Democrats Are Racist! Who Knew?

1000 lies makes no truth

I am white and I fully support the “Conservative Black Chick” because she really gets it right. That is the reason we are on the “right” because we see what is right. If you are on the other side, then you need to know you are on the “wrong side.” And you are just like you have always been, the epitome of those you actually discriminate.

When she wrote in support of the Duck Dynasty patriarch, she received comments that are an absolute perfect example of hypocrisy. Let’s take a look at those comments.

Miles claims blacks are better off now than they were during slavery. But during slavery, the blacks were not killing each other with guns at a rate of over 80% of all homicides in the country like they do today. The civil rights movement was a great thing but Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton do not have any content in their character. They judge whites by the color of their skin. Miles tries to make the point that CBC believes like all the white people that slavery was better. Now that is absolutely incorrect. Most conservatives abhor slavery. And it was the democrats who fought the civil war to keep slavery and the KKK were, and still are, members of the democrat party.

Miles blames the conservatives, who are now the Republican Party, for slavery when in fact it was Democrats in the South who continued to discriminate until they were put down by the Republican Party supporting a Democrat President, John F Kennedy, in the 1960s. The Civil Rights movement was against the white democrats who dominated the South. Miles blames the Republican Party folks for killing all the Indians. But there was no Republican Party until President Lincoln came around in 1860. Most all Indian wars happened in the 1700s and a few in the early 1800s when Democrats were running the country at this time and before the Republican Party existed. The whole reason the Republican Party came into existence was because the Democrat Party wanted to expand slavery under the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

It was all political; not due to religion.  Until this day, 80% of the country is Christian so that has to include both Republican and Democrats. And most black folks are Christians. The whole country loved and still does, all the Christian Gospel Songs that came from the black Christians in the South. They are classics like Sweet Chariot, No Weapon, Wade in the Water, This Little House of Mine, Going up Yonder, I Need You Now, Amazing Grace, Soon and Very Soon, Jesus Loves Me, and Jesus be a Fence. Everyone and their Uncle to this day sings Amazing Grace!

Being gay is hereditary, we all know that. But the reason a lot of Christians have a problem with it is because it goes against the laws of procreation. We would not have a society at all if it were not for the characteristic of being heterosexual like the rest of the animals who liberals claim to love. No one can argue that the human race survives because of it. There is no chance whatsoever that a male penetrating the anal cavity of another male will result in any form of procreation. The military is being forced to accept gay men and women but there is not one heterosexual male or female who wants to shower, placing themselves on display for the sexual gratification of a gay person. I know for a fact that heterosexual women avoided showing with gay women because of that “unnatural” attraction. Who would? Not even you, Miles.

By the way, what is a bigot? The definition is:

“a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc., a bigoted person; especially, a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group).

And that goes for political groups, as well. Liberals, Democrats, and Progressives are the epitome of bigots because they hate so much. I learned a phrase a long time ago while listening to a radio program. It goes like this: “One only hates to the degree of one’s worthlessness.” And I see that those who use such vile words to describe who they are against and who try to suppress their ideas and silence them, are the epitome of the definition of a bigot. In fact, including the word “Democrats” in the definition would not be far off.

Racist birthers! Another name conjured up to foment hatred. We are a nation of laws. We hold justice as an ideal we all claim to adhere to. If George W. Bush refused to show his birth certificate to confirm he was born in America, Democrats would go nuts. But when a Democrat runs for president and refuses to show his birth certificate, it is OK. But under pressure, this president came up with a Certificate of Birth and claimed it was his birth certificate. They are two different forms of birth notification. A Certificate of Birth is only necessary when there is no Birth Certificate. The Certificate of birth was a forgery – a known fact. Then the president comes up with a Birth Certificate that is also a clear forgery. But wait, how can there be a Certificate of Birth when there is an actual Birth Certificate in your possession. You cannot have both. So when someone claims with clear evidence that the Birth Certificate is a forgery and then the Brith Certificate is a forgery, that is a feasible. But since both are presented as evidence. at least one of them is a forgery, why not both?

But all that does not matter because he is a Democrat and he is black. Whether he breaks the law or not is much less important than blindly supporting a particular political party at all cost. By that logic, pun intended, as long as he is black, that is all the qualifications he needs. With that criteria, that means Desmond TuTu who is a Christian, Anglican Bishop and South African by citizenship can be President of the United States just because he is black. In fact, he is more qualified than Barack Obama because Barack Obama is only half black and the other half is white. So that would mean, if we follow Miles’ claims,  that Obama is half racist. Obama also claims to be a Christian so Barack Obama is more a Republican than a Democrat. Can anyone be 1/2 or 3/4 racist and not be racist? It is so strange how that works out.

And then comes the unemployment insurance argument. It is quite simple to ask this question. A person who can get paid enough money to live on; more money than they can actually earn on their own, why would they want a go get a job and make less? That would be stupid. So, it was the Democrats who took away the need for anyone receiving unemployment insurance to have to look for a job. And it is the Democrat party that wants unemployment to continue without any end in sight. The question is, why would they do that? That sounds nuts. It is because these folks are a source of votes. Keep them dependent on the government; the moment they get a job, they are going to consider being against those who want to stay in an unemployed status taking the tax dollars of those who work for living.

So let me get this straight. Democrats hate whites, started slavery, get blacks to vote for them when they started and tried to keep slavery, just absolutely love gay people and have no problem sleeping with them, like to take other people’s money and pay people not to work, give people credit cards and food stamps so they can trade them for drugs, legalize marijuana, take away the ability for parents to teach morals to their children, protect unions because they contribute 96% to democrat candidates, elect anyone for president as long as they are black and breathing, praise the activities of Occupy Wall Street even though they commit 100% of the crime when being compared to the Teaparty, abort children at any period prior to birth and even support post-natal abortion. They also looked the other way, when an black abortion doctor kills babies born alive because the abortion doesn’t work. Oh, I am so sorry, you didn’t mention that those terrible Republicans respect the life of a human being, regardless of party affiliation from time of conception.

So when you claim that the CBC conveniently left something out, you should look at all the stuff you left out – out of convenience.

You know what? I would rather be a republican and support the Conservative Black Chick anytime than vote with a person or group who calls themselves totally of no fault and claims their opponents are totally at fault for all the ills of our nation from even before it began to be a nation. Who are you people and what did you do with the other half of our nation who used to be good people, strong patriots and simply religious to help them live a moral life?

I am so sorry if I left something out to describe how detestable a democrat can be – my apology.


P.S. I was wondering if Miles, RonaldReaganIsABitch and James are Siamese twins connected at the brain stem with no sense or logic from that point and above!

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