradation of our black communities.

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