Obamacare is Dying Fast!! Polls Prove it!

Obamacare is hated by the majority of the nation if you look at poll results except for just one group. Guess which group that may be? It is important to note the overall rating according to polls is about 28% approving and 57% disapprove. That is pretty significant. Also, what is more interesting is that when blacks were polled interesting it is interesting to note the results were pretty much identical. Even Colorado, a state that leans Democratic, the result again were the same – 26% pro to 59% con.

Let’s drill down to other categories. What about those who would benefit the most from Obamacare? For those with less than 25K a year in income, the results show 30% to 55%. So far the entire nation is in the category that they do not like Obamacare. For those with 100K to 150K in income, the results are similar – 26% to 58%. Ok, let’s look at the State of California. Again, the poll results 33% for to 51% against. Even the Native Americans, our Indian residences also agree. Indians poll at 32% to 60%. But now we move to those agreed with the law.

Who really supports this law? The green party is one, Pacific Islanders was another group. I will give you one guess as to what group favors this law much more than any group – those who call themselves Democrats. 3700 votes gave us a polling result of 75% for and 8% against. There were 421 Democrats who disapproved. The next question would be, how about the Republicans. The Republicans were definitely against it. That is obvious. But look at the numbers. There were almost twice as many Republicans taking the survey. The number of survey takers who disagreed was 6400+ but only 29 agreed. That gives us a result of 0% to 100% when you round the numbers. That means less than 1 % of Republicans were for it.

So, if you look at the number of poll takers from each party, you will find that almost twice as many people are against it. Those who deviate from their party are those who voted against the law, Democrats, compared to Republicans who agree with the law. Those numbers are 421 Democrats do not like the law and only 29 Republicans support the law. The only result you can come up with is a vast majority of the nation are against the law. Any Politician, Democrat or other, who runs for office have any support for this law will damage their chance of winning. How about a nail in the Obamacare coffin. The Libertarians, who sometimes falls on the side of Democrats, a key voting block in our nation, is even more against Obamacare with results of 5% for and 71% against. Those results really depart from any chance Democrats are going to do well in the next election. The Senate is bound to change over to being run by Republicans. Bet!

And there is a link below that states the biggest nuance to a CNN poll is that women are responsible for the 5% drop in favorability of Obamacare in this latest poll.

I found the results quoted above at a site called “I Side With” Dot Com:


PS: I know many are going to say that these results are bogus since it has too many Republicans. If that is the case, please refer to this survey done by CNN which will seal deal!


The results in the poll were as follows: 35% for the law and 62% against.

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