A Trayvon Race War is Already Underway

new-justiceDuring the build up to the Zimmerman trial I anticipated we would witness a nationwide decent into the abyss of racial rioting. But it didn’t happen. What we have is the potential for a different type of conflict – something like a systematic retaliation against innocent people who are not black. It is now happening and it appears it will continue, escalate and become an all out race war. The rumblings are in the air, numerous folks have already been beaten or killed.

We are not experiencing a case like the Rodney King event. Now we are witnessing the creation of fiction to make it look like something happened to an innocent black man. All the mayhem we see now is no difference then what happened to Zimmerman. He was being beaten by a black teenager because he was not black. He was a crazy ass cracker. that is the racism in this case; the brutality was initiated by a black man. But something happened he did not expect when he was smashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete. The guy he was beating had a lawful concealed weapons permit. If Trayvon had known he had a gun, he would have run. But he made a fatal mistake. And Zimmerman luckily was able to get access to it and defend himself with lethal force. If he hadn’t, the brutality could have led to his death as a result of multiple blunt force traumas to his brain. Why can this interpretation be valid? Because that is what has been happening since a few weeks after Trayvon Martin met his demise.

Travon died in February 2012 and in April, two reporters stopped at a light, were attacked and severely beaten by members of a crowd of over a hundred black men occupying the corners of that one intersection. Not one of them came to the aid of the victims. There may have been a few in the crowd who did not find it to be justified. But they were too afraid to stand up for them. The mob mentality prevailed. It is a remarkable transformation from what was going on in the South ions ago; the lynching of blacks by whites. We have had numerous cases since then of brutality and death perpetrated by young black men out for revenge. Revenge that is totally unjustified. Because they are doing exactly what Trayvon was doing – in the process of killing an innocent man because he was s cracker.

Two days prior to this writing, a innocent young white man out jogging, was shot in the back by 3 teenagers who said they were going to do this a day early. And also kill a second white person but they were caught in time to prevent that from happening. They claimed they where just bored but the facts clearly say otherwise. Just yesterday, two black men beat to death an 88 year man with large flash lights. And today, it was revealed that a man working for Home Land Security, an agency that is supposed to be protecting us, has a website calling for a race war. He claims on his website that the war is come and coming soon. To have that website, Home Land Security representatives had to approve it ahead of time. But isn’t it ironic that this guy’s job at Home Land Security is to purchase firearms and ammunition for the agency. And they are in discussions to determine what to do with him. They are concerned about violating his free speech. We already know you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater. The guy is preaching the destruction of the white race in America. I have an idea? Why don’t we just take him out and lynch him. An eye for an eye.

The claim is the courts are not doing their job. But in the Zimmerman case, the jury got it right; he was clearly innocent. And in all these other cases where innocent whites are being beaten or killed, they are going to find all those folks guilty. Isn’t it ironic that the courts that are claimed to be broken are doing exactly what they are supposed to do, send the guilty to jail and the innocent home. There are only a few things that made the Zimmerman case different then all the rest. It was all the lies. It was the disregard for the innocent findings of the police department, the avoidance of a grand jury ready to go and then the conduct of a kangaroo court.

Even today, we see white lawyers and black racially bias commentators with blinders on continue to use the terms “stocking” and “hunting down” and “bringing a gun to fist fight” when trying to embellish on what Zimmerman was doing. All untrue. Even the media extracted bits and pieces of a 911 tape to imply George Zimmerman was a racist. The FBI investigated and found beyond a doubt that he was not a racist and he was not profiling a black man for the purpose of killing him. If he had, he would not have waited until he was near death to follow through with his so called plan. And anyone with that process in progress would not call police dispatch and talk to them for awhile. He would have had his gun out already and ready to fire the moment he got a chance. And just like what happened in all these other cases, they were hunting down an innocent white person and killing him or beaten him to near death.

That is actually a race war that is already under way. It is just subtle. Waiting for someone or a group of people to retaliate and the war will no longer be individual incidents, it will be widespread. It is only a matter of time when the explosion will occur. It is just waiting for catalyst to create the wildfire.But as usual when people begin taking the law into their own hands, it will get out of control. There will be the most devastating unintended consequences. The black community is so full of hate now and the devastation in their communities is beyond recovery. They are trapped and when someone is trapped they will eventually go on the attack because there is nothing more they can do.

Back in the early and mid years of the 1900s, there were kangaroo courts in the south getting KKK folks who were obviously guilty off the hook. If they committed heinous crimes against black people, they went unpunished solely because of victim’s race. That is pure racism;  plain and simple. Now we have exactly the same thing happening today. Except now the races are reversed. Innocent white people are being gunned down and the courts are expected to let the perpetrators go solely because they are black and it is ok to do what they do because of what their ancestors experienced. A mole hill is turning into Mount Everest.

Having these types of national fights over fabricated cases of racism is like a dog chasing its tail. This dog has been in this fight eating his tail for so long that we have very little dog left. The fight for a cure to racism is like trying to find a cure for a cancer epidemic. Once it metastasizes, there is very little chance of saving it. Constantly applying a bogus racism filter to every action, statement or deed is a waste of time. We are not fixing any problems, we are making it worse. And a race war is only going to make it worse because just like what the Japanese did in World II, they woke the sleeping giant. They failed to recognize the collective will of a nation of free people who find themselves threatened with destruction and death. The only difference between then and now is then we were not armed to meet the challenge and it took time to build the firepower we needed to repel the threat. Today, the threat is not as powerful. In fact, the black population is only 10% of the whole and the whole already has enough firepower to respond.

A final note: Our black communities need to establish their own neighborhood watch programs, clean out the illegal guns, the drug dealers who are killing millions of blacks by gunfire, and completely overhaul the public education system where tax dollars really create well educated children along with their parents. Own the school systems; don’t let the public system stifle growth.  Remember; people help those who help themselves. Begin and you will have more money then you need to make real change, not idealistic change rammed down your throats by politicians. Perpetual welfare and ever-increasing numbers of poor on food stamps will kill the black community. Starting a race war will just speed up the demise.  You can’t take the guns away from legal owners and you can’t take the illegal guns away from gang members. And now we need to ban the ownership of flashlights?



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