Medal of Freedom Handed Out Like Candy

medalLarge image1medal-of-freedom2BUT NOT THE MEDAL OF HONOR!

The Medal of Freedom has three different reasons for awarding it. They are: doing something associated with the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. Unfortunately most of the awards are for the last reason; significant public or private endeavors which has nothing to do with Freedom. There is also a level that stands well above all of these reasons and that is when you get the award with “Distinction.”  Ronald Reagan got that one. And very few get that level of the award so I would guess that when one does some good for the security and national interest of the United States. All the others are candy.

Bill Clinton got an award yesterday for doing his lying thing, getting impeached over it and when he had his back up against the wall, he had Monica do her dingdong thing in the over office that is in the house we let him use during his presidency. We own that house because we paid for it and we have been keeping it up for over 200 years. Monica was even doing her thing while he was sitting in his chair talking to Congress about very important issues he needed to get resolved. That is what we need in a leader. Bush didn’t come close to doing that. He was too busy taking care of the country in a good way.

Oprah Winfrey also gets the award for calling all the old white people in our country racists and stating they need to die. I am getting really tired of black people calling me a racist every chance they get and every chance they get in front of a commentator or microphone. And she thinks her statements are safe to utter because it happened to be overseas in a foreign country. Or it doesn’t count because she is super rich and gets to say anything she wants because of her richness. Being rich does not make you automatically rich in oratory. And to think she called President Obama the first black man to hold the presidency. She is even wrong there, too. He is the first white and black man to be president. We haven’t had a purely black president yet. So it is racist against whites to call the president that, excluding his half whiteness.

How much are these awards given out for campaign contributions? Well, isn’t interesting that in 2011, President Obama awarded the medal to a person who had singlehandedly cause the merger of several unions into one; the SEIU headed by John J Sweeney? That included the union for all the government workers which make up 35% of all government workers. Only 6% of private sector folks are in unions. The SEIU was behind the strike for every hamburger joint in the country demanding that wages be doubled for all their workers. SEIU didn’t care about a pay raise; they were looking to increase union membership so they could get more income from dues. Sweeney’s SEIU was also a major backer and broker of the Occupy Wall Street Movement; a movement that broke the record for crimes committed while filling all the downtown parks of our major cities. How many crimes?  Over 400 criminal incidents of multiple arrests totally thousands of protestors who pooped on police cars, raped fellow protestors and destroyed millions of dollars in private and public property. There were 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge in one incident; get the picture? And those Teaparty folks are even worse than that according to Democrats. So that leads us to the real reason for creating this paragraph. The unions of this nation contributed 96% of all political donations to Democrats.  That is the reason John J Sweeney got this award. This guy got the Medal of Freedom for being directly responsible for depriving innocent people of their freedom to be good Americans. Really?

I could go on but there is one more awardee that is interesting.  Gloria Steinem is the modern day Margaret Singer. Singer opened the first abortion clinic in the nation and it was in a black neighborhood because she not only was a abortionista, she was a eugenics believer. She was intent on limiting the growth of the black race because she thought them to be inferior. Gloria Steinem takes abortion to the next level by pushing the pro-choice philosophy. She believes that while the baby in inside, you have the right to kill it before it’s born; even if it is fully ready to be born. I find it hard to believe that the Medal of Freedom is fitting for her unless it means fighting for birth control after the baby is fully formed freeing them from the womb so you are free to carry-on your much preferred sex life over child rearing. We should take a survey of everyone who would have preferred being aborted over getting to a live approximately 100 years of their wonderful life. Women are doing just fine and don’t need women like her to tell them how they should go about their lives. The question is, since Gloria has had to waste most of her life fighting for the killing of babies in the womb; if she had it to do all over again, would she have preferred her mother have aborted her? I guess there is one more reason why she got this award. She ran fundraisers for President Obama to get him elected.

It seems this award has become more political in recent years and associated with the awardee being able to contribute a significant amount to a politician’s campaign coffer. It is also interesting that the Medal of Freedom is much larger than the Medal of Honor and it also has a longer ribbon to hang it on. But the Medal of Honor is always about valor in battle and in many cases it is about one haven given his life for his country. The Medal of Freedom is given out in most case for something other than its primary purpose of advancing the cause of freedom. While the Medal of Honor is given to those who give their life so those receiving the Medal of Freedom award can live long enough to earn it; especially for being such avid contributors to political campaigns.

I guess it could be said that the Medal of Freedom has been cheapened by giving it out like candy. There are those who truly deserve it and if I were one, I would not feel good wearing it knowing there have been so many awardees that really do not deserve it. But I guess the size of the Medal of Honor is meaningless; it is the reason for the award that is so much more important. The Medal of Honor is give more for the protection of freedom than the Medal of Freedom is. Ironic!

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