Drop God From Oath? Wrong!


So you are saying Sex does not exist?

First of all, no one gets hurt if you say “So help me God” in military oaths. If you don’t think there is a God then to say it means nothing. If you do believe in God it helps that person more than others. Best way to handle this is to ask the oath takers to not say it when they give their oath if they want to. You are committing to your country first and foremost to support and defend. Whether God helps you or not is a matter of conscience. Just about everyone believes in some form of superior being so it is OK for most to use their own version of the word God. In Islam, it is Allah, in Judaism it is Hashem (or Adonai in prayer) and Jesus Christ is referred to as God. Those three religions make up most of the world. But there are others as well who have their own word to describe their belief in a superior being.

But we also have a lot of people who do not believe any god exists. That is their philosophy of life and if they lived in a Muslim country, they would be subject to the death penalty. That is the extreme. Belief systems have their purpose and that is to give someone a set of guidelines on how to be good and have a peaceful and comforting life. Atheists have their comfort with their philosophy of life and so should others who have a different philosophy of life. When you ask the government to step in and stop one philosophy over another than you are no better than the Muslims with their death penalty. Government should just stay out of it. The Government does not have the right to start or stop a person’s belief. The majority of people in the USA have some form of belief in a superior being so Atheists should mind their own business. To try to do away with a certain religion is folly. If the country outlawed Atheism it would be wrong and to accept the fact that this country has customs associated with their religious history is right. The majority are comfortable with that.

So, when you go to another country on vacation, it is totally accepted that you should respect their customs, and the idiosyncrasies of their society. After all, you are a guest. Let it be. If you are not comfortable with the religious customs in the USA, go to another country where you can feel more comfortable. But just remember, they maintain all their old churches and cathedrals as landmarks of their history.  That way you won’t have to waste your entire life trying to convert a majority of people to follow your personal philosophy of life. Try to do that in Saudi Arabia and see how far you get. Most of the time you would be spinning your wheels. Life is too short to be spending all your time trying to correct others.  If you do not like broccoli, don’t eat it. If you do not want to say God in an oath then don’t say it.

Do not try to take God away from those who have a strong belief in a superior being. It is like a pillar that supports their total existence. You have yours and they have theirs. Religion(or a philosophy of life which is actually identical)  is just like the difference in all the races (diversification); everyone is born into life with the right to chose the philosophy of life they are comfortable with and no one should be able to force the other to change just because one thinks they are right. Atheists are a minority in this country and by doing exactly what they claim those with religion have been doing for centuries, proselytizing, is just as wrong. If I am OK with saying “so help me God,” then don’t try to take it away from me or our longstanding traditions and customs. Live with it; just like we live with you.

God help me put up with these people who want to take away my philosophy of life and force theirs upon me.

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