Democrats Fought Civil War to Keep Slavery!

And here we go again with Alan Grayson trying to claim the Teaparty is just like the KU KLUX KLAN. The KKK. I guess he needs a history legend in that it was the South where the KKK came into existence and it was the South that fought the Civil War and it was the South that practiced segregation until the 60s when Martin Luther King Jr. and the the Kennedys came to town and shut down all their racist institutionalized mistreatment of the black race. The had to turn their court systems upside down to get rid of the favoritism provided its racist white community. And guess what party ran the South for all those years? It was the democrats. And the KKK were democrats who infiltrated the entire government system. It was the democrat KKK who did all the hangings, burned down homes, raped the black women and made life a living hell for the black race.

It was all this history that eventually caused the South to turn predominately Republican because the Republicans where the ones who freed the slaves with the help of a Democrats president, John F Kennedy who with the help of his brother, forced the South convert or get out of town. They got out of town.

The only reason Democrats keep calling Republicans racists is to hide the fact they are the racists in KKK masks. They continuously claim they are here for the blacks but everyone knows for all these years since the 60s, the plight of the black communities continues to deteriorate. Poverty is at an all time high, the black death rates are highest in all the major cities; and it is those same cities that are run by Democrat Mayors. The name calling is just a smoke screen as an attempt to deflect their failures. Of course they keep telling the black community that the democrat party is for them but that is not to help them; it is to deceive them so they can get their votes.  They want to take guns away from all the white folks but do nothing about the illegal guns that permeate the black communities. The fact is clear. Out of 12,ooo homicides by gunfire occur annual. There were 9,000 black on black gun homicides which is 80%, the white gun homicides is around 4% because the rest are committed by the Hispanics in our society.

Everyone know that Chicago is a strongly Democrat and that is where the most deaths are recorded. A long time ago, the government send millions of dollars to Chicag0 to build housing for the black community. There was a black democrat government official who wanted to put these builds in white neighborhoods to create some integration. Everyone knows that it was democrats who complained about the busing of school children for integration. So here we have a black man trying to help but the predominately white communities fought the initiative, they didn’t want blacks living in their communities, and they won. The attempt to integrate was shot down by democrats and the building took place in black neighborhoods.  The current president’s administration is made up mostly of fellow democrat politicians from Chicago. They do not care about anything or anybody except to keep themselves in power. Oh yeah, there is one other thing the care about – Votes.

The was a song in $60 with the lyrics, “When will they ever learn.” The black community needs to pull themselves up because the Democrats in this government will never let progress be made. It would cost them votes. Don’t be a fool who listens to politicians like Alan Grayson. He is the reason you have problems and he work not to fix them for as long as he possibly can. Republicans are not the racists; the democrats are. The are the epitome of Hypocrisy.

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