The Moon is Brighter than Our Street Lamp

Moon and LampI just have to write about this. It is broad daylight and the moon is brighter than this insane street light on the sidewalk near our home and garage. When my wife came home and pulled the car into the garage, the light came on while she was getting out of the car. But when she picked up her bag of groceries from the back seat, shut the car door and pushed the button to close the garage, the light went out. From the garage to our back door, she had to walk in the dark. The moon was not out.

I think this imaginary street lamp is supposed to come on when someone walks by which is a great idea for a street light; it saves electricity. But the money for this street light was not well spent. It comes on when you least need it. Our HOA dues went up again this year. In five years it has gone up just about 200%. But if we asked to have this lamp fixed, there will inevitably an excuse that they are working on paying more important expenses. That is probably the HOA employee payroll. Or like the time we wanted to get a light put in in an area that is secluded and used by drug dealers to sell their potions and   wares. We have been trying to get this done for over 2 years. But the last excuse was they had to delay it since they need money to close down the pool for the winter.

I guess there is only one thing we can do. Check the Farmer’s Almanac to see when the next full moon will be out. Then we can go get our groceries. The drug dealers don’t like full moons for obvious reason. Our Safety is less important than getting the pool shut down for the winter. It will continue to be lights out the drug dealership doing business 20 yards from our home. Oh, yeah. I need to go get miners hats for my and me so we can see our way to our home. I wonder if the HOA will pay for that. It is much cheaper and a street lamp.

By way, our state just approved the use of marijuana so the dealers had to stop selling it. They can only sell the hard stuff.

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