Duck Dynasty Schooled Oprah!

The Duck Dynasty Star, Jas, taught Oprah a lesson. Jas walked into the Trump towers in New York and asked where the bathroom was and a staff member shows him out, points him down the street and says “Good Luck!” And the Robertson’s clan all had a huge laugh over it. Jas said, “it was a case of facial profiling.” And they specifically stated they did not want to see the staff member fired. Good for them. See, Oprah? They have money and don’t run around playing the facial hair card!
But watch out. The race mongers are going to accuse Jas Robertson of being a racist for not raising a stink over this. There is constant profiling of all of us who have white skin. We are all racist because of that. But that is an example of “light skinned profiling.” I am feeling like I am being victimized! But I wonder how Oprah feels going to a Redneck “Get Over It” Education  Seminar? Isn’t it interesting that Oprah never gets escorted to front door and sent packing? May she should grow a beard; she would get more opportunities to play the race card.

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