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Here I am sitting at my computer revolted by the outcome of my belly protrusion. And wow, does it continue to come out. And the more it does, the easier it is to see. How can I say it is depressing when it is just the opposite; expressing. I should be getting ready mentally to return to Crossfit but I have an excuse. I was starting back with Crossfit after a two year hiatus when I let my ego get in my way, my age get ignored and my desire to get back to it too quick, put me down with a neck strain that hung around for 4 months. I had to quit for a while. Oh and there is one more excuse; I used the recommendation of my Physical Therapist to avoid Crossfit at the peril of midsection.

While sitting out, I also noticed an unusual red spot that was not healing about mid-range down my right shin. I had already had too numerous to count biopsies and surgeries to remove other spots all over my body from head to shin. When I was young I spend a great deal of time trying to catch girls by sunbathing too much. My mother would rent a trailer in Oceanside, CA, and we would spend a whole week there. We usually arrived on a Saturday and then drove home the following Friday. This was in the 50s when all we had was baby oil and Coppertone; no sunscreen. My skin would turn bright, bright  red the very first day and then all day Sunday and Monday, I stayed in the trailer pasting myself with baby oil and taking cold showers to cool off. It was Tuesday when I would finally be able to leave the trailer but for the remainder of my days at the beach, I had to wear a JC Penny white tee shirt hanging over my JC Penny swim shorts blocking the elegant and stylish colors. The only girls who paid any attention to me were the old ladies who were nurses on vacation who were feeling sorry for me. After a while, some of them were starting to look pretty cute.

And back to the shin problem. The biopsy revealed a common skin cancer called Basal cell carcinoma. But it is not as bad as Melanoma. It rarely metastasizes.   But it had to be removed. The surgery went well and the two inch horizontal incision received internal dissolving stitches and external stitches that would eventually have to be removed. But the shin area can be a problem with infection because the blood supply in that location is not that great. It wouldn’t heal, the entire front of the shin area became red and a culture revealed 3 different types of infection and I had to spend several hours in the emergency room getting a heavy dose of a strong antibiotic intravenously. And then I had to do another 17 days of a strong antibiotic pill that could handle those three different strains of infection simultaneously. The wound stayed open for the entire time, draining. It is just now starting to close up. The movement of the leg routinely caused minor tears in the wound which made it a little more difficult to get good recovery. But now I will only need a few more weeks for the area to heal completely. And that kept me out of everything; not to mention returning to Crossfit.

So I think the excuses I speak of above can justify my lack in Crossfit participation. The only accomplishment I could claim is some weight gain making me fat, dumb and unhappy. Crossfit and I have to get back together. Although my age is a considerable hindrance, my body still craves it. And I have to say, like advanced stages of skin cancer, the experience of taking part in Crossfit definitely metastasized. It is just not going to kill me. Also, with that kind of ailment, I do not have to see a doctor; just a Crossfit Gym coach. I am just elated that I don’t have to experience a Crossfit Gym coach sticking a needle in my vein or sewing up my wounds. Now that is a scary image to say the least.

I am so old; I was born when fossils were still growing. And I am so old, when I was born; the Dead Sea was just coming down with something. Crossfit is expensive and it was really rough for me financially to stay in the game. Hence, the two years of down time. But you get what you pay for. You get infinitely more value for $100 a month in a Crossfit Gym than you get spending $25 a month as the initiation in a fitness club. Eventually, they are going to want to charge you much more than Crossfit. But you will get three months of fitness center fitness in one month from a Crossfit Gym while spending half the time in each visit. Do the math and try out a gym. You won’t be in a room all alone full of workout folks you will never get to know; you will be a member of a very close nit group of exception friends who are make you day.

There are several side affects that should be mentioned when joining a Crossfit Gym:

  • It is not uncommon for several members to eventually get married and have kids.
  • Those folks who work out at a Crossfit Gym also party together, high five each other, laugh and joke with each other and have more fun than a barrel full of kettle bells.
  • They watch each other’s dog while the other  goes on vacation or a business trip. And the kids. too.
  • You will not find a more wonderful set of great bodies anywhere on the planet and you get to see them sweat everyday and you are close enough to smell them, too; without being drenched in the latest perfume and covered in an elaborate  makeup disguise.
  •   You might notice that you will not find one person in the whole Crossfit Gym who is actually a lazy bum and good-for-nothing.
  • The success rate of meeting your life partner is 100% more than frequenting the local bar trying to find someone who is fun to be with when they are not drunk.
  • You will not have to sit in front of the TV dreaming about having that perfect movie star personality coming into your life when he is actually just down the street at the Crossfit Gym waiting for you to jump on the chin up bar right next to him……..daily.
  • And you will not have to suffer a sunburn like I did laying on the beach waiting for that perfect person to come along and spread sunscreen on your back. Just take a look at all the gorgeous people from Diablo Crossfit. You would never find this at a Fitness Center, public or private.
No one has more fun those who are members in a Crossfit Gym

No one has more fun those who are members in a Crossfit Gym

As the saying goes: “try it, you’ll like! But you might want to change the word “like” to “love” because you most certainly will.

My only regret is that I cannot join them all. I couldn’t afford it. But if I had the money to spend, it would be so worth it.


A great blog that is a must read for anyone contemplating the value of having Crossfit in their world:  Awkward Athlete – By One Who Found Crossfit Was for Him!

There is only one thing wrong with that website mentioned above. I think black Licorice is exceptional candy.

Google “Crossfit” followed by your zip code, jump in your car or on your bike and get over there now!


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