Nursing Home Sex Ring!

old Folks

The SEX RING. May 16, 2013. Well I be dang. In New Jersey, James Parham, a 75 year old resident was arrested for running a prostitution business in his old folk’s home. And you got that right. He was using some elderly folks as part of his crew working as his sex-providing employee base. He was also using younger women, but I am certain they were only there as trainees for the older folks to help in developing the young ladys’ skill set. In addition, you might know that it is difficult keeping the attention of the older ladies focused so they can bring themselves to the proper state of ecstasy and to insure they didn’t fall asleep while getting their clients to experience the full benefit of their services. They wanted to make sure they cut down on the number of complaints surrounding the various degrees of fulfillment levels their clients were reporting. To accomplish this, James enlisted the services of a co-conspirator, Cheryl Chaney, to introduce various stimulants to maximize the success rate of their business venture.

Her stimulant of choice was a substance commonly found readily available by venders on every street corner in her local neighborhood. It cut down on shipment expenses. And it came in various assortments and had many names. Names such as: Coke; the kind not available in the lobby vending machine. There was “White Blow Snow Flakes” probably referring to the cold weather common in New Jersey; or these names might be referring to nicknames given to each member of the service crew. I could also see someone being offered a “toot to speed up the scoot” because Snowflake had a doctor’s appoint she needed to make in just a few minutes. There was a “Big Rush” “Smack”-ing “Nose Candy” up a customer’s nose since “Pearl” was running late for her afternoon “Powder” nap. There was also the extra “Bump” the ladies needed to just get through the day as a result of their challenging “Line” of work.

Yes, needless to say, Cheryl was an extremely valuable asset as far as James was concerned. She brought life to the business. But the police also considered her valuable since they could kill two old birds with one “Stone”d couple by making two arrests in one place. Efficiency is the name of the criminal busting game. Now that James and Cheryl were not there to run things, the crew forgot fairly quickly what they were supposed to be doing each day. So they just went to the dining hall and played cards while they waited for dinner. As you can tell, it didn’t matter what the excitement of the day was because it was all the same to them; as far as they knew!

Pearl tapped Snowflake on the shoulder and asked, “Can you pass me the Jelly Beans?”

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