How to Fix the Gun Problem!

new-justiceIt is 2:35 AM and the 24 hour convenience store is open for business. It hasn’t been there long; it is a new addition to the neighborhood and carries the same name as the golf course nearby. Although there are urban housing areas nearby, the area is still developing. So the convenience store is relatively isolated at a rural intersection all alone. A man stops for gas and uses a credit card to fill up. But the roll of paper on which his receipt should be printed has run out. The digital screen advises him he will need to go inside to get his receipt. As he walks up to the counter a red pool of blood creeps into view on floor behind the counter and the cash register drawer is open. When he cautiously leans farther over the counter, he finds the cashier dead on the floor. She has two kids she was trying to support.

Progressives think this is terrible and something has to be done to fix it so “it never happens again.” That is the phrase heard ‘round the world from the liberal mindset. But these minds are different. They have multiple brains operating independently. Each brain knows not what the other is thinking but as the situation dictates the appropriate brain clicks in and goes to work working on the next issue to fix so “it never happens again.” And so it goes. The highly intelligent ones come in to save the day. Do they, really?

One brain kicks in and says we need gun control and that will fix it. Another one of the brains kicks in and says we need to pass a law so these stores cannot stay open all night. The legislation will take years to pass since there will be so much debate over which hours to settle on. Numerous other pieces of similar legislation are ongoing simultaneously. Cups are too big so the size needs to be limited to save people from themselves – after all we need legislation to control their weight. We all so need to disallow everything one does in their car, except driving and breathing. No makeup, no texting, no talking on the phone (hands-free or otherwise) no eating, no radio, no unbuckled seat belts and the car has to be powered by electricity, solar, water or fresh air – just no gas.

Their idea to have gun control is pretty damn interesting. Let’s take guns away, period. But the only people they can take the guns from are those who bought their guns legitimately – for legitimate reasons. Those folks want them for protection, hunting or just plain fun. Those who carry illegal guns use their guns for other reasons – to rob convenience stores, run a drug business and kill their rivals. All major cities in this country except for one or two are run by liberals and that is where the most deaths by gun fire happen. Over 80% are black on black and only about 4% are white on white.  The remaining deaths by gunfire are performed by Hispanics who have no permits. That means approximately 96% of the problem is where most of the illegal guns are. Gun Control doesn’t fix that problem.

We need a deterrent that works. My recommendation is pretty damn simple. Let’s do what the liberals fail to do. Look at the victim. The victims who try to hold down a job that liberals love to hear about, are the ones who suffers the most. And their families suffer also. The business loses income, the employee loses their life and their families suffer the consequences by losing a loved one. They also have to pick up the expense of a burial, take care of the estate, clean out the home, sell the car and they have to send death certificates to all the creditors – and they lose too. What does the perpetrator get?

First, he gets his rights read to him, he gets a court appointed lawyer who the taxpayer pay for, gets three hots and a cot (room and board), counselors, rehabilitation programs, an appeal process that is practically endless and time off for good behavior. Even if he gets the death penalty, which takes an act of God, he gets the room and board for years while his attorney gets rich coming up with an endless stream of reasons for the Governor to stay his execution. We pay millions for these guys because liberals want to be sure they are treated fairly and for certain, not executed. That would just be too cruel.

Let’s get back to the crime. How does a cashier feel when someone points a gun at them? They fear death, a loss of their family and regret for taking the job in the first place. But they had to so their family could eat and have a home to grow up in. The kids will be given up for adoption and be placed in foster care. They will no longer have the parent who they relied upon for their young livelihood and security. The deterrent to avoid these dangerous jobs is far more prevalent than the deterrent for committing robbery by gunpoint.

My argument is quite novel. Why not turn the deterrent around so the criminal feels the brunt of the consequences. If you enter a store and point a gun at a person for any reason, you have threatened their life. You should receive the exact consequence you attempt to perpetrate on others – Death by gunfire. If you are caught red-handed, you will receive a summary hearing of three judges. If they find you guilty, you will be executed by gunfire. You get what you sow. If we have a summary court system for this type of crime and execution happens immediately, we save millions of dollars. The perpetrator gets a pauper’s grave unless his family wants to cover the expense for the burial. Imagine the millions that will save. But more importantly, what is a person going to think if he or she knows that a summary court will give them this punishment.

Take the money spent trying to incarcerate a criminal who uses a gun in a robbery and give it to the family of the victim. Or put the money in a trust fund for the children to use for their education and future economic security. If the state is so interested in doing what his right, then focus on the victim. After all, it is the state that sets the deterrents to protect the innocent. If the deterrent is not working, why should the public suffer as a result of the negligence of the state? Why should lawyers continue to get rich protecting those who are the most undesirable members of our community and the victims are left with no financial support whatsoever? Our system of jurisprudence is designed to provide the most benefits to lawyers and politicians. We need to change that. Where do we start?

As the cable guy would say; “Get ‘er done!”

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