NYC Killing Charter Schools

school houseIf this is not all about the money trail associated with public schools, their unions and the political contributions passing from public school unions to democrat political campaigns, then what is? If democrats are for education of our youths, then why would they want to put financial pressure on charter schools? Here is the deal; it is a “deal” between unions and democrat politicians.

It’s a fact, 96% of all public school union dues set aside for political contributions are going to democrats. And charter schools are not part of that mix. But in New York City, the mayor took away funding from co-location charter schools so that money can go to pre-school programs; programs that have clearly been determined not to be worth it. Who would like to see that happen? Unions would. If charter schools have 70,000 students and a waiting list of 50,000 students, then the parents of these kids see the difference between public schools and charter schools. New York City has pounded the drums praising themselves for what they have done with the charter school system. But the unions are speaking again. They want to protect their union dues golden goose.

Public schools are always complaining about parents not getting involved and blaming parental failures on the lack of success of their children. But if parents want to get their kids to schools that are notoriously better for their kids, then why not find ways to do that? I once worked at a public school and I witnessed first hand what some teachers do. They have counselling sessions with parents just because they have to. But they would rather the parents get lost. They really want nothing to do with them. After all, the parents are not as intelligent as these elitist teachers with a monopoly on the education system. The politicians clearly see that charter schools are better. But they more importantly see the money coming to to them if they support the unions.You do not see waiting lists for public schools you see them for charter schools. Who on earth would want to get themselves on a waiting list to a school that is mediocre. duh!

Mayor Blasio wants to start charging rent to charter schools for the buildings they occupy. Those buildings are where you find charter schools co-located with public schools. In essence what this will do is force kids back into public schools because the charter schools will have to move out of New York City to control expenses. the kids will not be able to follow. And another thing that is happening; the charter schools are hiring the best teachers and they are coming from the public school system. That means the least qualified teachers are stuck in the public schools and the unions are bending over backward trying to keep those poor performers in their jobs; not for their protection from a big bad employer but for the protection of their union dues, the union’s golden goose. Their golden goose is starting to lay rotten eggs.

We got rid of the horse-driven carriages early in the 20th Century and replaced them with the automobile. The democrats keep trying to hold on to their horse-driven carriages but the manure has been piling up for years. And these piles of stench are ridden with methane emissions, causing havoc with our climate change efforts. Who knew? I had to just get that last sentence in somewhere because absolutely everything wrong with this country is negatively impacting our climate. Even when I exhale, CO2 pollutes the environment.

When are we going to try to fix our school systems like we are trying hopelessly to change our weather? When are we going to spend more money per child in school then we are for prisoners on death row, wind farms and solar panels, and politicians out to get themselves re-elected at the expense of our children? When are we going to bring our position in the world, educationally speaking, back to where it was many years ago? When politicians are more concerned with ways to get more votes than they are for the welfare of our nation, we are doomed.


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