Palestinian? – A Word Made Up From Whole Cloth

This Achmed the Terrorist

This is Achmed the Terrorist

The Romans created a bogus name in an effort not recognize the land Israel  and take them off the map! Now a days, Arabs who create map of the middle east leave Israel on their maps. Is that really working!

Ok! I am inundated with news about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Brilliant minds have been kicking this football around since 1948. Everyone keeps attacking but scoring no points. No one punts. They just run 4 plays on the 50 yard line and turn over the ball. Even the referees are worn out. There is constant argument expressed in bloodshed. The question is who owns the land. Well let’s look at that. Let’s start at the beginning to see how close we can get. Israelites, Hebrews, Jews, Arabs. First, someone or something started this world. Now let’s set all seriousness aside and get on to this piece of work.

The land in perpetual question was occupied by the Israelite people around 1400 BC after a generation of them wondered around the desert waiting to die. It was God or Yahweh who told them they had to do this before they could enter the promise land due to their infidelity. When the last of the generation died, they moved in. And they had to fight for the land occasionally. They usually won because “they had God on their side.”

At the time, the area was made up of the land of Canaan. Well that was a collective word used to identify the whole region for a long time; Israelites and all the other tribes. They were all just a bunch of rowdy tribesman keeping their distance and minding their own business.  And they worshiped some kind of superior being just like the Israelites. But, the Israelites’ God was Yahweh. He was the real deal according to them and all the other cults were null and void. It took hundreds of years and thousands of skirmishes for them to get to know each other; and getting to know Yahweh. Most of them eventually abandoned their cultish ways and assimilated into Hebrew culture.

So, we know for sure that the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah were around for 600+ years going through the motions. That is a very long period of time. Our nation is only 200+ years old and constantly changing and growing and flexing is muscles trying to impress the world with the “Religion of Democracy.” And Jerusalem was there the whole time right smack dab in the middle of all these little kingdoms doting the landscape. There was something very interesting about what, for a time, was on an old map. Way down to the Southwest, right on the coast, there was living this little group of folks called the Philistines. Some say they were from Crete and set up camp about 1200 BC. (Funny, that is just about the same time the Israelites moved into the digs of Canaan.) The place where the Philistines set up camp was where the Gaza strip is right now. It was called Philistia or you might say the Philistia Strip. (Our strips in the USA are places you don’t really want to go unless you have some sort of perversion.) Philistia and the two kingdoms did not get along that much. It took hundreds of years for the Philistines to assimilate.  And pretty soon, poof; they were gone. I guess they were fully acclimated to the Hebrew way of doing things. Again, that was around 600 BC which was 1100 years before Mohammad came on the scene in Mecca which was 769 miles away. As the camel flies, that would take a great deal of time to make a trip like that.

Mohammad was business man, and whole bunch of other  things besides a holy guy and began seeing lights. He used to take time off from work and head for the hills where he lived in caves a few days at a time. That is when he claims he received word from God asking him to create a whole new religion. And then once he got started he never wrote anything down; other people wrote down what he said. Now that is a novel idea. There was another just like him and that guy was called Jesus. But according to Mohammad, Jesus was just a prophet who didn’t write anything down; others did it for him. Well Mohammad was just a prophet, too. And he preached for about 10 years before he died from an ailment he contracted. He didn’t even die as a martyr. Yet his expectation was that everyone else should. Sounds just like another one of those cults where everyone but the leader gives his life for the cause. Jesus at least gave his life for a cause; to save all of his followers from themselves. Mohammad just got sick and died 769 miles from Jerusalem; a city that had been around for over a thousand years and was a holy site long before Mohammad and Islam came into existence. In fact, the Muslims came up with their own calendar and it started in 622 AD. And now, in 2013, we are experiencing the Islamic crusades bent on taking control of every inch of the earth. It should be noted that the Christian Crusades were  designed to take back a small patch of earth called the holy land which had been run over my Muslims.

It is important to note, that these pesky Jews spend 1500 years defending themselves. For several difficult periods during this time, they were under Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Sassanian, and Byzantine rule; and finally the Muslims came into town in 700 AD. The Jews had already been fighting for hundreds of years trying to keep their homeland. They were kicked out several times only to make their way back again. And today they are once again fighting for their existence. But this time, as they had sometimes seen in the past, these adversaries, like Hitler, wanted to bring them out of existence. The Muslims are embarked on their own holocaust while denying Hitler’s holocaust actually existed. This is 2013 and still the Jews have to deal with this type of foe. Will it ever end?

I mentioned the Philistines. Well the Romans were a little ticked off because the Jews kicked them out in 50 AD. So they just took Israel off their maps – didn’t want to hear that name again. Isn’t it ironic that the Romans took them off the map?  Better said; “Wiped them off the face of the map.” ( I think Obama said that)  And wouldn’t you know it. Today when the Egyptians, Syrians and Iranians make maps, they leave Israel off their maps – very interesting.  I think mapmakers need to be licensed and regulated. It sounds like a new job for the Department of the Interior (or Exterior maybe). But let’s get back to the Romans. They needed a name. So after a little bit of research, they came up with “Palestine.” Canaan became Palestine around 50 AD (500 years before Muhammad was born . So they didn’t wipe it off the map, they just changed the name.  But as we know, the Jews did not go away.

In fact, the Jews have lasted longer than all those you controlled them in the past except for the Greeks.  But the Greeks are just about to be kicked out of the EU if they don’t get their financial house in order.

The very first time the Jews were ever kicked out of somewhere was when they ended up in Egypt. At that time, they numbered about 50 but after a few generations they numbered 600,000. That is why they started having problems with the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh tried to use an extermination technique called “eliminating the firstborn.” But that really ticked off Yahweh and before you knew it they were “on the road again.” On their way out of town. If you don’t believe me, just ask Charlton Heston, he knows all about it. Oops, you can’t. Yahweh just called him up for duty a short while ago.

I read somewhere that the question was raised, “Who are the Palestinians and where did they come from.”  Well, they were everywhere, too. But originally they were living right alongside the Jews in the Promised Land and were Hebrews until the Christians came along and convinced them to be Christians. Then the Muslims showed up and converted them to Muslims – by force. Wow, what a rocky religious path they have had. But now things have changed. The Muslims are thoroughly convinced that their God is the real God. (Do they not realize they have had the same God as the Jews and Christians all along?) Only the message has changed. Now they have to get rid of Jews by the process of annihilation. You would think, once a Jew, always a Jew. No; it is once a Jew who has converted to Muslim, always a Muslim. Or else.  No more conversions permitted.

It was not until recently that the rural tribes started feeling the pinch when the Jews started multiplying again. And adding to that, all the Jews getting kicked out of other countries came back to the Promised Land.  Oh boy. History is repeating itself all over again, as Yogi Berra would say. So now they get a really good idea. Let’s form our own nation right over the top of “you know who” and wipe them off the face of the map. Oh, will they ever learn. Nowadays, these pesky Jews have weapons of mass destruction (WMD). I think they are a little worn out from all the moving over the years. This is the Promised Land and I don’t think they are going to move again, ever – except a little outward as they expand due to a loose, but legal Jewish immigration policy. JIP for short. Take it or leave it. They just have the “take” part down pat and that leaves no time for leaving.

So there never really was a Palestine. That was made up my Romans and carried forward by politically correct educators, and biased reporters and politicians. The Muslims didn’t come up with calling themselves Palestinians until the 19th century; out of the need for political expediency. And since Muslims created a bogus need to take over the land to save their faces, there is no way they are going to be able to get along with Jews. The only leaders they have managed to elect have been terrorists. And these terrorists only have one political platform and that is to blow up Jews so they can get elected. Oh yeah, and blow up the person from the opposition party running against them. These Muslims have never been a nation, ever.

I have said it before and I will say it again, if you are fighting for religion, which both sides are, there is no way to resolve it except by brute force, forcing submission. A vaporized opponent will never fight again. He becomes a mere “Al Gore” carbon footprint floating around the atmosphere looking for 72 virgins. Good luck with that. The virgins will still be virgins because their packages will have been vaporized. If the Jews have to give their land back to the bogus Palestinians. then it would even make better sense to give the USA back to the American Indians because they really were here first. What we are seeing is a manifest destiny that has been around for

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