Why Are All Democrats Slaves?

question-markIf you’re a Democrat, and you believe the administration in that nothing really happened in Benghazi then you might be an ostrich with his head in a hole and the Democrat party is cramming their proverbial propaganda stick up the area that marks the end of your digestive system. We have heard absolutely nothing of what really happened, except what everyone knows is not the truth; and that is the use of an unrelated story the administration used about a video created by a Coptic Christian, who is living in the United States, about Islam and its prophet. You vote for representatives who would lie to you about who was responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi. Could it be that President Obama was actually responsible?

If you still believe this story than you are a Democrat who will follow a frog, trying to get a chance to kiss it on the nose, if the frog tells you he’s a prince. But what if every single person involved who where on the ground in Benghazi, or played a role in deciding to help, claimed within a couple of hours that it was a terrorist attack, why would you not believe them, but believe what the administration tells you for over a month tat they know better then the rest of the planet. you. Why can’t we hear from the people who survived that attack? If you believe it is okay for their stories to be hidden from you than you are kissing that frog not knowing the frog is facing in the opposite direction. You are not going to find a prince, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what you’re going to have all over your face.

If we knew that it was a terrorist attack in a matter of hours and a terrorist group claimed responsibility, why would the President of the United States and Hillary Clinton be telling the survivors of 4 dead Americans in coffins at a solemn ceremony for their return, that they were going to bring to justice, the guy who was responsible for making that video. And that was several days after the attack. The administration also created their own video to apologize to Middle Eastern countries for what this Coptic Christian did even though they knew he was not responsible. And he is actually an American citizen. They had him arrested and he is still kept under wraps in what appears to be in solitary confinement awaiting trial. Where is this guy any way? No trial, no news, nothing. When are you going to start smelling the frog poop? Well, you probably can’t now since it is dry, still stuck to you nose.

You are so concerned about the rights of Muslim terrorists being held in Gitmo but you care nothing about an American citizen being held based on a government lie and has not yet been charged. This is what the Russians do when someone needs to be used to cover up the truth behind something the Russian government doesn’t want you to know. Maybe something else is true about this guy. It is a fact that Islamic terrorists want this guy dead so the US government might have placed him in something like the witness protection program. But that still doesn’t excuse the US government for using him as a scapegoat to appease Middle Eastern countries, and lie to their entire political party. They won’t admit they are just protecting him because that would lead people to believe he did nothing wrong and that does not support the original lie.

Maybe there is a different reason why we are not finding out about this Benghazi issue. Or maybe there are two reasons. The first was to protect the president because he was going to be running for a second term. He won. If the country would accept the fact that he was lying he would not have won. If George W. Bush would’ve lied about something like this, then it would be certain that the Democrats would want to impeach him immediately. The second reason the truth has been kept from us is because the Democrats are worried about holding the seats in the Senate in 2014. If this story gets out and the president and Hillary Clinton have been shown to have lied then the Republicans will win the house and the senate in a landslide. Then Donald Duck could run for president as a Republican in 2016 and win in a landslide.

We could mention that more of the same is happening with the IRS scandal. At first the administration claimed it was just a couple of rogue agents in Cincinnati (just like the Benghazi falsehood). And the IRS clearly admitted fault. A primary role player in this scandal pleaded the fifth. And then we find out that that same person was flagging Tea Party applications and applications of other entities, including Religious groups and even individuals, and sending them to the IRS Headquarters in Washington DC to be reviewed by someone. Something most people don’t know is the president has two appointees in the IRS Headquarters in Washington, DC. These appointees are direct contacts between the president and the IRS. One of those appointees was the one who was receiving all these applications for review. We know all these applications were delayed for as much as one to three years, and some are still pending. So what role did that appointee play in all this? The president may say he knew nothing about it but he still is directly responsible for what that appointee does. And that appointee is expected to brief the president on everything he does. That’s his job. So, if the president didn’t know what this guy was doing then the president is derelict in his duties. He said he was going to bring those responsible to justice. By saying that, he is acknowledging that a crime was committed. Someone needs to be charged. So now the question would be; “why hasn’t this guy been charged or fired?”

The person who should be charging him and bringing him to justice is Eric Holder. Eric Holder said he is investigating the issue. The FBI, which falls under the DOJ, said they are investigating the Benghazi issue. But then we learned recently that the head of the group responsible for the attack was interviewed by a US reporter in Libya. He stated that the FBI or the Libyan government have not interviewed him. So do you really think the FBI is investigation this? Is the FBI investigating the IRS scandal when the head of the FBI under oath didn’t know who was heading up the investigation within his own organization? Are you still a democrat.

It is quite clear that these investigations are not happening. So is Eric Holder running any investigations? The only ones investing are those committees in Congress. Eric holder is the one who signed off on a request asking a federal judge to permit them to investigate a Fox News reporter because they had reason to believe he had committed a serious crime. But then they stated after the fact that they really weren’t going to charge him in the first place. That clearly means they sought a subpoena under false pretenses. They wiretapped is phone, his family’s phones and conducted an investigation not letting Fox News know that they were doing it. That is a crime, too. There are crimes of corruption all over this case. So what do you think the chances are that Eric Holder will go after that appointee who was directly responsible for holding up tea party nonprofit applications?

Another question associated with this scandal is, “Who was the person who released some of the information from these applications to democrats who were running for office who could use this information against their opponents?  Who was writing the questions the IRS was sending out that asked for all donor information to these organizations? Some of these individuals backed off on contributing because they feared the IRS would come after them. The IRS did go after some of indiviudals. Two separate Non-Profit organizations already approved years before, operating independently of each other and located in different states, and part of the Billy Graham organization, received audit letters dated the same day.

The reason non of these issues are being investigated by the DOJ and the FBI is simple. The trail would lead directly to the president. If you are a Democrat and you expect your leaders to do these types of things in order to get elected then you don’t want a democratic government, you want a communist government. You don’t want a Constitution; you really want a dictatorship by a socialist or communist. Many Democrats for so many reasons including these have converted to Libertarian or Republican. Why are you waiting? Are you’re just hoping all this stuff will just go away?

So what is so mysterious about Benghazi? There had to be something going on there that would really damage the president’s chances of getting reelected. And it would damage the Senate democrats from holding onto their power. The word is actually already out but the news agencies, the Democratic Party, and everyone else associated with supporting the Democrat Party at all cost are not touching it because it is flaming hot. So what was Christopher Stevens really doing their? Why were they calling it a consulate when it was really the US mission?

Quite simply, Chris Stevens was there as a cover for what the CIA was doing. The CIA representing the US government was trying to get control of the dangerous weapons in the country. And they were trying to get insurgents to take some of these weapons and go fight in Syria to bring down that country. The US government was arming the rebels. And many of the rebels were associated with Al Qaeda. Those guarding the mission in Benghazi were ill prepared rebels themselves. The English company the government hired to protect the mission hired rebels to guard the mission. These rebels were poorly trained and were told to carry Billy clubs instead of weapons. So now we know why they ran. So what really happened is the CIA gave weapons to terrorists asking them to go to Syria but instead they used those weapons to attack Ambassador Stevens’ compound. That would have been a tremendous embarrassment because Mr. Obama would have been caught arming Al Qaeda and other rebels in Syria which he said he had not yet decided to do. But also, since those same rebels attacked the mission with the weapons we had given them, Mr. Obama would have been kicked out of office, the Senate would move under Republican control and Hillary Clinton would not be able to run for President in 2016. President Obama told the CIA what to do, and approved the setting up of a US mission as a cover, and is directly responsible for the death of those 4 Americans. And Hillary Clinton helped him cover it up.

I used to be a Democrat but now I am a Republican. And these charades have been going on for years and that is exactly why I changed my party affiliation. I am saddened by how many really honorable American citizens will let our government fool them so badly. They have called themselves Democrats their whole lives. To change now would be admitting they were fooled. Their ego won’t let them switch. And every time someone lies to them, it is easy to accept that then admit they have fallen for another lie.

The black community adores president Obama. But they do not realize that they are being used also. It is a modern from of slavery. And the Democrats fought to keep slavery in the South. There were 11 thousand homicides by gunfire in 2010 and it is getting worse each year. And 9 thousand of those homicides were black-on-black using illegal guns. And most of these crimes are happening in major cities controlled by Democrats; like Chicago , LA and New York. The democrats are not really fixing the problem. They don’t care about the problem the care about the vote. They want illegal immigrants to get citizenship so they can get their votes. They want to look the other way when illegals come across the boarders because that means more votes. The do not want voter ids since that would stop them from using the voting booths to commit fraudulent voting activities; example: ACORN, an organization created by democrats to support Democrats. No one is making this stuff up; the Democrat power brokers in this country are running this show.

So what is the point with what is happening in our black communities? They have become economic slaves to the democrat party. And all the white folks who call themselves Democrats have become political slaves. When you vote for someone who is part of a corrupt system of economic and political slavery, when are you going to wake up and truly become free? I think the time should be now. Just let it be known that I am a republican who really wants to help defeat slavery in this country and that I care infinitely more for the black community and the political slaves in the democrat party system the Democrat politicians do. Now that is not a lie!

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