How About That Arctic Ice Up 60%

I have been writing about the uselessness of trying to spend billions trying to fix 10% or our problem, and not addressing the the 99.96% of the world not going along with us. Why not! Because just like us; they can’t afford it economically. But I guess we don’t need to worry about that any more because in 2013 the Arctic Ice Cap has grown 60%. I was wondering why the scientists have been so quiet lately? They now know better. But the politicians, especially our President has been pounding the Global Warming=Climate Change drum again. But I wonder what the rest of those folks who have not given up are saying now? I know! They are going to claim that beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is penguin poop piling up.

Here is the link that shows that beyond a shadow of a doubt it is ICE. Proof of the 60% in full living color!

And in the interest of tooting my own horn; here are the links of all my previous in which I attempt at chime!

Global Warming Efforts Impossible

Marijuana Growers Prove AGW is a Farce

Greenhouse Gas Marijuana Connection

Global Warming Useless to Fix

Global Warming Caused by Humans – NOT!

And you would think I wouldn’t know about Marijuana since I haven’t tried it. But I am sure if I did, it would take my mind off Global Warming and those in the the know would get away with the charade.

Peace, Brother; Far Out! This subject is so bitchin’!

I wonder if I am going to get so feedback from my AGW friends; or are they going to give me another reason the sky is falling.






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