Why Republicans are More Intelligent than Democrats

question-markWe all know that the absence of normal human intelligence in the majority of the Democrat party is the fault of no one other than George W. Bush. The Democrats call him “W” for short because they have trouble saying the words in his name that are longer than one letter. They are much more comfortable with the letter “D” though, because that letter comes earlier in the alphabet than “R” or “W.” But they do know that those two letters come somewhere beyond the letters of the alphabet they did manage to memorize – “A, B C, D, E, F, G.” They are not sure of the order from that point on. But they also favor the letter “D” above “A, B, and C” since those three represent grades that are harder to get in college courses. The “D” gets them a passing grade so they can stay in school to avoid work. They also like the “D” because it won’t transfer to other colleges. They can then transfer and take the same freshman and sophomore classes again. They manage that by changing their degree program at the next college they attend which gets student loans to continue flowing. The longer they can manage to stay in college, the longer they can avoid work. I might add, they do get “Cs” once in a while if the professor grades on a curve. In fact, that is where they learned the concept of “redistribution.” When they hear the president say that word, they think of getting more than they deserve. But are the Democrats more intelligent than Republicans?

I recently read a Huffington Post article making fun of Marco Rubio’s answer to the question: “how old is the earth?” And, because he didn’t say the earth was 4.5 billion years old. He answered it in a way to avoid alienating his potential base of those who take the bible literally. In other words, his answer was very intellectual and very political. But that cleverness is just as prevalent among Democrat politicians. But let us take a look at this question. I am a Catholic, albeit a convert. As far as I am concerned, the earth is approximately 4.5 Billion years old. I am convinced of it by the science. But religion is something else. It is a philosophy of life just like atheism. Some of those who follow their Christian faith believe the earth started a few thousand years ago. That is wrong to take literally. But that is their belief. As long as they live their lives in a moral way, that is perfectly fine with me. One of the morals of religion is that you should not lie. But the intrinsic nature of politics dictates that you need to lie to get elected. You lie about who your opponent is, what he or she does or thinks. Digging up dirt on the other is a primary goal to winning. But there is something missing. Who is most qualified? So, in essence we vote for the guy who we perceive, or better, deceived into perceiving, who is less bad then the other. Qualifications are dismissed as less important. If we as a nation vote on the candidates based on that, we are a nation of sheep. Very dumb sheep. That is a sad turn of events in a nation of humans who have the mental capacity to know better but chose to dwell on the negative narrative that is in most cases created out of whole cloth.

So, what does that mean? It’s simple. Most people, the humans in our society, are not prepared to take proper action in voting to make our country better. They vote more on what letter is behind someone’s name on a ballot than what is best for the country. When someone can’t name the Vice President of the United States, how can they be a valuable asset to the voting process? How about a number of democrats asked if they are ok with the President being prolife. They are perfectly ok with that – not knowing the President is prochoice. Or when asked if they are ok with President Obama picking Paul Ryan as his running mate; they respond that he is a really good choice and he will do just fine. Or, they are ok with President Obama being dedicated to overturning Roe versus Wade. So dumb and these people are either voting for Obama because he’s black or because he promises to give them stuff. Or these voter call themselves democrats not really knowing what that means. They just know they need to vote for the guy who has a “D” after his name. The most ridiculous thing of all is they continuously accuse the Republicans of being racist because they question Obama’s qualifications. We have been questioning our politicians for 200 years – the normal political process. And none of these folks know that it really never gets better for our black population no matter what the democrat party promises them. As a matter of fact, if the republicans promised all that, they wouldn’t follow through either. The problem is too great to fix. It can only be fixed when the black population begins to change their own neighborhoods and take determined action to educate themselves out of the mess they are in. They need to institutionalize their efforts to improve themselves.

When you have 9000 homicides a year of black on black crimes in black neighborhoods across the country, you have a serious problem. We lost over 3000 men in Iraq in 10 years. Our black communities lost 90,000 in ten years. That is the real problem. Politicians’ priorities are really screwed up. Democrats did body counts every day while George Bush was president but stopped when Obama became president. They need to do daily body counts of those who die in our neighborhoods. If it doesn’t improve, then they do not get elected. Whites are not capable of fixing black neighborhoods. It is as simple as that. Blacks are going to have to take back their own neighborhoods. The only blacks making money in their neighborhoods are the drug dealers who do not pay taxes because they don’t get a W2 for the immensely destructive work they do. They don’t pay property taxes because they rent. They do not do anything for their neighborhoods except keep their own people hooked on the drugs they sell. They are not middle class. They are part of those few Americans who are part of the upper class because they make millions; with one difference. They pay nothing to better their neighborhoods. They are parasites milking the life out of their own race. They ARE the local government by gunpoint. Voting for democrats will do nothing for these neighborhoods. There is one more thing that is most bizarre. It was the democrat party that fought to keep slavery in the South during the civil war. They are back at it again holding the black community hostage by keeping these poor folks enslaved to the democrat vote.

Interesting. I can tell some democrats are really smart. But many interviewed on the street can’t even tell who their VP is. If it were not for those folks, Obama would have lost. As mentioned above, they vote for the guy who has a “D” after their name. The “D” stands for several things. Dumb, dependent, do-little; delirious with hate for someone who wants to make them go to work, debt forgiveness, and “don’t want job” checks. They want the government to forgive their student loan debt for their liberal arts degree that they managed to get after 6+ years avoiding work. Our country needs hard science degrees not social dependency delinquents. Again, Obama only won because he has fooled the majority of folks who think they are a democrat. After all, they only need to spell the first letter of the word to get everything they need from the Government. “D.” Funny, that is the grade they need to pass each course they manage to occupy a seat in without actually filling it.” Space filling space. They, too, do not know how old the earth is. An individual should not claim the use of science as a way to beat those pesky God-fearing Republicans when most democrats can’t even spell it.

I have a few questions for Democrats. Why do you ask so many questions you do not know the answer to, when you claim to be infinitely intelligent and all-knowing? Why would Democrats be OK with killing a baby in the womb but stomp up and down when a serial killer is next in line on death row? Why are Democrats always protesting what the government does yet want a larger government? Why do Democrats have so many Lawyer jokes when 95% of their elected officials are lawyers? Why do Democrats always say the no the answer to a question they don’t really know? Why is it that the most intelligent folks on earth are college students when only about 40% actually graduate? Why do they fight for public schools when private schools produce the most qualified students? Why do most students take liberal arts degree programs when our country needs and will pay so much more for those with science degrees? Why do Democrats use Ritalin more in college than kids do in elementary school? Why do Democrats hate corporations so much when they buy everything they need from them? Why do Democrats support being nice to Muslims who want to chop their heads off for not believing in God – their God? Why do Democrats rave about the need for free speech as long as they are the only ones permitted to speak? Why do democrats believe in “political Correctness” when in fact their argument is political crappiness? Why are Democrats more afraid of teachers having guns then the crazies who want to kill all the kids in the classroom. Why was it that the Democrats created the idea of eugenics? Why do Democrats want everyone to be more sociable yet want drugs approved so they can escape reality? Why do we have Democrats anyway?

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