Obama – The “Piss-a-dent” of the United States of America

Don’t Mess with the USA

I must now declare he is not The “president,”he is the “Piss-a-dent! This guy thinks he has a lot going for him if he can just take over the country as a dictator. (As you can tell, I am not using capitalization with any proper name associated with the democrat party and their puppet piss-a-dent.) the color associated with the presidency is “White” but it is turning yellow from all the urine in the snow. So what does he have going for him so far?

The piss-a-dent has the lawyers because the law firms contribute over 75% to democrats. That’s because they don’t have to worry about tort reform. They can continue to “ambulance” chase all the big business entities and rich folks with bogus claims of law breaking. Then this bozo has all the unions because they contribute 96% to democrats so their golden goose will keep pooping gold crap. The most recent example of there corruption is that they have their lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits to get all college football players paid by their universities – not so the players can get paid for playing football, but to increase union coffers. They have “harry the swamp crap” reid in the senate running interference for the piss-a-dent, keeping anything and everything coming from the congress from getting to the piss-a-dent. After all, what does the piss-a-dent need other than a pen and a phone and swamp crap?

The bogus piss-a-dent created a bunch of department heads that will do anything he says and pass any regulation he wants. Then he wants to keep the out-of-work middle class on unemployment, and the poor thinking he is going to save them with food stamps, welfare, cell phones and funny money credit cards. He created his czars who he thinks will keep all the major departments in line. It is the piss-a-dent who has the “irs” policing and harassing his political opponents with bogus audits and multi-year delays on applications from various groups trying to form non-profits. They are now attacking Republican Hollywood folks who just want to meet so they can fellowship with like-minded members of the entertainment business. The piss-a-dent has lawyers starting to take down anyone and everyone who runs against democrats, with bogus lawsuits. The DOJ keeps the FBI focused only on cases that benefit the democrats. The handwriting is on the wall when we see that the FBI has not interviewed anyone at all who was targeted by the irs.

The health care reform issue is not designed to help the few 5 million who have no healthcare. It is designed to take control of all the health care money nationwide. Then they will deny expensive health care procedures throughout the country to help fund their scheme. The abortion issue and equal pay for women is merely designed to keep the majority of women focused on something other than the planned destruction of our capitalistic way of life. They will be looking the other way when we become a socialized country on our way to communism. Then everyone including the women will be told where to work and the pay will be dictated by the government in such a way as to increase the wealth of government and their lackeys and keep us a lot more poor than we are now. All the management will be government employees.

At the Canada Free Press, the Hagmann father and son team have been making the argument for a long time now that something catastrophic is going to happen, orchestrated by the democrats and the piss-a-dent’s inner circle. It will be something like a bogus attempt to assassinate the piss-a-dent which will cause major riots in our black communities so the piss-a-dents can declare martial law.

There is a concerted effort to gain control of all legalized weapons so taking them away will be easier. What happened in New Orleans during Katrina? The government started going door to door taking guns away. But those were only guns they knew about which were all those legally registered. They cannot control all the illegal guns and they don’t want to. That confiscation of legal guns will happen nationwide when the piss-a-dent takes over. This will strengthen the rioting numbers because most of their weapons will not be traceable and the DOJ will not do anything to control the chaos associated with national rioting. Gang knockout games and the intercity murder rate now over 80% of all gun murders nationwide, is just weapons training for what is to come.

But, But, But. The piss-a-dent has forgotten a lot of things. He won’t be able to confiscate all the legal guns because there are billions of them. There will be a major civil war that gets beyond his control. The US military, active and reserve, and the National Guard units which are at the control of the state governors, will not go along with a major takeover of our country. The numerous states not run by democrats, and there are only a few of those, will declare their own martial law and put down the rioters. All those military forces take an oath to support and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. They are also strictly told that they are not to follow unlawful orders. A takeover of the country will be unlawful. They have total control of their arms rooms. They will react according to their oath.

All the rioting will be met with state run military and civilian retaliation. There were so many marches in the past for so many various reasons; million man marches they called them. But what the piss-a-dent will witness is a 300 Million Man, Woman and Children March on Washington, D.C. The capital will be paralyzed and the military will not be able to follow the orders of the “commander in – a lot of piss.” That is because of the oath all our honest politicians and military take, the constitution and the millions of Americans who have been protecting us for over two centuries. The piss-a-dent will step down and the country will pull itself back together with two refreshing political parties starting from new because this country will have spoken.

Like in World War II when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, what happened? The Japanese did something they totally regret to this day – they woke the sleeping giant. Well that giant has been taking a nap for too long. But it is about to be awakened again. God help those who think they can mess with the USA. Communism has been dead for a long time. It is about to suffer what can only be described as overkill, or road kill, or the final solution. Or, all three!

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