The Afghan Pull Out – Yes or No? – Who Knows!

I listened the President’s speech today about pulling troops out of Afghanistan. And then I listened to several commentators with pros and cons

The Speech House

as to whether we should take our time or pull out fast, or something in between. Who knows what the right time would be? What I learned watching these “Matel Toys attached to a string” was that the President is concerned with getting votes and the rest are running around in the dark with opinions that are useless. We should have gotten in and gotten out. But even that would have been useless. But why?

Seal Team

My son was part of a Special Forces Team that worked a little bit farther out than the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan. He and his buddies are pretty savvy when it comes to blowing stuff up and fighting worthy causes. They went there to fix the country. But when they saw and experienced how far behind these people are to the rest of the world, they eventually came to the conclusion that the lofty goals we were seeking were not really attainable. What they experienced is correct but not even close to what those Afghan folks are really about.

The Torah

I read commentary on the first 5 books of the Bible. Not the Bible itself. These five books are the life blood of the Jewish faith. The books provide the infrastructure of their entire existence. The Israelite people and their strict adherence to the belief in their god, Yahweh, was eye-opening. It was the time of Moses about 1400 BC. That is about 3400 years ago. It was only 2013 years ago when Jesus Christ came on the scene. The Muslim faith did not evolve for another 500 years later. Some of the strict rules the Israelite people followed were very interesting. The tent or Sanctuary was the place were the invisible Yahweh actually existed, furniture and all – so they believed. You could tell he was home because there was a cloud hovering over the tent. Yahweh and the tent were the center of their universe. Him being so close kept them in line. Except when they ran downtown to the new “Micky Ds” in Jerusalem. Oh, no that was much later.

When the Israelite folks moved in the desert from place to place, the dismantling and reassembling of the sanctuary tent followed ritual that was to be carried out with the utmost precision. The descendants of Levi, the Levites, were the ones solely responsible for the moves. They were the moving company. One example: a specific Levite clan or tribe called the Kohathites,were charged with carrying the most sacred items from the inner Sanctuary. But only the Priests were permitted to see the items – the Arc of the Covenant was one of these items. It was very heavy. The Kohathites were not permitted to look at these items for fear of death. In preparation for a move, the Priests completely covered the items so they could not be seen, and placed them on long poles for the Kohathites to carry. That is all this clan was responsible for their entire lives. Several other clans had various other stringent tasked they would perform always careful to obey the rules. If you screwed up, they would put you on time out. Or, “out of time” forever to be more precise. When not moving, the Levite clans resided strategically around the tent to keep the others out. You come near and you die. Now those are tough rules.

Oops! Not that way!

The moving around in the desert for 40 years after leaving Egypt was Yahweh’s idea because of the Israelite peoples’ infidelity. As a punishment, they were not to enter the promise land until an entire generation had passed. When the last man died, then they went in. These folks were intense in their faith and obeyed the lord’s punishment. Moses imposed God’s will as his messenger. The people followed. It is Yahweh or the highway. When Osama Bin Laden told his followers to blow up something, they did it, no questions asked. At any cost. Poof!

Anyone who did not follow the strict rules of respect for Yahweh were put to death by stoning 3400 years ago. If you ever touched a dead body, you were banned for 7 days from the camp. Lepers were banned for 7 days as well. Women could not own land, were the property of their husbands, and brothers had to marry their brothers’ wives if the brother died. Dang. My brother’s wife was a alcoholic. One time a family had no men left to carry forward the family heritage. Moses had to resolve the issue and ruled, after consulting with “You Know Who,” that an exception would be made and the women were permitted to inherit the land to protect their family heritage. There were numerous other rigid rules that needed to be followed in absolution. Take the stoning punishment. If the “stonee” died and a “stoner” touched him, then he would be put on a mandatory 7 day vacation in the desert and, to top that, his leave balance would decrease. Upon return he would get a really super bath and a good scrubbing; including his clothes.

Outsiders and slaves, non-Israelite, were considered foreigners as far as the faith was concerned but they had to follow all the rules or suffer the consequences. They also had to agree to circumcision to be able to take part in the ritual feasts; brunches and picnics. We should come up with a plan like this for our illegals. Sexual contact was rigidly controlled and transgressions resulted in severe punishment. I would not like this rule at all. When the Israelite people took land in battle, there were strict rules on how the spoils of war were to be divided. A percentage went to the priests as Yahweh’s share, and the remainder was equally distributed among all others regardless if you were one who actually fought for it. It sounds like they had socialism way back then. Again, this was going on 3400 years ago. So what’s the point?

Afghan Ritz Hotel

Today, ironically,the Muslims of Afghanistan tend to live in the same primitive fashion as the Israelite people did, and they follow a lot of the same strict rules with the same intensity. Before they became Muslims beginning around 500 AD, they were living the life of the ancients (or the life of Riley as far as they were concerned) and to this day they have not changed a bit. They tend sheep just like they did decades ago; except when they grow a few poppies on the side for extra cash.They live in dwellings similar to their ancient ancestors; except for the glass windows. The women are

An Afghan Village Today

treated the same as they were centuries ago. They are the lessor and the men are the greater. It is amazing that in this modern age, such a life can continue in the Middle East as though it was miraculously lifted from then and superimposed on now, decades later.

Therein lies the reason our military efforts in Afghanistan are fruitless. We are trying to bring a people of ancient culture into the 21st century, instantly. It just cannot be done in any reasonable period of time. And even if we did try, the cost would be monumental. Even the oil rich Arabs in the area could not afford it. Yes, we can get elements of Al Qaeda on occasion. But there are elements all over the world. This war they started will continue for a very long period of time. It seems inevitable that we are going to begin experiencing some of the same devastating attacks we see in other parts of the world.

The argument that we caused it with our modern ways is ludicrous and bogus. We have only been around for 200 years. Impossible. President Bush was only president for 8 months and planned the whole World Trade Center Bombing? Just how did he do that in 8 months? He was in transition meetings for several months. He must be a genius to have pulled this off. The radical Muslim elements today are as devoutly religious and so intense in their relentless pursuit to rid the world of non-Muslims as the Israelite people were when dealing with their local neighbors 3400 years ago. The Muslims started imposing their will around 700 AD. Their God is the only God and there is no way around it other than death. Even conversion is tainted. Those who convert are still guilty of “Shirk.” As a side note: Muslims, Jews and Christians have the same God. Go figure!

If the Muslim fanatics get their way, the secular folks and perverts will go to the front of the line and board the first car in the train headed for their demise. Anthony Weiner? Get on first! Christians are considered by Muslims to be misguided soles because they happen to worship the same God, but they are still guilty of Shirk. Once you do the faith wrong, it’s curtains for you, and that is the last set of curtains you are going to ever get. You won’t need them anyway when your lights go out. The Christians will be farther back in the line and board near the middle of the train. I guess they get to die just a little while later. The converts get to live, but they will have to remain with the women and children because that will closely relate to the status they hold. Remember the Israelite stoning punishment, again? The Muslims are still doing that today. Why? Because their religious teachings demand it. Honor killings are already happening here in our own country according to Muslim law. Incomprehensible!

As a convert, you never become a fully accepted Muslim. If you had read “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran” by Robert Spencer, you would know that. There are those who claim to have read the Koran and find it a peaceful, loving body of work. It takes years for someone to fully understand the Bible. And in one reading these guys and girls claim they know the Koran and have at their disposal, all the Koran’s peaceful answers. They were not looking for meaning, they were looking to support their preconceptions. “The fox is watching the hen house.” And these foxes are even rebuilding the hen house in their minds to fit their politics. And what makes matters worse, they think they can talk their way out of anything by using their superior intelligence. Do they not know that those we are fighting don’t, can’t, or chose not to speak English? They will only talk with you until they have found a way to kill you. You can’t yell discrimination because you will be dead. Anyway, by that time there won’t be any lawyers available to file a class action lawsuit. Now that is a good thing; about the lawyers, I mean. Yes, the Koran is a body of work. But these intellectuals are pieces of work.

Can we win this war? Not in my life time or my children’s. We need to realize that we are dealing with people whose religious beliefs are paramount. The intensity in those beliefs is clearly beyond our comprehension. These people routinely blow themselves up for their faith. This is not political. It is religious. But when one side fights for their religious beliefs while the other fights based on political expediency, the imbalance in will makes it untenable from the political perspective. We are experiencing the Muslim Crusade of the 21st century. History is repeating itself. They took the land on religious grounds, the Christians took it back for the same reasons. Now they want the land back for religious reasons. All of it! Without you on it! As the saying goes, “we are in deep poo poo.” Did I spell that last word correctly?

“No problem,” they say. “I will just use my intelligence to levitate.” If you are so smart, you should be able to make yourself invisible, too. “Excuse me. Does anyone have a clothes pin?”

Moral of this story? “When you are in a world of poop, make light of it.”

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