Knock Out Game Tip of The Race War Iceberg

ExplosionNow we have knockout games coming from our black gangland folks. And no one has yet mentioned that some of these victims may experience various forms of brain damage; short and long term. And the problem is being highlighted by vary few because it is crime being committed by blacks. Police are afraid to arrest these guys because they will be subjected to racist based litigation. But it will not be long before someone dies from bleeding within the brain due to the knockout. Boxers who get knocked out are treat right away. The majority of folks who experienced a serious blow to the head normally seek medical care in protect themselves. Any time you get knocked out, you need to go get some help.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Random beatings and now knock outs are happening more often than we know.  The nation will eventually be in a civil war if the attacks escalate. Gun sales will increase and it will not be long before the bodies start falling. Black bodies have been dropping at a rate that is over 80% of all gun homicides in the country. The remaining deaths are from Hispanic gun homicides and the white folks only account for less than 5%.

Prepare yourself for much more destruction coming as well. The some of the Muslims in our country are bent on killing anyone who is American. For anyone who doesn’t believe this is beginning to happen have got their head sitting on an ostrich neck and sticking it in a hole. When you feel a dynamite stick up your butt and the striking of a match it is too late to kiss your butt goodbye. At least when the lights go out, you will not notice it because the hole in which you stick your head will already be dark and you will have accomplished a complete end to your life as a consequence.

I mentioned the gun purchases are going to increase exponentially. That in turn will cause several black-out gamers to get a fatal bullet. Then there will be a title wave of revenge. The civil war will have begun and we will have a devastating race war.


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