Are Normal Muslims Peaceful? NO! Proof!

During a Muslim “Peace” conference in Oslo, Norway, it became perfectly clear that there is no such thing as a separation between extremist and normal Muslims. The following video proves beyond a doubt that what Muslims want is to convert the entire world to Islam and to make Sharia Law the law in every country. It is a stated goal and here is proof that normal Muslims are pure examples as to what we would call extremists. They call their extremism normal and that politicians are wrong in trying to imply their is a difference.

The argument that there is a difference is a made up liberal attempt to appease the liberals and progressives in our society strictly for political purposes. It was created out of whole cloth by liberals to find a way to contradict the war on terror. They want to show that they can create a peaceful world order with socialism as its base. They need to avoid the international differences among people and religions to continue their goal of putting down the United States and controlling its power. In there step toward this goal, they need to convince us all that everyone is peaceful and that there is no world conflict except what the United States creates out of its own selfish interest and through its own fault.

If you continue to believe that you are right in stating there is such a thing as a peaceful Muslim and that you can easily live side by side with them, then go live with them in their countries, but do not let them change our country into one run by Sharia Law. Liberals and progressives continuously argue that we should not try to convert other countries to some form of democracy yet they want to convert all of them to a one world order ideal. That is as foolish as what they claim the Christians are doing, converting everyone to Christianity. What really baffles me is that there are so many very intelligent people in our schools and universities who actually believe they can accomplish this.

I have news for them. The world will come to its natural end in about 1.5 billion years as a result of the loss of our sun (scientists tell us this) before they can manage to accomplish such a foolhardy goal.

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