Trayvon Martin – Zimmerman Riots Part 2 WHY?

new-justiceThere were and still are an infinite number of deviations from the truth in the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case. But these deviations have nothing to do with the case itself; it has everything to do with trying to push a false racial agenda. In this case, discrimination against blacks was the agenda. George Zimmerman had to be identified as a racist and a murderer to get it to work. From that initial accusation, our race baiting masterminds like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, Eric Holder and even our President, lit the fire and stoked the flames. The entire nation went up in smoke with convenient twists to the story as hundreds of thousands just fell in line. They are still to this day, after a jury found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty, falling in line with this fantasy so they can justify their original falsehoods, deceptions and lies; and that racism occurred, somehow!

Without any “facts” to begin with, they manufactured things like “he is a white man who racially profiled, stocked, hunted down, pulled out his gun and shot an innocent child on his way home from the 7-11 with skittles and ice tea for no reason. The only thing they got right in this story was the skittles. The ice tea was actually Watermelon Juice. He brought a gun to a fist fight. His 911 tape was carefully altered by a national news organization to make it look like he was racially profiling. Pictures of Trayvon Martin when he was 12 years old were released side by side with a cleaned up picture of George Zimmerman to make Trayvon look very young and innocent, and Zimmerman as though he had received no injuries. Both the press and those who were brought in from the outside to take the case ‘away’ from the Sanford Police Department, avoided or even hid the evidence that would show a completely different story.

So let’s look at what George Zimmerman was doing and why he did what he did. He was designated the Neighborhood Watchperson. We have these folks in hundreds of neighborhoods across the nation and more starting up every day. These folks even have routine patrols on foot and by vehicle every night looking for suspicious characters and activity. In Zimmerman’s case and since no one else would volunteer, he was the Watch Captain. A neighborhood “watch person” is supposed to keep an eye on the neighborhood. And that would include calling the police and telling them if he has noticed anyone suspicious. The neighborhood watch representative from the police department provides guidance and support for these folks. Even in my housing area the police say always call – better safe than sorry.One of the questions Zi9mmerman was asked by the operator on the phone while he was in his truck was “do you see him?” During that call Trayvon Martin was walking toward George Zimmerman’s truck; which would be in the opposite direction everyone continued to say he was going. So while George was in his truck he was approached by Trayvon Martin. Why did Trayvon do that? What was his intent in doing that? Shouldn’t he have just gone home? Then he turned and began to trot or run. George Zimmerman told the dispatcher that. Then the operator asked if he could see where he was going. Then the operator heard the chimes and while George Zimmerman was walking away from his truck, the operator asked him if he was following him. He said yes. What is constantly part of the disinformation in this case is the operator ordered him not to leave his truck but he was already out of his truck and walking when the operater did what he was supposed to – and part of that is not to give orders. He stated: “we don’t need you to do that.” And George Zimmerman stated, “OK.” That is not an order to stop, it was an expression of concern for George’s safety. But he did not tell him to stop trying to maintain visual contact. George Zimmerman was conscientious about letting the police know where Trayvon went. That was what was expected of him. On the 911 call there was no sign that he entered into an altercation during the call. Everything he did was perfectly legal and reasonable for any person to choose to do.

Then we know that Trayvon began running away 4 minutes before the gun shot. And we know that after Trayvon started running away, George Zimmerman remained on the phone with the operator for about 2 minutes. The prosecutors acknowledged that when they were trying to counter that time line. So 2 minutes after Zimmerman hung up, the gun shot happened. We know the screaming lasted about 40 seconds while George was taking blows and having his head hit against concrete. The screaming does not tell how long the fight lasted. So we have a whole 80 seconds unaccounted for. We just do not know what happened during those 80 seconds. But it was during that time that two people began talking according to the prosecution’s witness who listened to the initial conversation. And it was during that time that a fight began. But it was Trayvon who began the conversation with “what’s your problem?” That type of phrase can easily be considered a confrontational statement. George answered with, “what are you doing here?” which is what a neighborhood watch person would reasonably ask someone who he has not before seen in the neighborhood. The key is Trayvon appears to have approached him to ask his question. The prosecution witness then stated she heard a something that sounded like a slap or a hit. But who hit who? Injuries should tell us that.

Then we understand that Trayvon was on the phone before the altercation and that that witness stated he was in front of his house. We do not have any evidence to support the fight started there and it would be very difficult for the fight to have moved so far up the path. Secondly, the items dropped during the altercation were toward the walkway that leads between George’s truck and the back gate and a few yards away from where the fatal shot was fired. That means two things. While Trayvon was talking to his friend on the phone, he either spent time going back to the walk intersection or he was waiting there. Somehow he managed to be in the same area of the fight for 4 mintues, or he returned home and came back to the location where the fight occurred. That would explain the laps of time on George Zimmerman’s timeline. We do not know how long the verbal part lasted, we do not have a clear indication on how long the fight lasted. That is a mystery. That means there was no stocking, following, hunting, pursuing or chasing. And if there were, with intent to do harm, why did George Zimmerman take so long to use the gun?

George, according to many did not have the right to use deadly force. So that would mean he should have just laid there and take the beating. There are very few people in this world who would do that and that would not be reasonable for anyone to do. If he was being held down and not allowed to escape while he was continuing to receive blows to the head both from fists and the concrete; when would he be permitted to respond with deadly force? Would that be after several more blows? Can anyone give me a period of time under these circumstances when he should finally take that action? Is it when he passes out? Is that reasonable to let someone beat you until that happens? We know he was sustaining blows for about 40 seconds because of the screams. That is quite a long time while he was calling for help. If he did not happen to have a legally registered firearm, he could have been killed by the blows to the head with the concrete. The brain can only sustain so much before a concussion becomes very likely. It is the normal way a brain responses to such an experience. Mr Good told Trayvon to stop and Trayvon ignored him. It took time for Mr Good to get the 911 operator on the phone, but the gun shot happened some moments later, who knows how long. According to the law, Zimmerman did not have to sustain any physical injury as long as it was clear he feared serious injury. But he did sustain injury and for a considerable length of time. If he intended to hunt down and shoot someone, why did it take him so long to make that decision? Why would he start screaming for help and do it for 40 seconds before deciding to use his gun?

After being found not guilty, the falsehoods continue. Zimmerman is a racist yet he took a black girl to prom, tutored black children in math, was a witness for the defense of a black person. He even continued tutoring after the official program stop. He was accused of being an exceptional expert in martial arts when in fact his instructor stated in court that Mr. Zimmerman never entered into physical contact in any Martial Arts training because he never became ready; he didn’t reach the qualification level required. He couldn’t hit, and he demonstrated a lack of heart and determination to reach that level.

Years earlier, he was advised to get a gun because of a dog that attacked his wife. He followed all the laws required to become a carrier of a concealed weapon. He had the right to carry a firearm in according with the laws and he carried it all the time. He did not chose to bring a gun to a fist fight. If he intended to bring a gun to a fist fight, the prosecution would have or should have charged him with 1st degree murder – why? Because of the supposed intent. The prosecution didn’t do that because they made the decision that the evidence did not support such a charge at all.

For almost two years, until he was finally brought to trial, George Zimmerman and his entire family had to hide from any public contact for fear of being killed. People like Al Sharpton should be held responsible for any harm that might come to George Zimmerman in the future. Secondly, now he has been found not guilty, he nevertheless must continue to hide. And this could last for years. His life has been taken from him. Trayvon Martin experienced a life changing event but died very quickly. George Zimmerman is currently experiencing a life changing event and will have to fear death for years.

One representative, among others, of our United States government stated he hunted down an unarmed child and gunned him down like a rabid dog. A statement like that seems to come from a rabid politician who really does have a considerable degree of hate in her persona; George Zimmerman not; as witnessed by an FBI investigation interviewing nearly 40 witnesses concerning George Zimmerman’s character. The government official mentioned above, wears a trademark cowboy hat like an old western gunslinger who, these days, uses words to accomplish the same thing. If she knows what a lynching is then she should know she is doing exactly the same thing to a normal American citizen who was merely trying to defend himself from serious bodily harm. He is a member of her own political party.

After the jury verdict, the jury has been accused of failing to do the “right thing.” One attorney for the parents of Trayvon Martin stated she was also responsible for social engineering implying the jury should have done that. They were instructed not to use emotion yet numerous people suggested they should have ignoring the judge’s instructions and found Zimmerman guilty just because a child had died. After the trial the head prosecutor was asked to describe George Zimmerman in one word; she chose to state “murderer.” Another said “lucky.” I agree with second one. Zimmerman was lucky he escaped the attempt of convicting him of murder with no supporting evidence of that. The head prosecutor by passed a setting grand jury because she knew she had no evidence. She essentially stated “we managed to get Zimmerman to trial so the people could get to the truth; meaning because a certain group of racebaiters wanted it to happen. The trial was clearly a show trial because the prosecution put on witnesses in an attempt to discredit a defendant’s story but found that their witnesses ended up supporting the defense. The eye witness clearly supported Zimmerman’s story. Normally, it is the defense who tries to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. But this time it was the prosecution trying to poke holes in the defense’s case. They did not submit any evidence to support their argument. The prosecution even stated they didn’t have much to go on so they had to try to discredit the defendant’s side of the story and try to catch him in lies. That is ok to do but first you need to put on evidence to support your case. Clearly, the evidence supported Zimmerman’s description of what happened.

The photos and comments on Trayvon’s cellphone clearly demonstrate he is not a child. He admits to using “lean” or a “Purple Drank” mixture of codeine and soda. The latter sounds like a country version. It could also be created by watermelon Juice and skittles and cough syrup from the drug store. He also asked a fellow texter if he/she knew how to make it. And he recommended it. He also was in a fight where he lost round one and won round two and three.
But what was very interesting, he was upset about that round one loss and wanted to fight with the guy again to get some blood to flow – in his words. He stated you could quickly end a fight by hitting someone in the nose. It might be interesting to the court to know that Trayvon fought people and Zimmerman fought a punching bag. Trayvon was kicked out of his school and he was kicked out of his mother’s house because of his behavior. That is why he was staying with his father; she sent him there. He was caught with a bag of jewelry at school and when asked, he said that someone had given them to him but when asked who that was he couldn’t remember. A seventeen year old boy gets a bag of jewelry from a fellow student and he can’t remember who it was? If he was intentional hiding the guy’s identity he becomes an accomplice. If there is no friend then Trayvon could very well have been the thief. He also had a picture of a gun on this cellphone and it appears he was holding it in his hand. How does a 17 year old get access to a gun? George was very lucky Trayvon didn’t have it with him that fateful night. Trayvon had traces of THC in his blood. But it was a small amount. That is probably because he had time for it to wear off. He smoked Marijuana and he admitted it. He had a marijuana plant pictured on his phone and he was showing himself inhaling smoke in a way that is a common practice to get the fullest effect of the each puff. But the THC was, at the last minute, allowed to be used by the defense in the court proceedings. But because the defense already figured they had enough to clearly show that this was a simple self-defense case, they chose to leave it out. But that evidence shows that Trayvon used drugs.

All the things about Trayvon Martin above are really meaningless except that if George Zimmerman has to be exposed to so much “what ifs” and “isn’t it possible” questions or extreme stretches of innuendos to bizarre proportions, then it is sadly ok to submit Trayvon’s history as well for scrutiny. I am not going to spend time come up with any suggestions but it is obvious if the whole nation was encouraged to come up with some, it would be very easy to come up with tons of suggestions, innuendos and extreme exaggerations. But many of those would actually be more plausible than what they accused Zimmerman of.  The arguments being presented by the prosecution should have been facts not enuendoes that did not come close to showing beyond the shadow of any doubt. The jury had no choice but to find “not Guilty.” And legal pundits argue the case should never have been brought to trial.

Now we have cases were riots are happening and marches are being organized to protest the verdict by implying racial profiling when everyone; prosecution, state, defense and et al say there was absolutely no racial aspect to this case at all. Even the FBI investigated and filed a final report saying they found none.

But riots are happening all over the country and property is being destroyed and innocent people are being beat up by those who are screaming, “This is for Trayvon Martin.” One group of teens pulled a jogger into their car and asked him if he knew Trayvon Martin. When he answer yes, he was beaten and told the beating was for Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman was first called a white man. Then the name calling changed and now he is called a white Hispanic. That is the first time that term has ever been used. But it fits the convenience of the race baiters. But isn’t it ironic that if we use the same criteria they are using here, then we should be able to call President Obama “white black man.” But we can’t do that because we would be called racist.

P.S.: I had finished this piece and was about ready to post it when I went downstairs to get a snack. The TV was on and I heard; “we need to get justice because George Zimmerman profiled a black child and then hunted him down and shot him in cold blood.” The jury was wrong. They should have at least given him manslaughter. The problem is that the charge of manslaughter is being used to demand restitution for decades of slavery and discrimination and Zimmerman is the one who needs to be sacrifice – or better yet, lynched. Zimmerman was a young child when all that was happening. The race baiters are trying to use the court system to lynch a child with no evidence. It begs us to wonder, have we really gotten anywhere with all this racial strife? When I see so much death and destruction in our black communities; black on black homicides at 80% of all homicides, and twice as many whites being killed by blacks as whites killing blacks. We are fighting over a problem of very little significant when compared to the opposite. The 21st Century is reinventing the past – but it is the blacks taking the role of the aggressor and the whites are the ones experiencing the discrimination. We have gone nowhere!

I may write a Part 3: that makes the point that slavery never really ended; it continued in another form.


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