Liberals Are Helping Us by Killing Us!

During prohibition when we outlawed booze, the people who made the most money were mobsters and rich people like the Kennedys and the Rockafellers who were liberals and bootleggers taking advantage of the situation. But Conservatives who pushed for this learned a lesson about unintended consequences. Now the liberals want to outlaw guns. But it is clear; what we will have is the creation of a brand new black market, selling guns to blacks so they can kill more blacks; and a lot of whites who will no longer be able to defend themselves. Isn’t it ironic that Liberals want to legalize drugs to cut down on the black markets while creating a black market for guns. It won’t be long before they will want to legalize guns to get rid of that black market. Even the DOJ knows better already. They were black-marketing highly lethal weapons with huge magazines to the drug cartels but called it legal. And they want to take all the legal guns away for legal folks. The innocents continue to be killed; even border patrol agents who the DOJ hired to stop the flow of illegal weapons into the country. But then they denied it ever happened. Liberals claim to know everything about history, but learn the least from it. The conservatives are the only ones thinking “Fast” and getting “Furious” about liberal idiocy.

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