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Protest both IRS Employee Union and IRS


I have harped for a few years now about how unions contribute 96% of all their political contributions to Democrats.  So did you even know that IRS folks belong to a union? Well, shame on you. Union employees have an air of invincibility, not because they belong to the union, but because the union gives them job protection to the point where they cannot be fired without years of litigation. And that in turn causes folks to get the idea they can get away with just about anything. The mob may not be running the unions now but that doesn’t mean they stopped using mob tactics to get their way. After all, they did learn from the best on how to take maximum advantage of the powers of corruption.

Case in point. When I was between jobs and needed extra money to live on, I took a part-time job working at night driving a news truck for the Rocky Mountain News. I would drive around at night in the most dangerous areas of town you could imagine filling newspaper vending machines and collecting the coins from the boxes. Numerous times I would drive by a drop box just because some nefarious character who looked like a gang member, who normally specializes in drug distribution, was leaning on the box. I was shocked to find out that there were nefarious Rocky Mountain News employees who worked at the printing plant heavily involved in drug use and trafficking. And they were all Union employees. You could not be an employee if you did not join the union. One early morning, when I showed up to get my load of newspapers to deliver, I found that the whole plant was shut down while state law enforcement conducted a major raid to arrest a large number of employees who were involved in drug use and distribution. What that tells me is that these employees felt themselves so arrogant and above the law that they could get away with such a thing.

The key word is arrogance. IRS employees who are members of the union were arrogant enough to use their power to try to influence an election in favor of the democrat nominee. But now we learn that the one pulling the strings is an appointed representative, an Obama appointee. And the flagged applications were sent to his office for review. What? The supposed non-bias IRS was involved with such a thing? How is that possible? Arrogance and the influence of the union. If you do not think the union has this amount of power, you are a total fool. But if you are a democrat you don’t care, unless the Republican Party was involved doing such a dastardly thing. Hypocracy.

Jeffery Lord just released a scathing report in the American Spectator that documents in excruciating detail this relationship between the IRS and its union. It lays out the entire picture of what is going on and he also documents all the way back to what happened to Nixon. Yes, the democrats used a leak from the IRS to attack Nixon on his tax filings. This special report is all you need to realize the IRS needs to go. We do not need such a powerful  organization in control of our tax filings to the point where they can impact our right to vote and interfere with our exercise of the right to have a leader of our choosing. We need a FLAT tax, a fair tax, more than anything now. We need to do away with the most corrupt organization in our midst. Take away the IRS before it can play a major role in taking away our very freedom given to us by our constitution.

Jeffery also documents in great detail what is going on with the IRS and its union when it comes to Obama-care. He makes the point that not only the IRS will have a gateway to our medical history but its union will as well. That is the most frightening thing of all. But democrats would gladly give up their medical history if in doing so, they can get hold of republican medical history to use it against them. Who doesn’t believe that once our medical history is digitized on a national data base, and our medical insurance company reports to the IRS that we have paid our dues, that they won’t have a nefarious way to get the whole picture and use it for political gain. For example, who is taking HIV medication, or has cancer or is on workers’ compensation? Need I go on? Of course not. Enough said.

Beohner stated he wants to see someone go to jail. Well, duh. What about also charging them with election fraud because that was exactly what they were trying to do – change the outcome of an election through fraudulent means using tax status applications to interfere with the ability of those groups to take part in the election process. Union employees at fault means the unions are at fault, as well, because they received union dues from these people and then contributed the same to the election campaigns of democrats. They could also be charged with “Tax Fraud” themselves since delaying the denial of applications would have caused a lose of income by taxation. And isn’t it interesting that the union leadership has no comment when their own members commit such crimes. That makes them complicit. They need to be “indicted” co-conspirators. All political recipients who received contributions from the union and their employees need to return to funds, not to the union, but directly back into the taxpayer coffers at the IRS.  After all, the contributions came directly from taxpayer dollars in the first place.

GET RID OF THE IRS before it is too late.  By the way, who do you think has the most to lose if we do this? The Democrat Party and the unions it sleeps with. I am just having trouble trying to figure out who is impregnating who! One thing is for sure, they all are true contortionists since they simultaneously shove each others nose up the apex of the other with great appreciation and comfort with each others stench.

Obama is arming Al-Qaida to Fight in Syria
What is the difference
between these guys and Unions?

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