The Dolphins are Dying! Why?

The Are So Cute!

They Are So Cute!

I agree dolphins are really cute. But so are human babies when they’re allowed to be born. My mother and father spent several years in the military trying to make this country a better place to live. I spent 23 years doing the same thing. My son has spent eight years in special forces protecting this country from terrorists. But was it really worth it? They keep telling us were spending too much money on our military. But now I learn we are going to spend lots of federal funding to find out why dolphins are washing up on our shores on the East Coast. And the Government Accountability Office is going to investigate how Planned Parenthood is spending the federal dollars that it gets. In the first case, we are spending money when there’s really nothing we can do. In the second case, we are losing money as a result of fraud.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials get new

Could It Be Measles?

Could It Be Measles?

federal funds when an unusual number of dolphins wash up dead on the East Coast. There were 117 of them since July. There were another seven of them that were still alive. They eventually died or had to be euthanized. They could not save one of them. There are about 7000 dolphins along the northeastern coast, and 12,000 dolphins along the southeastern coast. That’s a total of 19,000 dolphins. That equates to one half of 1% of the population. The reason we are wasting money in this investigation is there is nothing we can actually do about it.

They think the death of these dolphins is caused by a virus called the Morbilli Virus. But they say they can’t tell at this time. They have to do research. All this agency has to do to get this federal funding is to declare the dolphins are having an unusual mortality rate. That turns on the money faucet. They are going to do autopsies on the dead dolphins. They say they are going to put together a national and international team of experts to study the problem. And they say it could take months or even years to get a final report. But then they say they can do very little to stop it unless they can find a root cause that they can blame on humans. In the US alone, since 1991 they have had 60 unusual mortality events but they have only been able to find the cause and 29 of those events.

We can expect all these scientists to take several years to try to find what’s killing these dolphins with a success rate of less than 50%. But they have already stated they can’t do much about it if they do find a reason. They say it would be too expensive and too difficult to catch and vaccinate 19,000 dolphins. If humans dies, we can usually find out what killed them in just a few weeks. Why can’t they find out what killed the dolphin my doing an autopsy in a few weeks. I have a quick solution. Refer to the Dead Dolphin Study this study was extensive. And it appears these dolphins got the measles. There kind of measles. The reason we humans have this under control is we vaccinate ourselves. The dolphins can’t do that and we can’t do anything to vaccinate them. Additionally, as the study indicates, these cases were off the coast of Italy and they also make reference to cases off the coast of Spain. So the population of dolphins worldwide is really what is important to consider.

Did you know there are 41 species of dolphins in the world? And did you know there are about 170 million; but I rounded down. That does not seem like that much until you show the number like this: 170,243,000. So when the scientists want to get some extra cash, they create an epidemic. The history they talk about is actually worldwide. Two major periods; 1988 and 2002. History also tells us that only occasional cases occur off our coast. So it was 25 years ago when we found out what it was that was killing the dolphins. It was 11 years ago when we had the second epidemic. And we learned in both of these major events, we could not do anything about it because we could not vaccinate 179 million dolphins. We can’t even vaccinate all the humans in the world. And in some cases, with humans or dolphins, cases of the measles can lead to very dire consequences when the brain gets attacked. But that only occurs in humans about 1 in a million. And people die. And so do dolphins and we do not to this day, know how to stop it. The scientists still say they are not sure how it is happening but the virus is the culprit. We are wasting money doing all this research on dolphins when Mother Nature is protecting most of them.

And then they want to find out if humans are causing it? Well, duh! We capture dolphins and keep them in captivity so we can enjoy watching them do tricks. Well, the trick is on them. We gave them a mutated form of our measles. And that is what is killing the dolphins. If fact, we come into contact with numerous animals – dogs, goats, cattle, horses, sea lions, whales and others. And they have a form of the measles virus. And it is just too late to stop it.

Mom and baby And that leads me to the next subject. Abortions and Planned Parenthood. It is no surprise that several of these clinics are under investigation because of how they bill the US government. The clinic in Texas is now being investigated because they may have fraudulently billed the government for services they didn’t render. And they falsified medical records to justify these claims. They can’t claim the cost of an abortion but they can claim everything else. And that’s how they get paid by the US government to perform abortions. If they botch an abortion, they send the person to a nearby hospital to get the damage repaired and we pay for that, too. And we don’t bill them for it.

We’re going to spend a fortune trying to find out what happened to 124 dolphins because they’re so cute. But we are also going to abort thousands of innocent unborn children. We care much more about dolphins then we care about human beings because dolphins are cute and children are an inconvenience, a burden and too expensive to care for. Those of us who think abortions are necessary treat unborn children like a mole. They have it removed so they can look better and have more sex without any consequences. There is a saying you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. These people eat their cake and they eat their young not realizing that those young human beings are actually the icing. These people don’t scrape off the icing and then eat the cake except when it comes to having their own children.

Here is the decimal number of how many dolphins we are losing: .0000072. And here is a statistic to which to compare: an estimated 1.16 million abortions were performed in 2009, 1.13 million were performed in 2010, and 1.06 million in 2011. There are approximately 4 million births in the US each year. We would have 5 million if abortion wasn’t legal. And that brings us to the percentage of children dying from abortions – 26%. If someone says they are very concerned about the death of 124 dolphins, and it is well worth it to research what happened to these dolphins, ask them at what amount would it not be ok? How many millions of dollars is ok.

We spend billions in monumental efforts to try to protect all the creatures on the endangered species list. But that shouldn’t cost too much.  In the 2010 the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, the total was 17,315 species. There are a total of 1,740,330 species on our planet overall. It might be only 1% of the total that need protections but they say they can’t evaluate all of those not on the list. They only evaluate 47 thousand a year. That is 2% a year. Just how much money is spent on that research? And keep in mind, that it will take about 38 years to research them all. In 2010, a total of 47,978 species were evaluated, so let’s break it down a little further. It took years to work out saving the bald eagle and it took just as long to save the alligators. So are we working on saving the rest of the 47 thousand?

Baby with towel

The Human Species

Babies in the womb are a species, the human species, and the most important. After all, we can control the entire universe since we are so smart. Yet we cannot protect the unborn because that would just be inconvenient. When bald eagles were on the list, it was illegal to interfere with an eagle’s nest which would have a few of those things called eggs at various stages of development. A pregnant woman has just the same thing in her womb. But because it happens to be in her stomach instead of a nest, we act like the baby doesn’t exist. We are such fools to have let this happen. The ones who believe it is ok and it is no big deal, are even bigger fools. Most of these believers have never seen a bald eagle or an alligator, but they have seen many babies. They even know with absolute certainty that it is a baby prior to birth. It is not a choice if the baby doesn’t get a vote. How many people now living would wish their mother had aborted them? Life for a bald eagle is just as important as a baby in the womb. But the bald eagle is not more important.

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