How to Be a Good Racist!

All of the following is true:

You cannot shoot a black person if he is beaten the snot out of you. You can’t shoot 10 black people that they’re beating the snot out of you. You are guilty of racism if your skin is white. And remember, all laws associated with criminal activity do not apply to black people; especially the ones who are beating the snot out of you. A white guy cannot rape a black woman because she is too busy being gang raped by the black guys who live in her neighborhood. It is okay for three black guys to beat the crap out of one white guy if he refused to buy their drugs. Rule: if you stop at the stop light in a black person throws a rock at your window you are not permitted to get out to complaint. Especially when there’s another hundred black people hanging around the same street corner. If you get stopped while you are jogging and pulled into a car full of four black men, it doesn’t matter if you know Treyvon Martin. You will be beaten for not knowing who Treyvon Martin is, or if you do, you will be beaten on behalf of Treyvon Martin solely because you are white. You should not buy illegal drugs from anyone other than a black person because that’s how they make their living; that is their livelihood. If you don’t you are a racist If you don’t you are a racist. If you are sleeping and not dreaming you are still racist. Oh, if you are living and your skin is white you are racist, if you are dead, that is no excuse. You are still racist.

This is true also. I am not a racist. Even if I was racist I could do nothing to fix the problem for which I am being blamed. If I chose to walk into a dangerous black neighborhood and ask to be shot because I’m a racist, that would still not solved the problem. Even if you killed every single white person on the planet, that would still not fix the problem. Why? You are not going to believe this. Racism is not the problem and calling somebody a racist is not going to solve it!


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