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It was in 991 AD when Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims was the first to identify the existing Pope as the Antichrist. He did that because he disagreed with the direction the Pope took in his duties. That was over 1000 years ago. Being a Catholic, and a poor one at that, an acquaintance of mine who belonged to a protestant church, insisted that their teachings indicate that the successor of the then current Pope, John Paul, would be the Antichrist. We had Pope Benedict for a awhile after John Paul and he resigned but he was OK; he was cool. And now we have Pope Francis. But he doesn’t seem to be that threatening either. In fact he is more like John Paul:  outgoing, endearing and loved by a majority for his warm personna. How would anyone know any of these popes would be the Antichrist since if either of them were, he wouldn’t  reveal himself to us minions? When we learned that John Paul was quite ill, I called my acquaintance to say, “well, the Pope is quite ill so I guess we are going to test your prophesy.” His reply, “Well it might not be the next Pope.” This antichrist rumor has been going on for centuries by lots of very smart folks who continue to get it wrong. Francis Bacon suggested this, a really respected author, and he got it wrong in the 1500s. Archbishop Rheims got it wrong in 991 AD. That is over 500 years ago for Francis Bacon and over 1000 years for Rheims.

And now today, we have this attack on Christians of any sect from non-Christians. The latter is in a significant minority. And since only 1 in 5 of our citizens do not follow the Christian philosophy of life, the neigh sayers only make up 20% of our nation. Those folks are predominantly Atheists or Humanists. Those too are philosophies of life – and therein we find the problem. Maybe they are the antichrists.  Both sides are philosophies of life. So how is it that the minority gets to dictate what is right for the majority. They do it with excessive force and lots of yelling. They take our constitution, twist its meaning and use that through legal means to systematically get rid of any outward expression of Christianity in our society. They want to remove every visual physical reference whatsoever.

One example: They want to take down the Memorial to our WWI veterans because the monument has the form of a cross and is sitting on government land. That would mean to me, they want to destroy any historical heritage we may have because they claim the government is pushing religion. If they drive by this monument and see it, does that tell them the government insists they convert to Christianity or else? The Constitution that protects them from that, is being used to destroy one groups philosophy so theirs will prevail. Now that sounds to me like they are using our government to dictate their preferred philosophy of life on Christians. And that is exactly want the constitution is supposed to protect us from. I have witnessed, studied and experienced several sides of this issue. I started out reading tons of books and taking classes to see if I could find the answer. More precisely, I wanted to find a philosophy of life that I could be comfortable with. I was an atheist at first. Then I became an agnostic, swam around the logic of many other philosophies of life and ended up with Christianity. Why? Well, I was searching for the logic and then realized I needed something I was OK with and logic was less important. I wna to be able to argue my point. I eventually learned that arguing was useless. I stopped listening to the crazies and found what is best for me. I was not smart enough to figure it all out. And if I was, why would I want to impose my philosophy on anyone else. What is good for me is just that, only good for me; no one else. We all have to find a philosophy of life that is acceptable to our own being. I was OK with the “faith” thing. It was a suitable fit.

A philosophy of life is just a belief system an individual adopts to help himself get through life and to become a better person. It keeps him comfortable in his own skin. That is a human thing. If that is his goal, then leave him to his and you keep yours. The chemistry of the mind is well beyond our grasp to understand. It is dynamic beyond comprehension. Neurological engineers have been studying what goes on in our minds for centuries. They want to know what makes it tick. But I need my mind to get me through a lot of tough times in a hundred years or so of life. A statue shaped like a cross in a memorial that I pass is a moment in a whole life time. Don’t let it get to you. Those who came before me decided on the shape of the statue and I appreciate the recognition those veterans and their families are getting.

Isn’t it interesting that these folks are so concerned about a statue when they brag about having traveled to other countries all over the world to see ancient sites. They walk past centuries of history inundated with religious symbolism. And they say, “Ah! Look at that. Isn’t that just spectacular?” They want our country to be just like theirs. They love their politics and economic systems. But they fail to realize that these governments are the key players in maintaining and protecting the architecture and the history of their country’s past. And they use taxpayer money to do it. Most see the value in it. And there is no difference in a memorial here and a fabulous painting with Christian symbolism hanging on a wall in the Louvre. Both governments maintain it and the majority appreciate it. Is anyone’s belief system threatened when they visit these magnificent places? No, and hardly anyone converts.

But what about a religion that teaches that anyone not of their faith must either convert or die. But even if you convert you are still not a full member. In Islam, those not born into the faith can never gain full status since they have committed “shirk.” You are considered to be a converted infidel. And that sticks with you. There is a hierarchy – lifelong Muslims, converts, Christians, Jews and then non-believers and those of any other religion. That’s because Christians and Jews and Muslims all have the same God.  When they take over our country and tell us to line up for beheading, guess who will be at the head of the line: Humanists and Atheist. Now that is something to complain about. There is a truly great book that explains all this in much detail. It is called the Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. Before you say anything about this subject, learn the truth in this book. Keep in mind while reading further, when the twin towers fell, just about every Muslim, in every country on earth danced in the streets with absolute joy. They were overjoyed to hear we took a hit. That event speaks millions. Pun intended.

Those who say the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion should have no problem living in a Middle Eastern country. But they will not go there for one reason. Fear! They have very high odds of experiencing some form of violence. They know it. It is just too dangerous and our State Department tells us so. Would you want to go to one of these countries and tell them they need to take down their religious symbolism because it offends you? If you can’t do it there, don’t do it here. If here is the only place you will do it, then you are a coward. If you convert to anything in your life, it will be for reasonable philosophical reasons that makes you comfortable with your being as a human. It is truly sad when frogs in a protected waterway are infinitely more important than a memorial statue set up to honor those who gave their lives trying to protect this great country where some take everything for granted – except for religious symbolism. Judge not less thee be judged. A man’s philosophy of life is his alone.

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