Obama is Lying About Global Warming! Again!

global warming

Global warming is not settled science. Science doesn’t work that way. Bill Watterson had a funny quote: “I liked things better when I didn’t understand them!” The Greeks were hip to the need for good math skills. They stated that it is essential for a free person (a citizen) to know math in order to take an active part in civic life. This included participating in public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries, and most importantly, taking part in military service. I might add that slaves and resident aliens were excluded from the duties and responsibilities of citizenship. The aim of math studies was to produce a virtuous, knowledgeable, and articulate person. Grammar, rhetoric, and logic, which includes math, are core elements of a liberal arts program. It is interesting that “liberals” today are absolutely sure that global warming exists but they can’t do the math. If you could do the math and find out it is all a lie, would you change your mind?  Well here we go with the math.

Have you asked yourself how much CO2 in the entire atmosphere is man-made? In the total atmosphere of the earth, all CO2 is just 3% (that is normal and man-made, combined. What they do not want to talk about is the other 97 percent which is mostly water vapor. You should be asking yourself this question! What part of that small 3% is actually man-made and what part is under our control in the USA. Well, it is 3% of that small 3% that is man-made, globally; or .009% of all CO2. We are talking about the entire earth’s atmosphere. For math purposes we are talking about a decimal of .00009. And you guested it, we are still talking about the whole planet, not  our country.

So what are the numbers for our United States. What percentage of the earth constitutes the USA? It is 3% of the entire globe. We can’t even get our own country on board  because the politicians really know that we would have to make a difference on 3% of 3% 0f 3% of 3%. And then we need to get the whole world to go along. Does a number that low actually exist? Most of our college students who support doing something about it can’t get their brain around that minuscule number. So they just vote Democrat so they can let the politicians figure it out. It is so much easier than doing the math.

How about an easier explanation? Take one million grains of sand and toss in one really hot grain of sand. There is the problem. How much will be the temperature change on one million grains of sand? Not much at all; in fact, you won’t notice it. But we are not done here. Let’s just say for the sake of stupidity, we go ahead and start paying for our part. To change that really small amount, our own man-made part, we would need to get the money for it and to do that we would need to double our current power costs. So if your electric bill is 100 dollars, you will need to spend 200 dollars to get a change of 10% of our part. Not done yet! Do you have any idea what we would need to pay to get another 10%; it is a whopping 20% to have make a change to practically nothingness? It is twice as much as the first 10%. It would be 400 dollars total. Let’s go back and add that up so the stupefied among us can get an understand. We still pay the $100 monthly because you are still using electricity in our everyday life. Then add the expense to get a decrease in our own man-made CO2 by 10%; our bill is now $300. What that means is your bill will jump to $700 so we can get to 20% of man-made CO2 which is only the emissions belonging to the USA, alone.

We start with a minuscule amount of man-made CO2 to begin with, which is only associated with our own land surface in which we have control and we end up with a decrease of 20% in an already insignificant minuscule amount. Then we have to get the rest of world to pay the same additional cost proportional to their power costs. Fat chance of that happening. Very few countries agreed to sign the Kyoto Protocol. And we were one of the ones who did not sign it.  People across the globe are already severely strapped with their current energy expenses and the global warming nuts want to increase it by 700%.

Am I the only one who sees the futility in this monumental effort of stupidity. IT IS ALL POLITICAL! And you are falling for it. The scientists are happy with all the research money they get to study global warming and they will do anything to keep that money flowing. The profiteers are happy because they get all kinds of extra cash from the government to get wind farms and solar panels up and running. Both these technologies are an eye sore. The liberals living in Massachusetts fought hard to stop people from putting wind farms off the coast line. It would interfere with the view and the sailing of their huge expensive yachts. Have you seen the size of those propellers at wind farms? They are expensive to build and God help us if they need to get replaced. And how about solar panels taking up so much space on land; we all know how expensive the land can be. they also are very susceptible to hail, wind damage and tornadoes.  The hurricanes coming in from the ocean will impact the wind farms off our coasts. The dykes in Holland are in need of constant repair; why not wind turbines and solar panels beaten up by daily climate change?

Oh, I am sure there are a lot of folks who do not believe the recent and ongoing news. The earth has been cooling since 1998. That is 15 years ago. Care to wonder what your electric bill would have been for the past 15 years if the politicians got their way in forcing us to take care of the global warming that never happened? $126,000 each. We would be better off if they forced us to put that money in a retirement account like President Bush wanted us to do but the Democrats who support global warming fought it. You would have $206,308.83. So let me ask you a question. Would you rather have 206,308.83 rather than pay out $126,000 and have nothing. If we didn’t have to pay the $126 K and earned $206K in return, we each would have a net gain of $332 K. I would rather have the 206K to spend in a world where the climate is cooler anyway. I mentioned that some democrats will support global warming blindly. They make statements like “I would gladly pay the $126,000 to fix the planet; it is so worth it.” Really? Global Warming or Climate Change or etc., is settled malarky – the only word with which I could most accurately describe it!

Do the “Damn” math and leave me and my money alone!

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