Funniest Ever Pics for PC Folks

I just tried to thank Robert M at @ ReturnAmeria2 and I learned that his twitter page has been shut down. But I thought it might be a good idea for everyone to visit this site: The Pictures in Question to see the pics he was using. I can tell why he may have got bumped. It’s because he was exercising excessive free speech; excessive meaning any speech a liberal does not approve of.

The liberals just can’t stand that when someone uses the same degree of excessive free speech as they do. After all, it is for their use only!  And everyone should know that you do not have free speech unless at first you get it formally approved by Liberals. You need their permission to do just about anything. And here is perfect example of one of the pictures below that will bring some clarity to this issue:

Liberal Guidance

But I can also choose to keep the baby! Is that permitted?

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