Manning Should Retire – A Strange Reason!

Omaha Means Pass to Endzone!

Like football fans all over the country, their favorite teams usually provide a good source of entertainment. Manning and the Broncos had a good run. It got them into the Super Bowl. In, fact I was here when we had the Orange Crush back in 1977. But that game last night showed me that I was caught by surprise by a team that was far superior. The Seattle Seahawks are an exceptional team. Their defense overwhelmed the Broncos front offensive line. And although Russell Wilson only threw a few passes, the early few showed some jitters, but those passes thrown after he settled down demonstrated an exceptional talent.

Russell Wilson can throw on the run with great accuracy going to his right or left, where other quarterbacks have some difficulty with one or the other. Defenses try to force quarters to run to their weak passing side. Russell doesn’t have one. He can also do it well while running at a blinding speed. But he still needs an offensive front line that can get him some time. They did well enough and where they lacked he made up for it with sheer talent. His down field passes were perfectly timed, crisp, powerful and on the mark. The Seahawks were clearly the better team. A quarterback with exceptional throwing talent who can scramble like hell is really hard to beat.

Usually the teams the Broncos played had their difficulties getting to Manning and his quick 2 to 3 second drop to pass kept them at bay while Manning performed at an exception rate. But in last night’s game, the quality of the Seahawks defensive rush was just good enough to get to him a fraction of a second quicker. That was apparent by the number of times they managed to get a deflection of the ball or contact with Manning’s arm just as he was getting into a cocked position. That fraction of a second made a huge difference.

A team with an ability to rush a quarterback better than most teams, also needs a secondary crew who can hold the fort during the rush. The Seahawk defense demonstrated why they are rated the best in the NFL. I have heard for years that the team with the best defense usually will win the Super Bowl. The word on the street seems to think things have changed; that high scoring teams can dominate. But last night’s game proved the old defensive ability argument still holds. And based on the close games for the Seahawks during the playoff games getting to the big game, tells me the NFC had the better teams at the top of their rankings. The Broncos, San Diego and the Chiefs were all fighting for second best. The Chargers or the Chiefs would have lost the Super Bowl soundly.

During the game, I could feel the emotional pressure building up within me each time points against the Broncos occurred. I had hope that Manning would be able to work his magic. But that never came close to happening. So I had to tell myself I got caught up in the Bronco hype and didn’t get to see the Seahawks play at all during the season. I had no comparison. I blindly predicted that the score would be lopsided in the opposite direction. I was only off by about 65 points and the other team won. I based that prediction on what I saw in the playoffs not being able to compare the NFC to AFC since the teams played each other in their respective conferences. But after the Super Bowl, I could see that the NFC had more qualified teams.

So how should I deal with the pressure? It’s simple. The Broncos had a really successful season and it was fun to see your home team do so well. It provided a great source of positive entertainment. But when the conferences determined their best team to send to the big game, clearly the NFC had a much better team to send. And I need to realize that this is only a game and last night, the best team clearly won. That is what is supposed to happen. I have to admit that this football thing has the potential to get you stirred up. And some people can let that pent up emotion get out of hand. Some get violent, some drive drunk and some just lock themselves up in their room for hours or days. Hey, it is only a game. The world has to go on and about this time next year, the old game that happened several months back will be ancient history. Players will have changed teams, new coaches will have taken over, injuries will have changed the mix, and players will retire. But there is one more thing no one realizes and Manning is a good example.

Manning is a great quarterback but he should retire. He sustained a pretty significant injury to his neck a few years back and professional football is an extremely dangerous sport. That makes it more risky for him to continue. He has broken a lot of records and will find himself in the Hall of Fame regardless of the outcome of this game. The losers get $40,000 so that is not bad, either. But there is one more thing that is ironic about this game of football specific to Payton Manning and many other players. He will lose all that money in New Jersey taxes if he plays for the Broncos next year. That’s because he would be taxed by New Jersey based on his entire salary for next year because he will play a game in the state. But if he quits or gets traded, he won’t. Now that is a really stupid part of this game. Our ridiculous tax laws play a significant part in what happens to teams each year.

Who knew? The tax man is screwing with my team and yours. Players make decisions to change teams to get the best bang for their buck. That seems to go against all the hype. So who has a good chance to make it to the Super Bowl next year? I have absolutely no clue. Maybe we should ask the tax man.

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