Hillary ducks a shoe but Not Che Guevara!

Chucked: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ducks as an object is thrown on stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Thursday, on April 10, 2014, in Las Vegas

She looks a little wrinkled from so much political theater

It just happened at a speech Hillary Clinton was giving at a recycling gathering in Las Vegas. A middle aged blond women threw a shoe at her and she tried to duck  but was too slow. Luckily the shoe was off target. That could have been because along with the shoe, the woman tried to throw some papers with it. The papers were copies of declassified documents about “Operation Cynthia,” which was the United States operation to find and capture revolutionary leader Che Guevara in 1967. Hillary may want to know that it was a Democrat who set the operation in motion and it is Democrats who absolutely love Che Guevara. So I would be willing to bet the woman who threw the shoe is a liberal. She was identified as being Bolivian. I guess they don’t forget what the Democrats tried to do back then. And Hillary and here gang are spreading the word that the woman must be a republican – Chances are she is not!


Che Guevara was a staunch communist revolutionary who fell out of favor with Cuba when his Chinese style changes he imposed on Cuba were causing the country to become worse economically. As he lost the support of Fidel Castro, he resigned his position and departed for Bolivia; apparently with Fidel’s approval. There he started a communist revolution since he felt the Bolivians were ripe for it. He also picked that country so he could spread out into neighboring countries with his ruthless message.

Lyndon Johnson, a democrat, authorized the support of a Bolivian Ranger Battalion my CIA and Green Beret trainers to bring them up to speed so they could fight the revolutionaries and “capture” Che Guevara. They accomplished their covert mission but then the Bolivian leadership gave specific instructions through the CIA contact to have the Ranger Battalion put him to death. The CIA representative was actually ordered to try to keep him alive but that was overruled by the Bolivians. Soviet Premier Aleksey Kosygin visited Cuba to tell Castro that they were not satisfied with Che’s tactics in Bolivia. It was not the way the Soviets wanted to spread communism.

So the bottom line is, many of are young people today still wear shirts with Che’s face on it and they also support the democrat party here in the US. They do not realize that he was a cold blooded killer, disliked by the Cubans, the Bolivians, the Soviets and every other country in South America – not to mention the US. He was more like the Chinese in their revolutionary tactics and political treatment of their citizens. Che worshipers therefore are quite literally the essence of what Che was able to do, convince poor people to do his bidding and call it the best thing for the world. the only problem with these people in the US, they are not poor and they are well educated. It is sad that they still do not recognize the actual history of Che Guevara. He did not use politics to get his way, he used the gun. And isn’t ironic that most of the Che followers support the banning of guns; unless they are being used by a communist to kill people who do not accept their way of government.

The “shoe falls where it may,” but the blond woman was most like someone who is a communist, or a democrat who really hates that the US Government had a hand in bringing down a tyrant. Hillary is not to blame because she didn’t have a part in the killing of Che, but she is a member of the party who someone disgruntled about Che’s death, would use her as a target for their revenge. But Hillary is not a Muslim and neither is the Bolivian woman. So I am not sure what the shoe means. Throwing shoes is a Muslim tradition of disrespect. I guess we have adopted the tradition.








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