Ah, So PETA Supports Aborting Humans But Not Eggs!

Unless the chicken asks you for an abortion.

PETA freed the cat from the bag when they responded to a court case they filed claiming the 13th Amendment in support of whales being held captive at SeaWorld; like slaves. The judge threw the case out of court. But PETA’s acting President, Ingrid E. Newkirk, sent out a press release which clearly shows the Organization is Pro Choice while also supporting abortion rights for animals if they asked that their offspring be aborted. Let’s highlight the important parts of the statement.

Chickens rule; PETA drools!

. “While the world focuses once again on the Catholic Church’s stubborn denial of the right to abortion, captive species in zoos all over the world are crying out for those same basic services. Conservatives have always suppressed stories of sign language-speaking chimpanzees that communicate a desire for abortion, but the problem doesn’t end there. Aborted whales might be as big as a Volkswagen, but rights are rights. And PETA will fight for those rights regardless of the species, starting today.”

So, since PETA is against real eggs being used as Easter eggs, they recognized that embryos deserve rights to life.  The statement above is clear; PETA supports abortion. And then at the end of the statement they say “they will fight to protect any species.” Well, yeah, except the human species. What a bunch of hypocrites.

PETA also supports abortion rights for animals when they communicate a desire for it. What? Look at this part of the first sentence in their response to losing a court case: “captive species in zoos all over the world are crying out for those same basic services. (They mean abortive services) Conservatives have always suppressed stories of sign language-speaking chimpanzees that communicate a desire for abortion, but the problem doesn’t end there.” This is amazing. If a chicken asks for an abortion, we should give them one. By the way, what is the use of aborting a chicken egg that is not fertile? Or a fertile egg that has already left the chicken? Oh, “I’ll take that scrambled, please, with bacon from an aborted pig provided we got the mother’s permission.” That is just like what abortion doctors do to unborn children they take from the womb except they don’t repackage the meat and sell it at restaurants or super markets. Oops, I gave the doctors an idea. My Bad. I used to talk to the chickens when I was a kid on a ranch so I wonder if I could get a job as a interpreter for an abortion veterinarian.

They went after the First Lady, Michelle Obama, with an ad using children challenging her use of real eggs during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. What PETA actually did with this statement is recognize that embryos of chickens are just as important as chickens. There is no difference between an embryo chicken and a human embryo. That is there statement. So the statement on their website which clearly states they have no position on the “Pro Choice Movement” is a lie. They now hold that it is ok to abort a human embryo but not a Chicken embryo.

They are also stating that life begins before birth. Most of their followers are liberal women who are pro-choice supporting an organization that contradicts their argument that life does not begin before birth. PETA is essentially telling its supporters that they are wrong on the life before birth issue used to argue for legalizing abortions.

This whole ordeal for PETA brings up another issue as well. All those eggs that Michelle Obama was using were not fertile because they came from chickens in cages that had no contact with a rooster. That would mean that PETA is against women who discharge un-fertile eggs during their monthly menstrual cycle. By doing so, they are being cruel to their own eggs. Women who abort their children are just like chickens who eat their own eggs. Rather than setting on them to get them to hatch, the mother chicken eats its own eggs. But that doesn’t occur with caged chickens since the moment they lay an egg, it rolls out of the cage into a troth until the farmer picks them up for the trip to market. Maybe we should do that with women who chose to abort. Cage them and put there children up for adoption. PETA would support that since they support pet adoptions.

With chickens, the problem with them eating their own eggs occurs when chickens are kept in open pens. There is a whole list of reasons why chickens eat their own eggs and there are just as many solutions to train them to stop it. But the only reason humans abort their babies is for convenience or pleasure. Some farmers throw broken eggs on the floor for the chickens to eat. With women they don’t eat their young, they just throw them away in the garbage.

And there is a word PETA uses to describe the bad treatment of animals: Inhumane. That would mean women who abort their children are inhumane if you apply the same standard PETA applies to animals. If I were a chicken, and I saw another chicken eating its own egg, I would call her inanimale. PETA is inanimale when it comes to humans.


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