Global Warming at 50 below Zero

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This Polar Vortex is really telling us a lot about our current world and the absolute diabolical impact of Global Warming. And I have only one thing to say, “Global Warming is killing us.” Without global warming, the temperature would not dip as much as -50 to -60 with the wind chill factor. Can you imagine what is happening to the polar ice caps? They must be melting exponentially since all the cold has moved to the Equator. Who knew? Well the global warming scientists knew when they “settled” the problem 15 years ago. The settled science holds that “The colder it gets the more impact global warming is going to have on our fragile environment.”

It might be too late to round up all the flamingos and equip them with a leg warming device that regulates itself with changes in the temperature. We would also need to determine the left or right handedness of each. If scientists can figure out everything we need to know about global warming and settle it, then certainly they can figure the handedness of a flamingo. Actually it is quite simple. The cleats with the most calluses will determine the handedness. My only problem is “How are we going to figure out which one of those flamingos are ambidextrous.

The polar bear population has been exponentially increasing over the past 15 years fooling the rest of us, but it was the scientist swearing by global warming predicting the population would decrease. How could we know that they meant it would happen as a result of extreme freezing of their habitat cutting off their food supply trapping it at least 15 feet below the frozen tundra? They are not going to be able to fatten up enough to hibernate through the winter. Mother Nature strikes again and here to keep us informed are her siblings, global warming scientists.

There is another question that puzzles me. Why would a Russian ship loaded with a bunch of scientists, a crew and some vacationers, go to the south pole to gets some proof that global warming exists? Isn’t that science settled already? Then to top that off, all the melting polar ice cap somehow managed to trap a ship in miles of frozen tundra. In fact, the ice was as much as 15 feet deep for miles. So hard was the ice that 4 ice breakers could not get to them because the ice was too thick. They would have to wait until spring for the ship to free its self. Oh wait, I just remembered. The current rotation of the earth means the northern part of the globe is having it winter now and the southern part of the globe is experiencing it summer months. Go figure. It took the momentary clearing of the skies to permit helicopters to get in to save them. And the selfish scientists and vacationers took all the seats of about 5 helicopter trips in and out and left the crew to wait for the ice to melt.

They have a term in the medical field for doctors who are really bad at what they do or when they practice medicine without a license. Quacks! They have boards that work hard at weeding them out. We need that same type of licensing system for scientists. They are like a pack of foxes all working together to guard the chicken house. They act as peer reviewers for each other. They sit on their own board. And it was scientists who came up with the idea that there is no such thing as settled science. If there was, then the whole earth would still be flat. So how is that that they can just arbitrarily decide that there is only one science that is settled – Global Warming?

And about this settle science thing. I keep hearing from people who are not scientists that the science is settle and that 97% of all scientists agree. And the scientists don’t complain about this statement from someone who is not one of them. So if we all can agree that science is really never settled than I can only reach one conclusion. At least 97% of the scientists mentioned above are just flat wrong. Not whether global warming exists but that it is settled. If they are absolutely convinced that the science is settled than how can we believe them when they say global warming exists. The are at least wrong on 50% of the issue. So what is to say that they are wrong about the other 50% as well.

With this issue, like flamingos, we find ourselves with only one leg to stand on. But I know one thing that is definitely settled. We need to put that decision on ice – at least until summer is above the Equator. O yeah. And the polar bears are getting a little too promiscuous to support the theory that they are decreasing in number. If you are a settled science guy; don’t you just hate when that happens.

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