Knock Out Game is Racism

OstrichNow we have the knock out games coming from our black gangland folks. And no one has yet mentioned that some of these victims may experience various forms of brain damage; short and long term. And the problem is being highlighted by vary few because it is crime being committed by blacks. Police are afraid to arrest these guys because they will be subjected to racist based litigation. But it will not be long before someone dies from bleeding within the brain due to the knockout. Boxers who get knocked out are treated right away. These victims are left to lay in the street or on a sidewalk as the perpetrators walk off laughing. And they video tape the event so they can place it on YouTube or Facebook to brag about what fun it is to knock out an innocent walker by.

The majority of folks who experience a serious blow to the head normally seek medical attention as soon as possible to protect themselves. Any time you get knocked out, you need to go get some help. This problem is serious because such a blow to the head can cause swelling or bleeding around the brain which can be fatal. What have we become as a nation when any injury committed by another regardless of the severity leads to a quick prosecution and a civil lawsuit for damages? These thugs just don’t care and they have no money to lose. And the mainstream media avoid acknowledging it unless the perpetrator is white or a black person is roughed up during an arrest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Random beatings, and now knock outs, are happening more often than we know.  The nation will eventually be in a civil war if the attacks escalate. Gun sales will increase and it will not be long before the bodies start falling. Black bodies have been dropping at a rate that is over 80% of all gun homicides in the country. The remaining deaths are from Hispanic gun homicides and the white folks only account for less than 5%. Yet the white homicides are reported widely and the court action is televised for hours on end. Only a few months after Trayvon Martin died, the brutality to whites started. Two white reporters stopped at an intersection with black youths gathered on every corner. The reporters, one male and one female were beaten severity and went to the hospital. Very little reporting and the perpetrators went free for a long time. Most were not arrested. It took over a year to get the Trayvon Martin case started. And well before it, after it, and until this day white folks are still being attacked in the name of Trayvon Martin.

Prepare yourself for much more destruction coming as well. Some of the Muslims in our country are bent on killing anyone who is American. For anyone who doesn’t believe this is beginning to happen may have his head sitting on an ostrich neck and is sticking it in a hole. When you feel a dynamite stick up your butt and the striking of a match it is too late to kiss your butt goodbye. At least when the lights go out, he will not notice it because the hole in which he stuck his head will already be dark and he will have accomplished a complete end to his life as a consequence.

Those who do not stick their head in a hole will buy a gun for protection if they do not already have one – so much for all the liberal talk about gun control. They created the problem to begin with by avoiding the acknowledgement of the problems associated with our black communities. Most of the victims are black and when you fail to report it or take action to stop it, you create a lack of care for consequences when in fact there are no consequences. The false accusations of racism are a cop out used by liberals to gain votes from these communities. So letting the criminals get away with so much crime just to get votes is disgusting. It is the most bizarre form of racism and it is a result of the liberal mindset.      

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