Questions for Democrats



  • Do you agree that all cuts in spending are done only by haters?
  • Do you agree that the only permissible cuts in spending are ones that still allow spending to increase?
  • Do you agree that as much as you love minorities, it is best to hold them in permanent poverty by denying them good schools – always putting unions before children?
  • Do you agree that it’s important not to have a secure border because those people streaming over will soon be voting for Democrats?
  • Do you promise to be pathologically against all war unless it’s being waged by a Democratic president?
  • Do you feel it is OK that the drop out rate (60%)  in colleges is higher than high schools (40%); is that an indication that college students, mostly Democrats, are much smarter?
  • Do you feel that saving the life of a serial rapist-killer on death row is much more important then the life of a baby in the womb?
  • Do you believe that protesting against your government is OK while at the same you are voting to increase the size of government?
  • Do you feel that fighting for public schools who perform much worse than private schools is a valuable effort?
  • Do you feel it is much more important for the majority of students to take liberal arts degree programs when our country needs and will pay so much more for those with science degrees?
  • Do you hate Corporations enough to stop buying everything you need from them?
  • Do you agree that is very important to support being nice to Muslims even though they want to chop your head off for you not believing in their God.
  • Do you feel it is OK to protect the speech of Democrats while denying free speech to those who are not Democrat?
  • Do you believe in “political Correctness” knowing that your argument is actually political crappiness?
  • Do you agree that it is best to only have one party, the Democrat Party, always in control in our two party system of government?
  • Do you feel that voter fraud should only be a crime for supporters of the Republican Party?
  • Do you agree that President Obama has never lied to the American people, ever?
  • Do you agree that President Obama is a much better president as a result of him having more that 30 very close friends who were admitted socialists and Communists
  • Do you agree that a picture of a girl on an ultrasound isn’t really a girl?
  • Do you agree that the only valid use of the filibuster rule is when Democrats use it?
  • Do you agree that we no longer need constitutional rights since the constitution is so old and Democrats know better?
  • Do you agree with the Democrat practice of trying to confuse those who they cannot convince otherwise?

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