Oprah and The Race Cards

That purse in question had a price tag of $43,000. Here is what I believe. The clerk was tired of taking it down and no one would buy it. Or, the price was so ridiculous, no one but Oprah would spend that much money on a purse.  Just how many individuals of any race could afford such a purse? And what would be the chances of being involved in a purse snatching. I think the odds of that happening are about 100 in a 100. But then I had to consider the source.

She is merely a 3 billion dollar Looky-Loo. How many of those are there? Or she could have been the Amelda Marcos of purses. But I just needed more; all this guessing was getting me no where. So I visited a website called Wisegeek.com where, as advertised, you can find clear answers to common questions. Here is what I found:

“Depending on the situation, looky-loos can be harmless, obnoxious, or potentially dangerous. Curious bystanders, for example, can interfere with the control of a dangerous situation, like an accident which requires attention from first responders and emergency services personnel. People with the looky-loos may be less attentive about things like looking both ways before crossing the street, or keeping an eye on the road while driving, and they could potentially cause accidents or injure themselves while satisfying their curiosity.”

There was answer. Crystal clear. She is an obnoxious Looky-loo who is dangerous in that she could start a race riot, or a run on those purses which would jack the prices up. She is absolutely not harmless. She interferes with the day to day operations of a normal upscale shop where normal people go. I am sure she didn’t look both ways to see if their was really someone who wanted to make a purchase in the store; if so she was interfering with the efficient running of a business by its proprietor. Sounds like our government under Obama. Oops, I think the race card is coming in my direction.

On with my comparison. She was not interested in purchasing a purse, she was interested in seeing if she could get herself into a race baiting situation so Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson could come to her rescue. Her curiosity on whether she could get an opportunity to play the race card was just a smoke screen to get attention so she can plug another movie she is in which by the way is about racism. Is there a card game where you play with race cards you have managed to collect? If so, I am ready to play since I have much more than a whole deck. .

The clerk in this shop did not know who she was and that probably caused the clerk to assume she had another one of those pesky looky-loos on her hands. And Oprah was upset she didn’t know. You know; if I had a billion dollars to spend, I would not go shopping. I would pay someone to go get a hundred excessively priced purses for me to chose from and then they would take the rest back. If I didn’t like any of the purses, I would fire the purse purchaser and get me a new one at a higher salary since the old one didn’t know what I really wanted. I pay them to know! And I would not be a guy who wears Prada. It’s below me. Buy the way, has anyone seen my shoe purchaser?


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