The Bergdahl Case – A Great Idea Presents Itself!

StupidAs a retired military personnel officer who knows much about the way the military functions, I became very disturbed that a guy like Larry Korb gets any airtime at all on the main stream media channels. He tried to claim there is nothing wrong with Bowe Bergdahl and the proof he used was the fact that he was promoted twice while he was in captivity. He tried to state that since he has had military service he knows better than others about the military promotion system. He claimed Bergdahl would not have gotten promoted without a commander’s approval so the Army recognized him as having no problems and that he was fully qualified. Korb even challenged a guest who opposed the exchange of 5 high risk terrorists for Bergdahl by asking him if he had military service. He was attempting to disqualify the gentleman’s ability to comment. In posing the question he made himself out to be a fool.

Mr. Korb quite frankly is a hole between the two cheeks he sits upon. He’s trying to deflect descent and basically silence the other person’s speech using a false argument. Military service has two basic methods for promotion; service men can be promoted early with recommendations from leadership and approved by his commander. But if they do not get promoted, they are eligible for automatic promotion for time in service if they are not under any adverse pending legal action. The commander has the authority to flag a person while under investigation. With Bergdahl, he may have walked off his post illegally. Until he is confronted, flagged, had his rights read to him and charged, he is eligible for the automatic promotions.

Secondly, the moment you leave your post, you are considered to be absent without leave (AWOL). After 30 days, you are reported to have deserted the military. Bergdahl would then be convicted by court martial and could face several years in confinement. If it can be determined that he actually intended not to come back and he helped the enemy, he is looking at charges of treason. That could get life in prison; even the death penalty depending on the seriousness of his aide to the enemy. If it can be shown that he deliberated assisted the enemy in attacking and killing US military in the combat zone. He would be in very serious trouble.

The men who served with him, as many as 8 or 10 so far, do not make statements about such as these serious charge unless they are certain Bergdahl left under his own free will. They were there and they were tasked with having to go find him. They saw major attempts my other military elements outside their unit join in the search.  I know personally that several Special Forces guys were diverted away from their primary mission, or had to adjust their mission to add the search for Bergdahl. By doing so, they brought more risk to their efforts why stationed in a war zone. If someone died while doing this mission or they died with an augmented mission; Bergdahl is responsible. If he had not left his position, it would have been business as usual without the additional risk. Why is it that some are so willing to accept the Taliban explanation that they captured him in the latrine? There was no latrine. There was a 50 gallon drum cut in half setting in the middle of the camp and no one went their without all their gear.  They need to be ready at a moment’s notice since they are in a dangerous area. The interpreter who translated for the Americans, acknowledged that there was intelligence chatter that an American looking for an English speaking Taliban member. What is the chance that this would happen just after Bergdahl left his unit?

If Bergdahl had been captured by the Taliban as they say, why would there be chatter like what occurred over intelligence surveillance equipment designed to listen to electronic communications in the area? The search for an excuse to take pressure off the President is now reaching the stage of being a sickness more dangerous than a case of simple denial. These deniers are willing to give up American lives in order to save the image of a President. It is really a sad state for citizens of our country arguing over the obvious at the cost of our young Americans risking their lives who certainly do not choosing to leave their fellow soldiers for their political ideology. A soldier soldiers, and a deserter does not. The brave are looking for a coward and reluctantly risk their own lives in the process. They have much more pressing things to do.

Why is President Obama never surprised about controversy being whooped up in Washington, D.C., when he is the one who actually created the controversy by his actions and his attempt to cover it up with a string of lies? He held a ceremony in the Rose Garden with the parents. The key thing to know here is he had to have known the entire history of Bergdahl before making this decision. He is a complete failure if he did not know because he is the commander and chief who has total control of the information. This was clearly an example of how he will try to use his military to make himself look good so he can get votes for his party and improve his image. In all my years associated with the military, he is truly the worst commander-in-chief I could possibly imagine.

Why was Bergdahl held in Germany so long and have his parents not been permitted to visit with him. If he is suffering from his confinement, seeing his parents would be a very positive thing to help him in recovery. All others soldiers’ wives or parents of the injured are given the opportunity to go visit them in Germany, expenses paid by funds set aside for that purpose. But not Bergdahl’s parents. This tells me that something is going on that is probably associated with what is in a lengthy confidential file revealing some serious problems with what he was doing in captivity. He most certainly will be detained at some point in time for going AWOL and deserting. And the rest of any transgressions he may have committed will be wrapped up as additional charges. He is now in a Texas military hospital and his parents have still not visited him. Very telling.

The argument that states that trading 5 really bad terrorists for Bergdahl is somehow no big deal since the Israelis traded 1200 prisons to get one man. But that Israeli soldier who was held captive for several years by Hezbollah did not go AWOL from his unit and desert. And there is no evidence that he converted to Islam or joined in target practice with his captives and declared himself a warrior of Islam. There is so much more to this Bergdahl story. My guess is the President is not going to be happy when the rest of the story is revealed.

If 1200 prisoners are released by Israel for one good soldier, what makes the trade of 5 of the most dangerous people in the world for a person who goes AWOL from his unit in a war zone, deserting his fellow soldiers, justified. If that is OK, then let’s trade 1200 Mexicans in this country illegally for the good soldier being held in a Mexican jail. The problem? Mexico doesn’t want them. They would rather try to make hay with an American soldier for political gain. That is sad, too. We need to tell Mexico we are going to fly 1200 Mexicans and any other illegal from other Central American countries, daily, to their international airport and release them until that one soldier is returned to us. We have a status of forces agreement with Mexico concerning our military. We get to try ours and they get to try theirs. The diplomacy crap that is happening now really shows how much this president cares about our military.

Leaving soldiers behind on the battlefield is an unwritten devotion to your fellow soldiers in the course of battle. But not for deserted soldiers. Bergdahl left his fellow soldiers behind and went looking for and seeking out the enemy. He was not trying to be captured; he was trying to switch sides. The really stupid argument that some support that Bergdahl is not at fault is a clear cop out. With the hundreds of lies coming out of this White House, I can no longer believe anything I hear. And today, it continues. The next reason they are trying to use now since the rest have fallen apart, is that the Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if the deal became public. Well this government read congress in on Ben Laden raid for months before it went down. They could have done the same with the Intelligence Committee. They were not permitted to do such a swap without reading congress in. So that tells me they really were not concerned about Bergdahl or the safety of other Americans and military members, they were doing this for political reasons to improve election results. That is the answer to the entire question as why President Obama did this.

Let’s start the 1200 daily illegals movement plan now until we get our military member back home. We have plenty of minors available at the moment. Bus them to the airport and transport them to Mexico. It would cost us much less for a plane flight daily then the cost of all these illegals clogging up our legal system and taking advantage of our healthcare system for years to come. As Hillary Clinton or John Kerry would say, “What difference does it make!”  If 1200 is ok for the Israelis to release for one than there should not be any problem releasing over a thousand Mexicans here illegally back to Mexico where they came from.

I will use an argument for sending the 1200 daily to Mexico to do them a big favor. To use the rationale of our own citizens who continue to rant that our country is so terrible, I would be willing to bet that none of these illegals will return since living in the United States is absolutely an intolerable experience. Mexico is so much more of a wonderful place to live; it is even better than Pakistan and Afghanistan or being under the remarkably beautiful rule of law called Sharia. After all, everyone knows that this is the most disgusting country in the entire world. They have all got to be totally nuts to keep coming to the most disgusting country in the world. Well, let’s help them get out so they can have a better life.

This is a capitalistic country and capitalism is the scourge of the earth as far as the naysayers are concerned. Yet these same people take full advantage of this system with there work, the cars they purchase, the homes they live in and all the other products that permeate their home and all the services available to them for any emergency that may unexpectedly befall them. They are also claiming that we need to raise the taxes of the rich people but they higher tax consultants to help them take full advantage of all the tax breaks they can squeeze out of the system to preserve their wealth. Why don’t they just file a 1040EZ, take the standard deductions, and pay the taxes according to their tax bracket. I don’t see them doing that any time soon. Their philosophy is to take the money of the rich and give it to the poor; “just not my riches.”

One finally question. How many of those spoken of above would volunteer to join the 1200 being shipped back to Mexico daily so they can have a better life? I would be willing to bet that the line of those people would not have a single person in it. There is a rule: “Don’t slap the system that feeds you.” And for Larry Korb: “Don’t disparage the soldiers who give their lives and do not desert just so you can have the freedom to say stupid things.” Let me know if you have had enough of this country. I will pay for the your one-way ticket to Mexico so you can have a better life.

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