Another Freezing Blow to Climate Change

Antarctica Icebound ShipRecent news has been about the ship that is stranded just a little south of here – in Antarctica! The real news is why they were down there in the first place. There happens to be 74 really brilliant scientists on board, a bunch of tourists and of course the crew who are just doing what they are told. I bet the crew knew they shouldn’t have been there but they were just in it for the money. The 74 scientists are in it because their pride is at stake and the tourists are probably a bunch of rich liberals funding the this gambit to satisfy their political schizophrenia about what is best to save the planet.

The whole purpose for the trip was to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that climate change is really real. They were down there to measure the melting ice but unfortunately, it wasn’t actually melting, it was freezing so quickly that it trapped them in a sea of ice. And now it us up to a large number of rescue folks to go down there and save their lives from all the coldness. Can you imagine the expense of the trip itself, and then all the ice breakers that have to sail 1500 miles south to break them out of the ice. Or, if that doesn’t work, they are going to have to transport them out by helicopter a few folks at a time. But they had to delay the rescue since all the folks on the ship needed to prepare for a New Years Celebration down at Antarctica Square. I hope the ball doesn’t get stuck from all the ice on the way down at midnight. If that happens, they will need to help it down with their butane lights.

The captain said he is stuck in his own experiment. Well Duh! And he also said the ice down there in melting except where they are at. He says the ice there is building up. So let me get this straight. you went down their to measure melting ice and chose to do your measurements in a spot where the ice is increasing. That makes as much sense as a nickle divided by five. The insanity in this effort is mind boggling. This is just the same as me walking outside in the snow and sticking my finger in and saying, “yep, it is cold alright. And I bet that it is going to melt pretty soon, too!” Unless of course the sun fails to come out like it will eventually 1.5 billions years from now. If you think it is going to be warm when the sun burns out, you are probably one of those brilliant scientist on board that a ship that is landlocked in ice.

For the life of me, I can’t understand that we should be trying to warm things up a bit rather than cool them off. When the sun burns out, we are going to need all the warmth we can get. And it will probably have to come from petrol fuels because the wind mills will freeze up and the sun won’t be helping the solar panels very much at all. I am just saying.

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